Curbing hunger?

Curbing hunger? Topic: Curbing hunger?
September 19, 2019 / By Abbigale
Question: Over the past few weeks, I have found I am always hungry! I eat pleanty of foods from the food groups, but find myself not satisfied after eating. I then binge on candy/chocolate/carbs. I don't want to gain weight. Is there a way that I can get full by eating healthy foods? Any recipe suggestions? What times should I eat?
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Standish Standish | 3 days ago
drink glasses of water before you eat, avoid foods with fructose added because it makes you want to eat more but doesn't make you feel full, avoid aspartame , phenylalenine, Eat lots of moist vegetables and rice will make you feel full. Get raw ingredients and cook your own foods instead of pre-packaged meals and fast food snacks. Prepared foods companies often ADD appetite enhancing substances, which could be chemicals like msg or even just as "innocent" sounding as fructose, or sugar substiitutes. They add things so you buy extra food you don't really need. If you cook your own foods, you're more likely to get the full feeling. Eat rice, it makes you feel full, gives energy that lasts a long time and most of the chinese people I know are slimmer than average other people. One more strategy I've learned, chew gum instead of ingesting food. Sometimes just the chewing motions and flavour on your tongue is all you need. Alternatively, try eating a bit of something that tastes just totally awfull -- like Dare strawberry-marshmallow candies --- that really suppresses my appetite; or a "Fisherman's Freind cough drop", or put just an eye-dropper drop of cough syrop (buckley's) on your tongue... you won't want to put anything more in your mouth.
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Standish Originally Answered: i'm trying to diet but i get such annoying hunger pangs I don't stick to it very well, try hunger suppressant?
Try posting the diet you're on. If you're cutting your food intake too much, it could just be that your body is reminding you it needs a certain amount of fuel to function. Dieting for weight loss should be a life change - eating three square meals, balancing your protein, veg and carbs, using slow-release energy foods like combined protein and complex carbs, and cutting out sugars. Add to that a significant increase in your exercise levels, and within a few weeks, you should start to see a steady and sustainable improvement, both in your weight and your shape. Any crash diets will only result in your body going into famine mode, and you will actually end up putting on more weight than ever when you start to eat normally again.

Ottis Ottis
First, try to do something to keep yuor mind of food. Do a sport, get a hobby or something, it really does keep your mind off food until later on. Try not to eat right before you go to bed cause it takes longer to digest and can put on more weight than eating during the day. Drink water because it makes you feel full. Ummm.... yah.... I guess thats it!
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Lev Lev
Eat food that is slow to digest eg. wholegrain bread, nuts and eat as much non processed food as you can. The processed food is fast to digest, full of sugar and fat and simple carbohydrates. Also if you are getting giddy spells, light headed for no reason, have a test for hypoglycemia in case that is also behind your cravings.
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Jamison Jamison
lots and lots of water. It will fill you up plus flush out your system! Try eating more (5 or 6) smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 bigger meals. It will increase your metabolism also. Take care
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Frankie Frankie
Before you eat drink a full glass of water. It helps to make you feel more full after a meal. Also a banana is also helpful before a meal to make you feel more full.
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Frankie Originally Answered: Safe, over-the-counter medicine for curbing appetite?
Anything with a high fiber content will make you feel full. More info here: http://www.webmd.com/diet/fiber-health-b...

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