olive oil, canned pumpkin, switch to wet food. as natural laxative for constipated puppy?

olive oil, canned pumpkin, switch to wet food. as natural laxative for constipated puppy? Topic: olive oil, canned pumpkin, switch to wet food. as natural laxative for constipated puppy?
January 18, 2020 / By Lynna
Question: i asked a question the other day, and got many answers. . i called the vet, they said try wet dog food, versus the regular dry, and increase liquids..... another said canned pumpkin to move bowels.. will this work? have you tried it? then olive oil,,, which does make sense to me .... has anyone had good results with any of these??? yes i may be nutz.... but with reason.....my paying attention has already saved her happy puppy butt 3 times.... so i do pay attention to what goes in and what comes out. as this is the first indicator of other possible problems.... like when she came to us with worms, looked like a pot belly pig... when she got kennel cough from the vet. when she was exposed to parvo from a neighbors escaped dogs... when after the last shot at vet we got her home and she started having a reaction... so yeah, i pay close attention.... isn't that what good dog owners are supposed to do?? and i always prefer a natural solution versus spending hundreds on unnessasary vet surgery... i have had pets all my life, this is the first animal to ever have such problems, ever.. so i would rather be careful ....
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Best Answers: olive oil, canned pumpkin, switch to wet food. as natural laxative for constipated puppy?

Keeleigh Keeleigh | 7 days ago
I have used the canned pumpkin. It really works well for both constipation as well as diarrhea. It just regulates the system. I have found it to be the best. Hope this helps! All the best;~)
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Keeleigh Originally Answered: Canned puppy food vs canned adult food?
People have different opinions but i personally think canned food should be out of the question. I have a German Shepherd and he rarely gets canned food. if they don't like the food they are eating switch it and find something that they love. That's what treats are for too. As for your question I would stick with adult canned food, puppy food is high in fat and also has nutrition for puppies *not that the nutrition is bad for adult dogs, but adult dog food will have ingredients for adult needs, such as high glukosamin. Hope this helps :)

Ilean Ilean
olive oil will work but is not as good as canned pumpkin and the puppy will like the pumpkin a lot better. I use to raise hunting beagles sometimes had 20 at one time and it was a very cheap way to solve a problem before it got to be expensive. once they get impacted it cost a bit to get a vet to take care of it.
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Effie Effie
I have seen canned pumpkin used successfully for constipation many times. Just make sure to get canned pumpkin and NOT pumpkin pie filling.
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Chelle Chelle
I don't know if the Canned pumpkin will help with constipation. It works best for dogs that have diarrhea. I give my dogs pumpkin when they get diarrhea and it works like a charm. i don't know about the olive oil. Its okay to give to help make the coat shiny but as far as giving it to a dog to cause it to go i don't know if it would work.
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Arlie Arlie
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Zechariah Zechariah
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Zechariah Originally Answered: i have a 5 month old pup puppy she has not pooped for over 10 hrs i gave her a tablespoon of pumpkin?
Try papaya and watermelon. Chop them up and put it in her bowl (a bowl full is fine as fruit is mainly water). These fruits have enzymes that can move the digestive system AS WELL as expel (not kill) parasites. My poor puppy had the same problem. It was because she was constipated. In most cases, constipation is due to dehydration. Puppies still need to learn what thirst really is - so it is common for them to get dehydrated, and, consequently, constipated. In my case, however, that was not the reason for my puppy's constipation. I gave her a bowl full of watermelon and papaya, and within minutes she pooped. I was so happy and just as I went to pick up the poop...I saw big white noodle-like things. I thought 'she has never eaten noodles!' Then I realized these noodles were moving. It was roundworm. I took her to the vet and they tested her not only for roundworm but for tapeworm AS WELL. I had to give her medication and for a few days she was pooping all worms like no other. EVEN IF you're scared this may be worms, you need to try the papaya and watermelon. You see, the feces can rot inside of her and rot her intestines. She could potentially die. You must do what is best despite your fear. It is very common for puppies to be constipated from parasites - as well as dehydration. In any case, if you give her the fruit and she doesn't poop by monday, take her to the vet. ESPECIALLY if she is eating - you must take her. If she poops normal poop, then she's fine. If there are worms - VET immediately again. It might be very disturbing but parasites can kill your puppy too. If she does seem very sick and stops eating and drinking, that's when you should be concerned. If that happens tomorrow, find a local Animal Hospital. These are actual hospitals for animals that are open 24/7 and have emergencies. Good luck.

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