How can I lose a little weight quickly?

How can I lose a little weight quickly? Topic: How can I lose a little weight quickly?
January 18, 2020 / By Deziree
Question: So, I was just invited to a boy-girl pool party. But, I'm really uncomfortable with my body. All the girls in my grade have flat stomachs& thigh gaps& I have none of that. My crush was invited& I want to look like I'm losing weight bc it's summer& idk. Anyways, the party is on the 27th which is in 19 days. So, I guess I'm asking if any of you have a daily workout or diet that I can go off of for the next 2.5 weeks that'll maybe help shed some fat away on my arms, thighs, stomach, etc. I can't buy anything bc I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing. I find it embarrassing... Thank you!
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Best Answers: How can I lose a little weight quickly?

Candy Candy | 10 days ago
Eat healthy and exercise regularly...that's how you lose fat and keep it off...the eating healthy part is the most important...you can lose up to 7 or 8 lbs in a healthy manner, in that amount of time (although a pound a week is probably more realistic)...
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Candy Originally Answered: how to lose weight quickly?
There are lots of myths out there that will make you fatter and depressed like cutting carbs, fats and calories. See site below and take the time to learn the right way to do it. It also tells why you cannot lose weight too fast. Example drink 5 gallons water right now and it will kill you. Eat 20 pounds of food now and it will kill you. Lose 20 pounds of weight now-- what will happen. You can't do it, can you? Can you even lose 5 pounds in the next hour? Which has more calories: a plain potato or one with a healthy fat like olive oil (extra virgin and cold pressed)? The latter. Which is more fattening? The former. How can this be? The fat slows down the calories going into the blood (see glycemic load and glycemic index) making it less fattening. http://www.phifoundation.org

Amelia Amelia
Find the right diet for your individual body because there are many ways are there to lose weight just find what works for you
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Walter Walter
wrap up any extra food you ve cooked before you sit down to a meal so you re not tempted to get seconds
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Russ Russ
skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat storing starvation mode making it harder to burn calories
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Mose Mose
if you find yourself at a weight loss plateau up the duration of your exercise routine by five minutes
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Mose Originally Answered: How to lose weight quickly.?
Reduce your intake of pork. Pork is not something that can help you to lose weight. So the lesser pork you eat the better chances you have of losing weight. And remember that pork includes the pork products as well, things like bacon, ham and sausages.

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