What made me constipated?

What made me constipated? Topic: What made me constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Lyda
Question: I'm on a good diet i eat amount of fiber everyday and i drink lots of fluids/water i mostly eat salads but not that often like 3 times a week or so.What made me constipated i been constipated for 2 days now.
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Kayley Kayley | 8 days ago
It was probably caused from you not taking in enough fluids when you ate something full of fiber or when you ate something with no fiber at all like cheese, meat, pizza... It's essential to drink fluids immediately after/during eating a high fiber food or it will ball up into a hardened constipating mass and you will experience no benefit from it. Take a couple of Dulcolax tablets with plenty of water (10+ oz) and go to sleep. You will feel fine in the am.
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Kayley Originally Answered: do you think it is possible that i made my metabolism TOO fast?!?
be patient you body was just under a lot of stress and it needs time to adjust to the new life style. you will begin to put on weight, just keep eating healthy and often and it will work out.
Kayley Originally Answered: do you think it is possible that i made my metabolism TOO fast?!?
we need more info, did you take pills? Smokes? What where you eating when you we losing weight, how much did you exercise. Do you have an underlining health problem, are you ill? If you can, go to the doctor and get help from him. Weight loss can be a risky thing, especially if you are taking non prescription pills. Also, if you are just getting off of your weight loss thingy, remember that you aren't just going to gain 10 pounds over night, it takes longer than that. Good luck!

Hulda Hulda
The recommended daily intake of fiber is really not all that much. And chances are from what you're telling me. You might be consuming too much salad versus liquid. I'm sure you do intake a lot of fluid but that is subjective and dependent on whether you work out, work hard, have a fast metabolism and a host of other details. Constipation happens when your large intestine recovers too much water from your digested food. There really is no way to put that water back. Pills will slow the process but all you can do is watch your activity, diet and water intake for next time. It is not uncommon for me to drink 6 liters of water in a day of hard work during the summer. On an average warm spring day I can consume 2 liters of water. And this is water (99.999%), not pop, coffee, juice or other solute ridden liquids. Mind you, that is my body and if my mouth starts to get a bit dry, I know I'm in for a long washroom visit. Try to drink more water / liquids and find a good balance. Hope this helps you out. Good Luck
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Edweena Edweena
Whole milk had that effect on my daughter as well, her doctor said it was the fat content and while its reccomended for children under 2 to have whole milk, 2% would be fine and would help with constipation issues. We switched and it worked like a charm!
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