doctors please help constipated badly?

doctors please help constipated badly? Topic: doctors please help constipated badly?
September 23, 2019 / By Krystelle
Question: i am regularly constipated for 6 months now.i had used skillax laxative drops for constipation but now they had stopped working.home remedies doesn't work for me. what's wrong with my system?please help. doctors please answer. i am 16 yrs old female.
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Jeannie Jeannie | 4 days ago
Don't depend on laxatives. Improve your routine- Adequate sleep. Healthy diet with protein and fiber. Plenty of water daily. Daily exercises in the morning. If it persists, get a check up to find the cause and treat it. At your age you should not have this problem if you follow all the above given advices. All the best!
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Jeannie Originally Answered: I live in Dalian, China. my cat needs a Doctor badly due to constipation. NO VETS HERE. What can i do?
Hi If your cat is blocked it is a big problem and needs vets attention For constipation you can give some mineral oil/other oils or 1/4 tab of a laxative that has ingredients something similar to this http://www.patient-pharmacy.co.uk/detail... Please look to feed canned foods instead of dry to prevent this from happening again

Fawna Fawna
Your body has developed a tolerance to the drops. This is bad to use so much for such a young person! You should tell your doctor in person.Can you make an apt. today? For now you can change your diet- eat lots of fiber! It will work has been tested on thousands of people! I use prune juice also 1 glass daily- healthy for you. You really need to get OFF the laxatives - they are NOT good for your body for long term use! Unless you have some other serious problem and a doctor has prescribed them for you! ALL MEDICATIONS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS- EVEN OVER THE COUNTER ONES!
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Cornelia Cornelia
Ideally, the best approach is to drink extra fluids each day, attempt to go at fixed intervals even if you don't have the urge, increase physical activity such as walking if you are not getting regular exercise, increase fiber in the foods you eat, and take a calcium/magnesium supplement once or twice a day. If these things don't work, then thesafest treatment for long-term use is a psyllium-based fiber supplement, and if psyllium (Metamucil is one brand name) is still not enough, polyethylene glycol (Miralax is one brand name) is often effective.
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Beta Beta
I am not a doctor, but you might find this website helpful: http://www.natural-homeremedies.com/home... On this website you can find the symptoms of constipation, the causes and helpful home remedies. Good luck!
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Agatha Agatha
Ridhima, you should take Tablet Bisacodyl , thrice a day with water.... avoid milk, coffee, tea, alchohal, if you use to take that. And try to do exercise. Its a cure. If not cure in one day, then again post your complaint....i will change the drug
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Agatha Originally Answered: Calling All Doctors Know Anything About this?
This info is taken from my own website that was set up just recently. My husband has Lupus (SLE) and we nearly lost him two years ago to this disease. Lupus is a chronic, long-lasting autoimmune disease. For reasons unknown the immune system, becomes hyperactive and attacks normal tissue and/or organs. The attack can result in inflammation and bring about various, sometimes non-specific symptoms. Lupus is a disease that can affect many parts of the body. Everyone reacts differently, and no two peoples symptoms are identical. One person with lupus may have joint aches & pains, and suffer with a fever. Another person may be tired all the time or have kidney trouble. Someone else may have rashes. Lupus can involve the joints, the skin, the kidneys, the lungs, the heart and/or the brain. If you have lupus, it may affect two or three parts of your body. The good news is that you can get help and fight lupus. Learning about it is the first step. Ask questions. Talk to your doctor, family, and friends. People who look for answers are more likely to find them. Regarding Anna Nicole Smith, they say that she had Lupus, but that it isn't what killed her. I hope that this helps.

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