where is the best place to put a water bowl for ur snake?

where is the best place to put a water bowl for ur snake? Topic: where is the best place to put a water bowl for ur snake?
July 20, 2019 / By Mae
Question: i have a ball python and i just got a corn snake and i put the water bowl under the heat light is that bad? i was told by a breeder to put it under the light to make it more humid in the cage. so which side should i put it on heat side or cool side?
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Keren-Hapuch Keren-Hapuch | 2 days ago
If you put the water under the light, it causes a much faster evaporation. This will indeed increase humidity, but also may cause you to need to fill up the water bowl very often. I put my water bowl in the shade of a plant where it gets some light exposure, but not a full blast of it.
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Keren-Hapuch Originally Answered: Can i place a female betta in a bowl next to a male bowl?
Please learn how to properly care for bettas before buying another one. Bowls are awful habitats and make for unhealthy fish. A single betta should have about a five gallon tank with a gentle filter and an aquarium heater. Bettas are tropical fish and their temperature should remain constant between 78F-82F. Temperatures below this range are stressful and lower the immune system which makes them prone to disease. Housing them within view of one another would be stressful. *Contrary to popular belief building a bubble nest is instinctual, not a sign of happiness. I have seen bettas on death's door building nests. I did not ask my parents for permission to buy my pets what they need to be healthy. Paul- Male and female bettas should not be housed together especially in a bowl.
Keren-Hapuch Originally Answered: Can i place a female betta in a bowl next to a male bowl?
You don't need a 17 gallon tank, but a 3 gallon tank will help. It is true that bettas often blow bubble nests when they are happy. But they can blow them even if they aren't happy. They can blow them because they are bored or whatever. Maybe they are just thinking about females and want one to come along. lol. The bubble nest honestly doesn't mean much. Bettas blow bubble nests. It happens. Doesn't mean they must be happy. A bowl's really not suitable, sorry. The "bowl fish" is a myth. You might already know that goldfish, which are commonly thought of as being "bowl fish", actualyl need much larger tanks and are used to having a lot of oxygen in their water so they need a filter to get rid of the wastes and provdie oxygen to the water for them. The same is true for bettas but to a lesser extent - bettas are fine in like, 3 gallons or more.... buying such a small tank is extremely cheap, I can buy them at my fish store for less than $10 and I live in Canada where things like that tend to be more expensive. But if you need just the answer to your question, YES, you can put them next to each other, but not permanently. It will tire them out. Just put them next to each other every once in awhile, and the rest of the time, put a piece of paper or cardboard between them so they can't see each other.

Jacki Jacki
Kinda, for your corn that is. Corn snake's don't need humidity and a too humid environment can cause respiratory problems. Putting the water bowl under a heat source (or over it) can heat the water up causing condensation/evaporation. Keep it on the cool side :)
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Elyse Elyse
It doesn't really mater where you put it. I like to put my water bowls in the middle of the cage so the water won't be to hot if the snakes soak in it and not to cold if they do as well. So i put it in the middle so it is the right temp.
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Elyse Originally Answered: Bowl a good place for a Betta?
You are right Evelyn. If you are a personal Betta keeper, you really should be keeping it like any other tropical fish to be fair to it. I know MM is the man on so many things, I hate to even think about trying to disagree with him, but I really think keeping a Betta in a bowl, while it can be done, shouldn't be put out as advice. It honestly is so irrelivant to the practical home owner how these fish are shipped and kept, and it isn't the practical home owners problem about trying to store googles of billions of them. From a business point of view, while you have fish that influx in and out of your store, of course they will not house fish properly because they are in the volume business, not actual home care. It's like comparing the horse to the motor vehicle, you just can't. By comparing how fish are shipped and kept commerically to the practical home owner, and using this type of logic, just because a species can be kept a certain way, it should be? I don't think so by far. Humans can be house in little cells in jail in 10x10's so everyone should be like this? Put that out as logic and see how far you'll get. I would have to really agree with you Evelyn that PROPER care should be listed as a heated filtered tank, even the small end ones. Like MM also said, can you keep them in bowls, of course, but you'll never see me dispense that as advice. If people don't have the time to do care or upkeep, don't have space, then they simply shouldn't get the fish. If we were talking about dogs and cats, would we seriously advocate keeping them in travel containers thier whole life simply because they can be put in there? If people are talking about Bettas from a commercial or business point of view, of course in order to achieve a profit, they don't have much choice, but by no means should a GOOD breeder/seller ever advocate they keep thier Betta's in bowls, unless thier end mind set is recurring sales, then of course it's great advice. Even considering the Betta is native to Thailand and shallow waters does not mean mimic that enviroment either. I mean, do we build a 5,000 foot deep aquarium for the whales that are kept in zoos?? Understanding where they came from and how they evolved certainly helps for thier care, but I don't see this as saying, oh they live in shallow water so keep them in a plant vase. Anyways Ev, I hope you do reach some people, but in the end, people just going to keep doing whatever they think is best anways. I think no matter what we put out, you can still only change the world of the ignorant, one client at a time, and our clients are all those that ask on here :) JV

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