Homemade pet food? Raw vs Cooked? Store bought meat?

Homemade pet food? Raw vs Cooked? Store bought meat? Topic: Homemade pet food? Raw vs Cooked? Store bought meat?
January 29, 2020 / By Tibby
Question: I was looking into making dog food. Most sites say it should be a mix of meat and carbs/veges (like 25% meat). Shouldn't dogs have more meat in their diets? They are carnivores, not omnivores. Is the meat better raw or cooked? And would it be unhealthy to feed them store bought meat? Aren't they filled with chemicals/preservatives? Also could cats eat the same homemade food as a dog? You don't have to answer all of the questions, thanks for any suggestions. PS Here is a picture of my dog, Mya. If you were wondering =) http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...
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Roslyn Roslyn | 4 days ago
Question 1- carnivore vs. omnivore: OK- the debate is out on this one depending upon how you define carnivore. Dogs have digestive enzymes in their digestive tracts that are more similar to an omivore than a carnivore- they are not obligate carnivores like a cat. Dogs can live on a diet that has no meat in it- but its not nearly as good for them. Dog teeth are carnivorous- they do not have omnivorous molars like a human or a bear- dog teeth are designed for tearing, not so much for thouroughly chewing. Wild Canids eat both the meat of a carcass as well as the pre-digested plant material in the animal's rumen. Wild Felids tend to discard the rumen and take away from the carcass (because it really, really stinks). Many nutritionists argue that dogs need grains in order to provide fiber to help digestion- they argue that in the wild, a dog would walk or run hours a day which would stimulate movement in the GI tract, but since our dogs don't get that amount of exercise, they need something else to provide that movement- Not my words or beliefs- theirs! I personally think that fiber could be provided from other sources. #2- raw vs. cooked I think the jury is out on this one. Again, vets and nutritionists tend to side with lightly cooked to make sure the meat is devoid of harmful bacteria etc. But I know many dogs on a raw diet that are totally healthy.- My belief on this one is do whatever YOU feel comfortable doing and whatever works best for your dogs. #3- Store- bought meat. the things I would be the most concerned with is trying to find organic, free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free etc. all of that stuff is pre-processing not post-processing. You could buy the pre-made raw diets on the market such as Bravo. On Wholedogjournal.com, you can buy back articles on raw diets, the benefits of grassfed, etc. Where else would you buy your meat- Please answer, I'm really curious about where doting dog-owners go to get their meats for home-based diets #4- cats eating same diet. Cats are obligate carnivores which means they must have meat and meat is usually between 30% and 45% of a commercial cat diet (even more in some diets). So, I would say not- but check with a vet for sure.
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Roslyn Originally Answered: What do you think about natural food vs. store bought baby food?
First: jarred baby food. Gerber only does organic produce for their baby food. That's been true for some time now. The food in their organic line gets CERTIFIED organic, a listing that is actually very difficult for many farmers to get because they have neighbors who use pesticides and such. In addition, the gerber produce is picked and processed the same day. (My sister has a neighbor who provides organic apples to Gerber). The stuff in your store is usually several weeks old, often picked early. Nobody has tested it for e.coli contamination or nitrate levels. Even if you buy from the organic section, that doesn't mean you don't have food that has contaminants as cow poop can have e.coli. The only true advantage of making your own over store bought is COST! It is WAY CHEAPER to make your own. I would still use jarred food when away from home, because it is simply safer than relying on your melting ice cubed food. That said, I recommend making your own food. Look at the list of things that have the most pesticides and get the organic version of those. Otherwise, focus on frozen food. Today, frozen stuff is processed the same day it is picked. For meats, you would cook first, puree after with either a little broth (yes water additive folks!) or breast milk. Don't use formula unless you are feeding the entire amount today because the sugar in formula will shorten the life of the food you have processed. As far as nitrates, AAP now says just avoid giving the baby certain foods before 3 months old. List below. As far as actual prep, I don't own a food processor. I do use a blender and a blenderstick (immersion blender, hand blender). The Thunderstick (a gift) actually does a better job of pureeing meat, but a regular blender can do it too.

Nadia Nadia
I'm not as familiar with a dog's nutritional needs as I am with cats, but I can tell you that cats are more- carnivorous- than dogs from what I've read. (Because you asked if cats could eat the same raw diet as a dog's raw diet) Cats are way better off just being fed raw meat without any vegetables in the meat- they really don't need the vegetables and just rely on the the meat. Hope I helped a little!
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Loren Loren
Home made is better and store bought meat is fine ,You do not have to cook it except for chicken needs to be dunked in boiling water for a minute to sterilize it put veggies chopped fine so that the dog does not eat all the meat and no vegetables this is also good for a cat,A food processor would be a good idea for the vegetables just remember no onion or fruits like grapes high in sugar.Also by doing this you can use the cheaper cuts of meat and organ meats kidney liver hearts ect.
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Kate Kate
A few points that may help... --Stick with healthy, unprocessed ingredients. Think lean meats, whole grains, and vegetables rather than leftover lasagna, rolls, or fries. --Know and avoid foods that are dangerous for dogs, such as chocolate and onions. --Keep it balanced. These recipes are meant to be occasional treats, not the mainstay of your dog's diet. If you want to cook all your dog's food, consult a vet or a veterinary nutritionist to make sure your homestyle meals supply all the nutrients your pooch needs. More info here... http://dogtime.com/dog-food-recipes.html Hope this helps...
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Heather Heather
Raw is best and you don't need to dunk it to sterilize it, dogs do not get salmonella poisoning. Pick up my new book "Why is My Dog Sick" and it will answer all your ?'s and give you the ultimate doggie diet which includes raw. It includes what to give and what not to give, and yes you are right they need more raw meat and raw bones than vegetables. Check it out www.trafford.com/08-0558 (copy and paste), I am also a breeder and this is our dogs and cats diet www.milehighbullmastiffs.com
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Heather Originally Answered: Planting Store-Bought Produce?
Precious little. Potatoes would be okay. But then, you're not growing them from seed. Unless it's a certified organic food, any that have seeds are almost certainly going to be F1 hybrids. The seed will produce an F2 hybrid, which tend to be weak, and often don't even produce fruit. Kind of like horses and donkeys cross breeding to make mules, but mules are sterile, and unable to have babies themselves. Just but a package of heirloom seeds. You can keep the unused seeds and plant them in future years. The cost is extremely small per plant.

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