im getting a hamster in a few day, i need help?

im getting a hamster in a few day, i need help? Topic: im getting a hamster in a few day, i need help?
October 18, 2019 / By Eldous
Question: ok so im getting a hamster in a few days at petmart. what are the things i will need. like what kind bedding is the best. or what are good toys. and what is the best food and treats. and what a good cage is for a robo dwarf.
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Carver Carver | 4 days ago
I typed this up for a kid who e-mailed me a while back. The best type of hamster for a beginner would be a > Syrian. They are larger, mostly friendlier, and less > prone to bite than dwarves. ( They are the larger > type). Here's a link to tell you about syrians: > http://www.petwebsite.com/hamsters/syrian_hamsters.htm > For hamster accessories... I'll make a list > -a good cage. Please don't get one of those commercial > cages from brands like crittertrail and ovotrail. Bin > cages work the best. Here's how to make > one:http://www.petwebsite.com/article_read.asp?parent_id=14&parent_name=Hamsters&id=256&title=Make%20A%20Homemade%20Hamster%20Bin%20Type%20Cage. > The commercial barred cages are often too small. If > you don't want to make a bin cage, the next best thing > would be an aquarium. Just make sure it is at least 10 > gallons. It also needs a secure lid. > - a bowl. The best bowl would be a weighted one with > edges curved inward. The weight will prevent your > hamster from tipping the bowl over. > - A water bottle. The best water bottle would be one > like this:http://www.arcatapet.com/fullsize/1810.jpg > It has a ( for lack of a better word) " stem" that is > bent. Also, the metal clicky balls in the water bottle > allow the hamster to drink without leaking the water > all over. You don't want to get one that hangs > straight down. They will drip ALL over and are.. > well.. pieces of crap. Also, you don't want to get a > water bowl. Hamsters are naturally afraid of open > water and will try to bury it. Plus, if the hamster > poops or pees in the water and drinks it, it could get > infected. > - Wood. Hamsters teeth continually grow and need wood > to chew to keep them from getting too long. If > hamsters are not provided with wood, they will bite on > other.. not healthy thing to bite on.. ( example: cage > bars). You can find wood in the rodent section of > Petsmart, petco, or any pet store near you. > -a house. Hamsters need a house to sleep in and > retreat to. The best type to get would be wood. > -a Wheel. The best type of wheel to get would be > either a Wodent Wheel or Silent Spinner. NEVER get a > hamster one of those mesh wire wheels. They NEED a > solid surface to run on. If they run on a wheel with a > surface not solid for too long, they can get an injury > called "bumblefoot". Also, check on the package to see > if the wheel is the correct size for your hamster. > - Not a necessity .. but treats. They are sold in pet > stores and are fun to give to your hamster in > moderation. > - bedding. The best type of bedding to get would be aspen. Carefresh has been known to harbor mites and shredded paper can cut a hamster's foot. I use aspen for my *gasp* four ( at the moment ) hamsters.. and it works great. > - food. The best type of food for a hamster ( for me) > would be Brown's premium hamster/gerbil food. Avoid > buying KAYTEE brand treats and food. It contains a > preservative called " ethoxyquin" that can result in > cancer in hamsters. Other brands often contain this, > so check the components before buying. > -the Hamster. When buying, get a hamster that is > bright eyed and active. You should go about 7:00-8:00 > to get your hamster because they are nocturnal. OF > course, don't wake a sleeping hamster. This can result > in stress that can limit the hamster's lifespan. > > THE COST: > The cage varies.. I'll just put a general amount of .. > $20-30. It depends if you get an aquarium, make a bin > cage, or *shudder* buy a commercial cage. > Water bottle- > $4-$7 > Wood- > $3-$4 > a House- > $4.. about. > a wheel- > $4 > Food- > about $4 > The hamster- > normally about $6 > > You didn't ask about it, but I'll tell you > anyways.http://hamsterhideout.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5988 > Taming is a .. well.. boring.. process that allows the > hamster to connect with and trust you. > A common hamster disease: > Wet tail. > Its ( as I said common) disease that hamsters can get > from each other or stress. > Noticable sighs are: > - a lethargic hamster > -a wet tail region > I'm telling you about this because wet tail occurs > most often when a hamster is being brought home. Cage > mates and the trip home can give your hamster it. My > hamster, Eleanor Rigby, got it from her cage mates. > She died... 3 days later. It is fatal and most > hamsters die from it. If you notice any signs, bring > your hamster to the vet IMMEDIATELY. > > Check out a couple hamster places before you buy. I'm > kind of an impulse hamster buyer and won't look at any > others before purchasing, but I suggest you find > several stores and scope 'em out before you make your > final purchase. > > If you are wondering how I know all this, lol.., I > learned it all at http://www.hamsterhouse.com/ . I > LOVE this website. There are HAMSTER FREAKS on here > who know tons. ( a LOT more than me). > > I hope I helped! > If you have any more questions, I'l LOVE to help! ( as > you can tell) > --- "Matt ." wrote: > > > > >
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Carver Originally Answered: My hamster?
so i can see why you worrie...but don't you think if it hasn't drank ANYTHING it would have croaked by now? Anyway...so first you might want to make sure that the water can actually come out of the bottle and that it is not clogged. then if it is/or isn't working fine i would recommend putting a small cup or bowl of water in there just in case. next i would try to feed it lots of very watery veggies or fruits( grapes, cucumber, celery ect.) This way at least you know she/he is getting some fluid, in the meantime i would invest in a new water bottle! Hope this helps and your hammie is o.k.!!! Cassie:)

Allistair Allistair
Get some wood chews and hideouts(tissue box, chewing baskets, etc.) otherwise, thier teeth never stop growing and will cut throught thier jaw. Don't get Salt Licks unless she doesn't get water. Get some wheels and tubes and a ball. Hamsters love fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not feed it dried rice and spaghetti. Get the starter cage for hamsters. Also, Sometimes Petsmart sells some sick animals by mistake. Also, get some treats. Good Luck with your hamster
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Tempest Tempest
Get a glass aquarium, I don't know why I find them better. They like to play in empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, so when you're done just stick one in there they like to crawl through it and sleep in them. You will need an excercise wheel, you can get them cheap, and if it starts to squeak put a few drops of vegetable oil on it, it won't harm the ha,ster and will make it stop squeaking. You'll need a water bottle, they're easier to find than wire cages bottles. If you do buy a wired cage for it, which is more expensive, don't buiy those tubes that hook onto it, because I have one of those also we can't get them assembled again. For mine, I use Hartz Bonanza Hamster & Gerbil Gourmet Diet. It's a 4 lb bag and lasts a while. It's got vitamins, nuts (which hamsters love), and vegetables in it. I have a hut made out of wood that my hamster likes to play in, it's also edible. Buy some kind of wood thing your hamster is able to chew on for its teeth. I use PetsPick Pine Bedding, but I think I'm allergic to it, if you're not allergic to pine it's OK. I think Hartz has bedding which is usually what I buy. If you have any more questions, just ask me by email. It's on my profile. Hope I helped! Please answer mine too: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?...
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Roni Roni
you'll need ------------------------- .Food Bowl .Wood shave bedding [theres also another type not wood tho it's kinda soft and that works well to] . water bottle . any kind of wooden chew toy . treats...any kind made for hamsters or just buy them fruit . DO NOT get a big fancy plastic/metal bar hamster cage that takes for ever to put togetther...When I had my hamster i got i an expensive colorful cage that took forever to build and it escaped nearly everyday so go w/a fish aquarium . excercise wheel . also hamsters like to roll around in sand so u can buy it some of that and make sure you dp not get ur hamster wet it can kill it [try to keep it from sleeping under water bottle also] *note: hamsters can climb really well and they will rearrange things in there cage so they can climb out so if you do get a wheel get a plastic one that does not have the slits/bars or it can climb it and get out easily
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Monat Monat
get your standard run-of-the-mill wood shavings bedding; just keep in mind that whatever you start out on, is what you should always have in the cage...you don't HAVE to but i found that with my sister's hamster, if you tried switching up the type of bedding it didn't take to it well. get it LOTS of stuff to chew on otherwise it will just chew on the side of its' cage which can get very annoying salt licks, wood chews, etc. are very good for keeping them entertained. You can just get the cheap seed food but just throw some lettuce or cut up carrots in there once in a while for a treat. Good luck & have fun with your new hamster.
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Monat Originally Answered: Hi! I want to save up for a hamster. How much?
well that's great im 13 i have a black and white syrian hamster called Izzy http://www.holmdenhillhaven.com/hamsters... kinda like that one. Syrians are fatter and cutter ,dwarf hamsters and roboski hamsters etc prefer to be bought in groups or pairs and i don't find them as fun or as cute but its your opinion that counts when it comes to picking out your furry friend.http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2297/2081... that is a rather fat russian dwarf hamster .if you live in the uk like me hamsters are cheap around £5 and a good cage can go up to £50 but you can get some for £25 and are good quality treats, food and disinfectantt etc when added up is around £20 to buy ,i would recomend you save around £60 if you need any tips email me at xxyellowmilkxx@hotmail.com

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