How to drop this weight?

How to drop this weight? Topic: How to drop this weight?
September 19, 2019 / By Aisling
Question: Hey, ive been struggling to lose these last nine kilos, ive already dropped from 91kg to 69-68kg, but im finding it hard to lose weight now. my family is big boned (my ribs are just under the skin/same with hips. But i want to reach 60. Does anyone know some rewarding ways that a 15 year old can do simply at home? I eat reasonably healthy, but not much as i have a tendency to get worried and force myself to throw up. theres no such thing as big boned? so youre saying all people, from everywhere, every country, are built the same? a tiny japanese girl is the same as an african man, look if youre going to call me fat then **** you, ive worked way too hard to be called **** by a closed minded ****. im 5'6 1/2
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Trafford Trafford | 9 days ago
Their is only 1 way to lose weight and that is with cardio. Build up the heart rate and keep it there. Health foods such as vegetables and fruits are good for starters. Fish is one of the best meats out there. If you have a fish allergy the go to poultry. A common misconception is that you can lose weight quickly by "Insert comment here" but that is false. The only way to lose weight is by eating an appropriate amount of calories and burning them off as to not send your body into starvation mode. This is the mode in which your body soaks up all the fat and calories from any food you eat. 5 smaller meals through out the day is better than 3 big ones. Remember you can't go on a diet without going off one. This has to be a lifestyle change.
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Trafford Originally Answered: how do you drop weight with a low metabolism?
try little things dink water when u first wake up.. it boosts ur metabolism (for the rest of the day) and keep drinking water throughout the day. also the ppl who r skinny naturally are often skinny cuz they "fidget" the ppl that move when they dont have to burn more calories. so when u sit down drum ur fingers, tap ur toes... nething! fatter ppl (not that ur fat!!)generally have a way of doing things that conserves energy, if ur trying to lose weight just try out a few little things. also u can try switching ur meals.... dinner in the morning breakfast at night..... sounds weird but i swear it works.. u dont need all the calories when u go to bed so if u eat them in the morning u have all day to burn them off. just a suggestion. hope this helped.

Redmond Redmond
try to have a little lean protein with each meal as protein tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fats
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Matty Matty
decaf coffee is a great low calorie fluid when you re having cravings and a great source of antioxidants
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Joby Joby
pounding out your meat will help healthier portions go a longer way visually and its good stress relief
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Greg Greg
do some more running, and core workouts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od0j4aNDGKM look up more stuff like that ^^
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Duncan Duncan
Loosing weight is hard. Especially if you work hard and all people can say are negative comments. Like calling you shallow for example. Its sickening we live in a world where we are put under so much pressure to be something we're not. The best thing to do is eat a lot of veggies and fruits and start going to the gym take a friend with so it will seem more fun. And also, never Listen to negative comments. We're all beautiful in our own ways.
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Bruno Bruno
Acai berry is very useful and is providing help to various people who are using Acai berry for losing weight. The weigh diets and herbal medicines are also available which contains the Acai berry and its syrup helping humans to lose weight. It is good to use the herbal methods to lose weight because when you use herbal products like Acai berry you do not only lose weight but enjoy the other good effects this berry contains. The Acai berry is rich in Vitamin C and act as oxidant for the body that is why it is used to lose weight frequently and provide body with good supply of vitamin C to make skin fresh and free of scars.
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Alann Alann
You don't say how tall you are so how can you expect people to know if thats a reasonable target? And there is NO SUCH THING as big boned,,, it is just an excuse that people use to dodge the fact they are overweight.
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Alann Originally Answered: How can I DROP WEIGHT FAST?
very simple ...its healthy don't worry ...low carb ...HIGH healthy fat ...High protein....i do 2 days on that then 1 day refeed (1000 complex carb grams) but you obviously wouldn't have a refeed day ....so just stay on until you've lost the 20 lbs ....then eat 1500 cals a day to keep it off ...btw...your going to be totally surprised at just how fast those fat inches from your body vanishes ...especially around your stomach ... the 2 day depletion stage takes off me around 5 lbs ...

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