How do I gain weight while fasting during Ramadan?

How do I gain weight while fasting during Ramadan? Topic: How do I gain weight while fasting during Ramadan?
June 19, 2019 / By Albina
Question: Dear brothers and sisters, (heh that sounds like my IMAM at my mosque, man I don't even know if I spelt Imam right) I am 13, 5'4 and 96 pounds. I am very skinny by appearance, because I'm fasting during school, and I also still play sports (I am a bowler for cricket :P), however I am noticing that I'm becoming extremely skinny, as I lost 1 inch off my very small waist... My parents tell me to stop fasting, but I don't want to, because I want to fast a whole month for Allah... So how can I gain weight during Ramadan? I eat 3 times more than my dad, I eat the most fattiest stuff out there, and I sit on the computer an hour or two, but I still lose weight. Thanks Brothers and Sisters, for your answers... My dad and mom were skinny while young, but now LOL LOL LOL!!! Dude I said I GO TO SCHOOL AND PLAY CRICKET AFTER IN A LEAGUE... I can't sleep in school without getting a detention and or referral...
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Trey Trey | 9 days ago
The only true way to gain weight, even when fasting is by overeating when you have your meals! !
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Trey Originally Answered: Does fasting to lose weight really make you gain weight?
Your metabolism slows down and your body starts to burn muscle instead of fat. So you'll lose weight while you do it but you'll gain it back plus some when you actually do eat again because your metabolism is still slower than normal. Your body needs nutrients in order to survive. You don't eat your body begins to shut down. Look at what happens to those suffering from anorexia

Rehoboam Rehoboam
You simply can not gain any weight, if you don't eat anything. Would drinking protein shakes (Ensure is a good brand) cross the line? I know it is popular to be fasting, but to be honest, if you injure yourself while doing it, and put yourself in harms way, you will pay a much higher price then deemed fit. You are not done growing, you need to build some more muscle, and gain some weight. Right now, your body literally using up your (what little is left ) muscle mass to fuel itself, and this is not acceptable. If you want your body to be like the Temple, then by all means, make it a healthy one, and fast another year, another time, but not when you are 13 years old? Eat right before bed, and understand, your metabolism is running too efficiently. Slow your metabolism down. NO caffeine... none. See if that helps.
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Meade Meade
lol Yeah I dun blame you, damn you do sound really skinny if I were I'd play all these sports n still eat my 3 meals a day n you know what else you can do? Drink protein shakes cause it'll help build muscles and it really does make you gain weight. Trust me, my 14 year old bro is in da football team n he does a lot of weight training his coach told him drink it to build muscles n so far it's helped him a lot. Errr I'm jealous that you get to eat all those fatty foods but good luck. :)
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Johnathon Johnathon
Well make sure u eat Alot b4 sunrise and eat dinner and eat at Iftar and if your health is becoming bad skip a few days and ask for forgiveness but make sure to make up for the days May Allah accept your fast. Ameen.
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Guy Guy
ok this is probally genetics is your father or father father skinny if so this could reely be genetics your metabolism is very fast if u eat alot of food u would gain weight but in a little run u might just lose all that u gained
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Dyl Dyl
me? i eat iftar then afterwards like 3 hours later i eat fastfood or junk food then i sleep wake up eat sehri u cnt gain weight frm fasting 12-14 hrs no eating r u kidding me? u can maintain it tho.
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Burton Burton
I don't think you can...o.o I think Allah will understand if you stop fasting for your own health. In fact, I think Allah would probably prefer you stop fasting at this point...
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Aldon Aldon
w.salam... eat lots of food in the moning and go to sleep... eat and then sleep... it works 4me... EDIT: at sunrise eat lots of food and then go to sleep... that make u put on weight...
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Aldon Originally Answered: How to lose weight while fasting?
Depends, losing weight isn't a very complicated science its just there all these misconceptions and bogus miracle diet programs out there that people don't really understand how dieting works. Basically it works like this. You will start to lose weight and burn fat when you eat less calories than your body normally burns and obviously gain if you eat more than your body burns. Exercise is basically making your body expend energy so it burns more calories to replenish the energy lost, body building is the same thing. The more muscles you have the more calories your body needs to function. So to answer your question the answer is a maybe since even if you eat once a day, if you eat more than your body can burn you will still gain weight.

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