does the atkins diet work for "getting ripped"?

does the atkins diet work for "getting ripped"? Topic: does the atkins diet work for "getting ripped"?
September 23, 2019 / By Coleen
Question: I'd like to get my body fat percentage down to 8%, I think i'm at like 12% right now..maybe 11%..would this help for getting ripped so my muscles show more? thanx
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Belynda Belynda | 9 days ago
Atkins is on the right track, but is not quite the best solution. Modifying Atkins to become targeted carbohydrate diet, is the key. You will want to limit your food intake to protein and fat at all times unless you are planning to start intense exercise. This exercise MUST be intense, whether it's weightlifting, HIIT, sprints, etc... Do NOT use this protocol for strictly endurance exercise as you do not need the carbs for endurance work. 15 minutes before exercise, you are allowed an apple. Once you start exercising, you can sip on a Gatorade type drink. Post-workout you want to ingest a specific post-workout drink. Try Biotest Surge at the source link below. On a non-workout day you should limit your carbs to 70 grams or less. The carbs you do eat should be veggies and other low glycemic index foods. You can probably sustain this type of eating for months, or as long as you are losing weight. Two important points: 1) If you eat targeted carbs but you're not losing weight, you're still eating too many calories. To efficiently diet, you should keep a food log and record total calories, fat, and carbs that you eat each day. 2) When you come off this diet, you just jump back into full-time carbs again. No one should really be eating more than 150-200 gram of carbs in a day anyway. Check out the source link below for many articles about conditioning and nutrition. Also consider picking up a 100% acai supplement to facilitate weight loss and keep your body healthy. I use Extreme Acai, of which you can get a free trial at the second source link below.
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Belynda Originally Answered: Does the Atkins Diet actually work ?
Cynthia, save your money if you really want to lose weight go try the Paleo or Primal diet. Its free and you don't have to pay for special foods. Diets are meant to make you fail, that's how companies make money. I have been on the paleo diet for one year and have lost over 120lbs, you can google paleo or primal diets to find out more info. Basically I gave up sugar, carbs, grains and pastas, it's the best thing I have ever done. You can look up free recipes on the net or on Pintrest with a free account!

Adriane Adriane
I can say from personal experience that I tried Atkins a few years ago and lost 30 pounds in about 6 months. I did see a big difference in muscle tone and that was without adding in additional exercise. Whether it works that way for all, I can't say, but it did for me.
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Tex Tex
in order to get ripped you have to work out. you can be as skinny as possible and not really have any muscle to show. to get ripped you need to exersice and work out. lift weights, that is good for getting ripped and toned. what do you want abbs? 6 pack? well find a local gym and workout like 3 or 4 days a week for about an hour or hour and a half a day and you will see the results you want fast.
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Placid Placid
I loss 20 pound in 1 month with the Alli Program, it's really work and I only run 30 minutes each day.
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Mahlon Mahlon
You should really check out Kyle Leon’s Gain Muscle Program, it's the best muscle building program in the recent times. It's a MS Excel based application which utilises a lot of data related to the user’s specific body type, in order to help him/her create an ideal nutrition plan for his/her unique body type. It also synchronises and customises every user’s individual training program, in line with his/her daily nutrition needs, thereby ensuring that he/she is able to develop muscle mass in a safe manner and free of fats. I packed 20 lbs of lean muscle in one month and a half by doing his program. Check out his video at http://www.maxmusclefast.com to learn how it works. You will gain lean muscle mass as quickly as humanly possible. Good luck!
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Jem Jem
For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDG1o Atkins... take a look. Proteins and fats - meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and green salad. And if you stay on this, you feel a lot better too - speaking of psychology.
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Gemini Gemini
If you can't lose your excess weight, if it often come back these further pounds and you do not know what to do? – don’t desperate simply because is a way to solve this undesirable difficulty. let the science and the good meals work for you and you will achieve that waste of pounds that you often wanted and need to have it.
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Diggory Diggory
No, it won't you have to learn about real nutrition and don't got for those "hollywood diet" things. Make your own for good results or follow instructions on sites that actually tell you how to get muscles menshealth.com mesnfitness.com bodybuilding.com muscleandfitness.com
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Diggory Originally Answered: Does atkins foods work?
I do basically an Atkins-style diet but I would not touch those processed Atkins foods at all. The REAL Atkins diet consists of eating real foods -- meat, dairy, vegetables, nuts. NOT crap in a box or wrapper. Dr. Atkins died about 9 years ago. He left behind this company that has changed ownership since then. The company's goal is to make money by selling you processed food. That's not the way to eat. The point of an Atkins diet is to minimize carbohydrate intake. Don't be fooled by the name, all those Atkins Company foods have plenty of carbohydrates. They do not conform to an Atkins diet. Since a commenter below mentions the net carbs issue -- Some people think you can subtract fiber grams and sugar alcohol grams. This is a debatable area. PROBABLY, you can ignore fiber but YOU CANNOT ASSUME you can ignore SUGAR ALCOHOLS. Some of these substances have almost the same impact as table sugar, and some are more inert (there are various ones). Atkins company tends to use the worst forms of sugar alcohol and market them as if they have no effect on you. You have to be careful with them. The most careful low-carbers don't touch the stuff. In the end, these sorts of carbs affect different people in different ways, it's highly individual. You can't make blanket assurances.

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