How to eat to gain mass but stay lean.

How to eat to gain mass but stay lean. Topic: How to eat to gain mass but stay lean.
June 16, 2019 / By Ailsie
Question: Is it possible to gain muscle mass while eating a diet that is fairly low in both calories as well as carbohydrates, as long as I maintain a high level of protein intake (1.5 grams per pound of lean muscle mass)? It seems that if I increase my calorie intake by eating foods such as peanut butter I immediately put on a bit more body fat. However, I am trying to gain weight, so I guess what I'm really asking is whether or not calories are an important factor in building muscle, or if protein takes care of it. Please only answer if you really know what you are talking about, being either an experienced weightlifter or some kind of trainer. Thanks!
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Tommie Tommie | 10 days ago
its only a myth that you have to eat lot and be fat to gain muscle, i take in less than 2000 calories a day and i workout hard, i eat very little carbs i only intend to take them before a workout and get 80grams of my daily protein from 3 protein shakes. thats what it comes down to really if your not getting the bulk of your protein from shakes your going to eat too many calories and are more likely to gain fat rather than muscle. in the past month i have adopted this kind of diet and increased my protein intake to 150g (i weigh 129g) and i have achieved the best results sofar. considering i have been eating less calories than i should be and am putting on more muscle than ever by replacing the carbs with protein i am living evidence (well atleast to myself as i have nothing to prove it to you) that you dont need to eat loads to put on muscle. what is important however is that when your boydfat gets to about 7% and you are well defined you should start eating more and balancing your calorie intake as you dont want to go into a stage where you are constantly losing weight and your body breaks down everything else, a good source of carbs that i use are ultra fine scottish oats from myprotein.co.uk and i just mix them up in my shake so if you can find oats fine enough i would try that. Yea and basically what Ryan M said about the diet is true i do everything he is saying in my diet and the 6 meals planned has a great affect on your metabolism. and as he says ... low G.I. carbs which is why i eat ultra fine scottish oats for the bulk of my carbs.
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Tommie Originally Answered: gain lean muscle mass & lower body fat at same time?
It's only possible for people with large amount of body fat otherwise no, to gain muscles you need excess calories, to lose weight you need a calorie deflict... just not going to work.. if your not into the bulking and cutting cycles I would suggest cut down to what ever % bf, maybe 4-8%.... then build the muscle.... I would just do Chest and Triceps on day 1... Day 2 - Shoulders, Back, Neck Day 3 - Biceps, Legs Abs - Every other day Cardio - keep to a minimum if trying to gain muscle, spesh not on the same as a workout day Supplements are spot on, maybe add BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) the help muscle growth.. What's with a low carb diet? Carbs are needed if you want to gain good quality muscle, you should do a 40-40-20 diet, 40% calories from protein, 40% from carbs, 20% from fat... This will not make you fats, carbs are needed for energy, just eat so many calories that you're gaining 1-2lbs a week... all of this will be muscle and no fat... A fast digesting carb such as dextrose or Fructose or even a mix of the two will benefit you as part of your postwork out shake, it will go straight to your muscles and aid the protein get to them too... If trying to gain muscle carbs and good fats are essential!

Raymond Raymond
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Mathew Mathew
For best results to gain muscle, you do need a little body fat, and should balance your calorie intake 1/3 fat 1/3 carbs and 1/3 protein. And don't skip veggies. One mistake you might make is lifting for too many reps. you don't need that many reps to get the power gain, anything more will incinerate calories but won't make you much stronger. Track your lifting, and if you plateau, change things up.
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Jimmy Jimmy
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Goodwin Goodwin
I can tell you what I do. This works for a lot of my shows. Eat as much protein as you want. Eat low-glycemic carbs and lots of veggies. Eat 6 times a day and if you're hungry, eat protein. drink lots of water. This is it in a nut shell. Oh, by the way, don't count calories-you'll drive yourself nuts! You can also check out this ebook as well. I think you will find some good info. Click Here!
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Duane Duane
YES Some weight lifters can take over 5000 calories per day! as long as your food is balanced with the right things! try little and often of protein and protein foods
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Britton Britton
Include lots of protein in your diet and make sure to have some protein after a gym session (which should include weights and core work) which restores your torn muscles. Protein shakes are good for this. @ https://tr.im/1WyiQ is really goood and efeective.
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Aidan Aidan
If you cannot drop your excess weight, if it always come back these additional pounds and you do not know what to do? – don’t desperate due to the fact is a way to resolve this bad problem. let the science and the very good food operate for you and you will accomplish that waste of pounds that you usually wanted and need it.
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Suse Suse
Swap a bowl of pasta for a bowl of vegetables. You can preserve to 200 calories by cutting the starch and adding vegetables.
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Suse Originally Answered: What other supplements should I take to gain lean muscle without gaining fat?
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