How can i lose weight quickly?

How can i lose weight quickly? Topic: How can i lose weight quickly?
November 21, 2019 / By Kaelea
Question: I need to lose weight! I've been trying for months, i lost half a stone but i can't seem to lose anymore..I'm about 11 and a half stone and a dress size fourteen. I'm a 17 year old student, so i can't exercise everyday. anyone know any good effective ways to lose a few pounds??
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Gwen Gwen | 5 days ago
Although you can NOT lose weight "Quickly" per say, there are some methods to drop either just weight, or body fat I can help you with. For just weight, simply stay EXTREMELY well hydrated. Make sure your urine is crystal clear for about two weeks/fourteen days, and you'll lose around ten pounds. As for body fat, try High Intensity Interval Training, or "H.I.I.T.". It'll allow you to burn a massive amount of calories during the workout, and afterwards, but it's pretty tough to do the full workout. But, if you can do it, it's your best chance.
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Gwen Originally Answered: What's a great way to lose stomach fat fast? Or simply lose weight quickly?
jogging is an excellent exercise because it let you lose weight evenly throughout your whole body. If you want to lose weight in specific areas, you should target them with exercises. If they are your problem areas, they will be very difficult to tone. You will have to work double on them. The best approach is this: 1. Lower/control your daily calorie intake (control for normal weight, lower for overweight). 2. Run/jog to lower your overall body fat percentage. 3. Target your problem areas with exercises. an excellent exercise, you can do it in front of your TV: sit on a stool, and put your toes under something (piece of heavy furniture, for example). In your hands hold a little dumbbell. Please, make sure that it is not very heavy, start with one kilo, for example, or you will damage your back and spine! Slowly move the upper part of your body back, until it's parallel with the ground. Stop for a second and move it back to the sitting position. Repeat ten times. Every week add to the number of repetitions. You will see the results in a week, guaranteed! You will see or feel under the fat - if you have any - six pack and muscles. Dumbbells do wonders. Much better than these crunches - I came up to three hundreds and there was no results AT ALL. With the dumbbells you will see it in a week.

Dianna Dianna
Suck it up and FIND time to excercise. I'm a student and I have two jobs and I still excercise. If you're wanting to get really fit, try Insanity. I've been doing it and its rough, but quick and effective.
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Caren Caren
Why are you eating/wearing stones?? lol...anyway, my sister said that if you cut bread out of your regular diet, then you can lose a lot of weight! Also, try not to nibble on snacks whenever you're at home.
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Amilia Amilia
never eat any snack food out of the box carton or bag it came in you re less likely to overeat if you separate snacks into appropriate fist sized servings
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Amilia Originally Answered: I'm fat and I need to lose weight quickly!?
Universal had some good pointers there, I'd like to add a few more. Some of these take some effort, I'm only listing them to give you all the options I can think of that have not been mentioned by other posters. 1) At the end of the shower turn it to cold for 20-30 seconds. Will get your circulation going and your body has to heat you up again. 2) Your body has 2 types of storage fat, one it can get to more easy and one harder to get to (which is normally the last one to go (usually around your belly and thighs) - Green tea does not burn fat, but it makes fat in the harder to get to storage easier for your body to access - Fasting gives you longer times with low insulin levels that enable your body to switch to burning fat (ketosis) instead of carbs. (Atkins diet also uses this) Fasting isn't everyone's cup of tea, quite a few people like the 5 meals a day dogma but it's an option you can try out (I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting). Some people talk about your body going into "starvation mode" and breaks down the muscle. This does happen but you would have to eat no calories for 48 hours for this to be possible to start. 3) If you are willing to do decent cardio (I mean getting your blood pumping and huffing and puffing for 30-40min 3/4 times a week, and I don't mean just walking) or even better High Intensity Interval Training HIIT once you're up to it you can increase your metabolism for 7-14% for a whole day, so you keep burning more calories even after you stop exercising. 4) In the long run, if you want to keep your lower weight a bit of weight training is good, too. You'll get better muscle tone for that fit curvy look and with more muscle your body will burn more calories. Also it takes calories to train the muscle in the first place, and then to build more. It's time to shine be awesome :D

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