A question about healthy food?

A question about healthy food? Topic: A question about healthy food?
November 23, 2019 / By Kerenza
Question: Does anyone know of a food which keeps you full for a long time, is low in calories and can be used as part of a long-term diet not just a few months? Thanks! Xxxx
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Jaclyn Jaclyn | 6 days ago
protein shakes (especially with ice, gives you added hydration and ice keeps you full longer) or a lower calorie protein bar -vegetables...most have virtually no calories and they're much denser than fruits -fish, lean chicken...lean meats -ice -water -plain unflavored oatmeal -yogurt -soups food is really just like any other vice (ex: smoking, drinking, drugs) u see...at first when you change your diet...ur body will protest, it's gonna be really mad but then if you stick to your diet for more than a week or so you're body gets used to it and will stop protesting and then you can make a perminent healthy change. if you find that you don't like a lot of bland or natural foods don't worry about that either...keep eating it and you'll eventually develop a taste for them...some foods of course you'll never like no matter what but don't be afraid to give things a try..and more than once the only thing i don't like anymore is pickles, i still can't stand them
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Jaclyn Originally Answered: question about healthy food 2?
Jaclyn Originally Answered: question about healthy food 2?
1. It doesn't taste good a lot of the time and it takes so long to prepare. Sometimes healthy food is boring. 2. I think that people love ethnic foods like Italian, Chinese, and Mexican. I love all three put Italian foods (like Pizza and Lasagna) are my favorites. 3. Healthy food is just that. It's healthy for you. It has vitamins, nutrients, carbs and proteins that we need for good health. It isn't loaded with sugar, excess calories, and fat.

Emelia Emelia
Top Ten 1. Garlic - useful in many ways, high in vitamin B6 2. Asparagus - a non-starchy vegetable 3. Cabbage - great to use in a soup as a filler 4. Kale - high in calcium and it's easy to grow 5. Green beans - another non-starchy vegetable that keeps you full 6. Bell peppers - they're both sweet tasting and non-starchy 7. Summer squash (like zucchini) - easy to cook, taste great and give you that full feeling 8. Whole grain breads - rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, protein, dietary minerals and vitamins 9. Chicken - high in protein, fairly lean meat 10. Salmon - high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D
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Christin Christin
I would definitely recommend oatmeal for breakfast. Whenever I eat it I'm not hungry again for a long time. I like putting a mashed up banana and some frozen blueberries in it. Or peanut butter and maple syrup. mix it up so you don't get bored, there are so many variations! XO Liv
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Christin Originally Answered: Question for "really healthy" people, Do you ever feel the "urge" to eat bad food?
I eat really healthy, but I do get signals from my body, or urges, to eat certain things. Most of the time though it's not a specific craving for an unhealthy item so much as it's an urge for a general item that contains fat, salt, or sugar. So when I crave fats I have cashews or avocado. For sweets I get vegan ice cream or soy pudding. And for salty, I usually have chips and salsa (sometimes with "teese" on it). I feel like I've changed my diet significantly enough that even my "junk food" is still pretty healthy. After being vegetarian and then vegan for a while, I just stopped craving the stuff that was loaded with sodium (up to 1,000 or more mg) or tons of sugar per serving. Even now when I have vegan ice cream, I only have 1/2 cup. I never eat a whole pint anymore - it's too much. When I get those urges, I give in to them. But I don't have a lot. Don't binge. My best advice is to take out the amount you want and put the container back. That way you aren't eating and then suddenly are scrapping the bottom of the empty bag/box/container. If you want something sweet but don't want the "junk food' option, then try something like soy yogurt, applesauce, peanut butter & jam, etc. rather than cookies, ice cream, cake, etc. If it still doesn't satisfy you, then have a small amount of the thing you really want. Try and find the lesser of evils :)

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