any easy quick ways to really reduce the amount of acne you have?plz answer?

any easy quick ways to really reduce the amount of acne you have?plz answer? Topic: any easy quick ways to really reduce the amount of acne you have?plz answer?
September 20, 2019 / By Alea
Question: i've got alot of acne, plz don't say ' wash your face in the morning and evening' because i obviously do that. are there any product, or things that you can do to reduce the amount of acne you have? Thanks alot.
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Best Answers: any easy quick ways to really reduce the amount of acne you have?plz answer?

Tristen Tristen | 10 days ago
Yes! There are lots of things you can do to greatly reduce your acne. The best ways are all natural too! The reason many people have such a hard time with curing their acne is because they don't know the real causes behind acne in the first place. Acne is not just caused by dirt and oil on the skin, actually, that doesn't matter at all. The real causes are diet, candida yeast problems, and generally a body that is overloaded with toxins. When the body has too many toxins, it tries to push out all the junk through the skin and then it gets trapped and bacteria flourishes. This is what gives you a pimple, not dirt. Many people overwash their faces like crazy and then they get dry skin which makes their acne even worse! If you are interested in the truth, check out this website. It has greatly helped me out. http://www.how2cureacne.com/
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Tristen Originally Answered: Baby Acne and ways to help?
Overall, make sure your child is clean and dry but don't worry about oil...babies don't have excess oil. Their acne is caused by inflammation, which was initially caused by hormones! Acne is inflammation and inflammation is worsened by a lot of the chemicals in a surprising number of common baby bath products, including common powders. Powder is unnecessary here. I would go for a brand called California Baby Super Sensitive soap. It's the simplest, non-chemical soap you can buy. Do NOT use creams except maybe Weleda calendula cream on her body. My son had this. I simply massaged him with Evening Primrose Oil, which I warmed in my palms, after light bathing. It helped dramatically. Contrary to what you think, a little oil, especially primrose, is good. Get a bath filter ("bath ball") online if you can. That will take away the irritating chlorine. Or, simply sponge bath your baby with filtered water. And keep her day, keep formula off her face. The problem will go away soon!

Reid Reid
Hey Penny!! There are several things you can do to help out your acne. I am also an esthetician. Can you describe your acne? Do you have pustules and comedones or blackheads?
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Medad Medad
I knew a couple of people who used the prescription medication prednesone (sp?) and it helped a lot. One side effect that I remember is that it makes you more sensitive to the sun
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Johnie Johnie
tcp works well to treat spots, but it is quite harsh meaning yes it works VERY fast and effectively, but it does tingle a little and may dry out/irritate sensitive skin [= xxx
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Johnie Originally Answered: Acne questions!,natural ways to cure?
Hello! I have to say I have tried almost everything to get rid of acne: Creams, strips, cleaning, and all type of home made remedies, and nothing really helped to definitely get read of acne nor blackheads. I have to say that certain things that helped partially: - Change your diet and include plenty of nutrition rich foods like fish, diary products, fruits and greens. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 present in the foods helps clear the pores of the skin and remove the secretions and dust thereby allows the skin to breath and glow. - The biggest enemy of your face is the oily skin which gives rise to Acne formation. Therefore it should be your endeavor to always keep your face free of oil and secretions BUT it wasn’t, until a friend of mine told me how she solved her acne problem. At first sight her solution looked like one of this promises books out there about how to solve your acne problem. As the method was 100% back guaranteed, I thought I had nothing to lose. What I didn’t know it was how much I had to win with it with the step- by-step solution I got! (They say it is based on a 7 year period of trial and error). Not only did I get rid of blackheads and breakouts, but in 7 weeks I was able to get my acne cured permanently! 1 and half years later my skin has never looked better. For me it was really worth it the try. Best of lucks!

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