Would you open a toilet bowl with a closed lid in a public restroom?

Would you open a toilet bowl with a closed lid in a public restroom? Topic: Would you open a toilet bowl with a closed lid in a public restroom?
September 20, 2019 / By Alease
Question: I know it may sound weird but I get scared when I go into a public restroom and see closed lids.... I am scared to discover any and all UFOs lurking under there... hehehehe.. What do you think?? Good idea... flush it before opening the lid!! Why didn't I ever think of that?? Thanks for the advise... And oh I never touch toilets with my hand either.. no way!!
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Tristin Tristin | 1 day ago
I try to avoid using public restrooms as much as I can. But whenever I do come across a closed lid I open it with my foot. I thought I was the only one that got creeped out in public restrooms though. I am always afraid that when I sit down, I will see a creepy hand come at me from the next stall under the dividing wall. Or that there will be a snake in the toilet. I guess we're both kinda freaks, lol, but at least we both know now we are not alone in our creepy bathroom thoughts. ha ;-)
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Tristin Originally Answered: brown water appeared in toilet bowl and toilet tank this morning.help?
It may be that some dirt got into the main line to your place and it found it's wat to that toilet first. That usually happens if you're on a city/community water supply and they were doing some repairs on their line somewhere near you, once they're done and they turn the water back on some dirt and/or rusty water will be in the line and eventually into some homes for a short while until it's all flushed out of the pipes. If it doesn't clear up after a few flushes and/or the water becomes brown or dirty elsewhere too then more investigating for the problem will need to be done. Flush out your cold water line by opening the cold water faucet at your bath tub and let it run for a few minutes. If the water remains clear then all is well, if it becomes dirty then all is not well somewhere. The bubbling shower drain may be that the main sewer/drain line is partially clogged (or partially frozen if it's cold enough there), sewer drains can slowly freeze up too if it gets cold enough around them. If it's ice in the line draw a bucket full of hot water only from your kitchen sink or other bathroom (not the shower or bathroom where the problem is). Pour the hot water down the shower drain and that may melt any ice/frozen area if it's nearby, it could be partially frozen many feet away and the hot water will not be effective enough. It could also be partially or fully clogged from just the sewage waste too, in that case you'll need a plumber to fix that problem if it does break loose on it's own. If you see dirty water backing up into any shower, tub, and/or sink then you have a sewer line clogged somewhere. It will always backup to the lowest tub/shower drain first so it's easy to detect. You can do a test on the sewer drain by using the shower, open the faucet and let it run for 4-5 minutes and see if it backs up or not and if it seems to drain as it should. If it's totally clogged the shower floor will fill with water quickly, if it's partially clogged the shower floor will slowly fill with water as some of it will slowly drain at the same time. But if the shower drain itself is partially clogged from soap scum and hair it will drain slowly too and all bath, shower, and sink drains will eventually become clogged over time from soap scum and hair and need cleaning. Find yourself an experienced handyman and make friends...or marry the guy :)

Reilly Reilly
I always open the toilet with my foot unless I am wearing sandals!! And even when I do open it with my foot I always wonder how many diseases are festering on my toes!! Public bathrooms are disgusting, why are people such pigs? They should act like it is their bathroom at their homes, unless that is how they act at home then they are pigs that deserve a swirly in the same disease infested crappers that they desicrated!!!!
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Meed Meed
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Johnnie Johnnie
it doesnt bug me at all right after you wash yer hands after anyways and nothing lives down there, but maybe a bum or something
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Johnnie Originally Answered: Should i use acid on toilet bowl?
I had the same issue with my toilets when we moved in. I plunged water out of the bowl to expose the line then plastered paper towels soaked in CLR on them and let it set for an hour then scrubbed again and it came right off. The brown is actually rust and the roughness is lime deposits from hard water. You could try this paper towel trick with straight white vinegar or lemon juice and salt, both are acetic acid but make sure it sits directly on the stain for a good while and it says moist. The acid will not hurt the porcelain, what will hurt is scouring. Scouring will scratch it and make it hard to clean and look bad. Make sure you only scrub with plastic brushes never use steel wool or sandpaper or anything on porcelain.

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