Quickest way to lose weight and gain a bit of Muscle? helpp ^.^?

Quickest way to lose weight and gain a bit of Muscle? helpp ^.^? Topic: Quickest way to lose weight and gain a bit of Muscle? helpp ^.^?
November 17, 2019 / By Judi
Question: Okay, so my girlfriend is on holiday for 1 week, so i figured i'd lose a bit out weight because i'm a little out of shape! thats an understatement really, i'm a bit of a fatty! so i just wondered whats the quickest way i could lose weight, are there exercises i could i do all the time? any ideas please!!
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Best Answers: Quickest way to lose weight and gain a bit of Muscle? helpp ^.^?

Gillian Gillian | 1 day ago
positioned a 2 litre water bottle alongside with a tumbler on your table very almost each and every morning. Get with the aid of it via in basic terms lunch, and do the comparable interior the afternoon. You’ll exercising greater suitable as nicely to recuperate faster in case you’re hydrated. I drink some water every time somebody asks me a daft question or sends a daft digital mail... discover some thing that works on your case!
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Gillian Originally Answered: Quickest, Most Effective Way to Gain Muscle/Mass?
Hey, I'm a few years older than you, 6'3". I used to weigh about 158 lbs, was fairly fit, and had always had had trouble putting on mass. By the sounds of it, your metalolism, etc is fairly similar to mine. A little over 2 years ago, I got serious about putting on some decent weight, and I now weigh just under 210 lbs. Here's what I did: 1. Lift weight. I don't think theres any magical numbers. I vary the routines I do. Sometimes 2 sets, sometimes 4. I usually lift a weight that I can do no more than 12 reps (lifts) before failure (the point where I physically can't lift the weight for a full rep any more). Over time, make sure to try to continually increase the weight you lift. 2. Eat. I believe that in my case, eating more was THE main thing that helped me gain weight. 3 meals just isn't enough. Ideally, I try to make sure I'm eating something every couple of hours. I drink a helluva lot of (low fat) milk. It's an almost complete food, and it takes no time to drink a couple of glasses of milk anytime through the day. If I only have time for a light lunch, I'll follow it with something like a milkshake. Basically, if I start to feel hungry, I eat something (or drink some milk). I also drink a couple of protein shakes each day (one with breakfast and one before bed). The rule of thumb is to try and make sure you take in a minimum of 1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight, each day. This seemed to do the trick for me. Don't go to bed hungry. Your body needs fuel (especially protein) while you are sleeping - this is the time most of your muscle growth will occur: 3. Rest. Your muscles actually grow while you are resting/sleeping. Lifting weight damages the muscle, and they repair and grow while you rest. I make sure my workouts are intense, but then rest 3-4 days between them. Every couple of months I also stop lifting weights completely for a couple of weeks, to allow my body to fully recover. 4. Be consistent - especially make sure you eat enough every day. I guess that's basically it. I probably put on about 26-30 lbs in the first year. After that the gains slowed down - but that's how it goes: initially your body will respond quickly, but as time goes by the gains will slow down. You will put on a little bit of fat (this goes hand-in-hand with gaining muscle), but if you're anything like me, it won't be enough to worry about. My target is to reach 220 lbs, then I'll work on burning off a few lbs of fat to bring out the definition more. That's basically it. I did all of the above using only free weights at home. I never set foot foot inside a gym. Hope this helps!
Gillian Originally Answered: Quickest, Most Effective Way to Gain Muscle/Mass?
I'm the equal peak and weight as you and I have additionally no longer obvious a lot of an benefit. If you are like me then while your fingers are improved, your biceps are most of the time narrower than your elbows...yep it appears unpleasant. I had been making a few enhancements via getting 1g of protein in step with lb. of frame weight and I've been doing 21's. You could wish to check out that pastime if you have not already, and it's satisfactory performed with a barbell or an EZ bar. You begin out as you do in a ordinary bicep curl, however first you deliver the bar up till your higher arm and forearm style an ninety measure attitude, and also you do that 7 occasions. Next you begin out within the ninety measure function and deliver your arm up as in a ordinary bicep curl 7 occasions. Then you do the entire movement 7 occasions. This is all performed in a single pastime, so 21 reps immediately. However, don't overdo the 21s, as they could lead into overtraining.

Denice Denice
hey man heres what you do. star running if you dont already, and just go till your really really tired then stop. and try to eat less, lift wights, and work on holding your stomach in. trust me if you do it soon you will just do it and not even think about it. it works. but the best way to do it is when you run, take a stopwatch and run for 30 sec. pretty hard, then slow down and run 1;00 min then do another fast 30 sec. and then another slow 1:00 min. ..... for 30 mins. its the best way to lose wight. hope this helps and good luck.
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Calida Calida
use the freezer to add some extra oomph to summer foods freeze grapes for some bite sized delights or get a popsicle mold and freeze some greek yogurt with berries
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Calida Originally Answered: What is the quickest and safest way to gain muscle mass?
Weight training with good cardio workouts and a lean diet rich in protiens. Avoid Breads, Dairy products and pastas, the fats carbohydrates you don't want. You can use a mass builder protien mix like creatine. Lots of water, no high fructose syrups, if it's on the label it out. no Caffinated beverages, Stay away from the sugars. Lots of fruits and fiber. Sausage is a good way to retain water to help build muscle but the down side is the fat. Also some red meats, but not more then 5oz servings during a setting, and you will gain more muscle mass eating fish then any other meat, because of the omega 3 and 6 protiens. Also consider some flax seed oil and a good multi vitamin. Only wieght train every other day, and never try to power lift, lift allot or repatition, then afte a week increase weight. You get more results out of lift 20 pounds 500 times then lifting 100 pounds 10 times. Well what are you waiting for get started, I need the points!

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