Taking glucosamine before after during a tattoo or piercing.?

Taking glucosamine before after during a tattoo or piercing.? Topic: Taking glucosamine before after during a tattoo or piercing.?
January 25, 2020 / By Vic
Question: I read somewhere that if you feel lightheaded or like your going to puke or pass out while your getting a tattoo to take a glucose tablet and it will help make you feel better. Is this true, and why?
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Best Answers: Taking glucosamine before after during a tattoo or piercing.?

Sessy Sessy | 4 days ago
well it makes seance glucose is a dose of Adrenalin so it will get your heart racing it might help
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Sessy Originally Answered: Is there a good clean tattoo shop in San Antonio, TX that can do a Van Gogh style portrait?
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Ondria Ondria
Ah, you mean 'glucose'.....glucosamine is totally different, and I couldn't for the life of me think how it could benefit anyone getting inked! lol Your best bet is to have had a decent, even carb laden, meal, about an hour or so before hand, and, if you wish, suck on a sweetie whilst it's being done. It's all to do with keep your blood sugars level - not high, as a glucose tablet would do, just nice and steady, to help support you whilst your mind and body are facing such a big challenge - especially if it's your first one, as your brain will be working overtime, between you being anxious, and then it trying to compute what is happening to its' body!
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Maeve Maeve
i have never heard of that. what i would recommend is pretty much what knowit says: get a full meal in before, have a good nights rest, and either take a lollipop or some apple or orange juice. do not drink for 24 before your appointment, and do not smoke.
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