Do cats get constipated?

Do cats get constipated? Topic: Do cats get constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Kaycee
Question: When I came home from work this morning I changed my kittens water, dolled out his daily food, and cleaned up his litter box, all of which made him very pleased. But then as I sat on the couch perusing a newspaper and drinking a beer he started meowing. I looked up from the paper, and he was in his little box just meowing away, looking at me. Was he constipated? Well, damn guys, now I'm actually concerned. I just figured he was chatty. He goes to the vet on Tuesday for his second booster, and I'm supposed to bring some poop, should I bring a pee clump too?
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Honey Honey | 2 days ago
Did he do anything in the clean litter? Since you had just cleaned it, you should have been able to see if he peed or pooped. A problem with either of these could cause the "painful" meowing! If he just "dribbled", instead of making a big round wet spot, he may have a UTI (urinary tract infection), which makes peeing VERY painful. If he pooped HARD poop, or if you haven't seen any poop for a day or two, then he could be constipated. The longer the fecal matter stays in the colon, the drier, and more painful to eliminate, it gets, and soon he'll start putting off going in his litter box....which is another problem! If his poop is really hard, and difficult to pass, give him a small bowl of milk. Cow milk gives most cats diarrhea, so if he's not "going", a little milk may "loosen" him up. Also, you can help constipation by introducing more FIBER into his diet. Otherwise, I'd say......a visit to the vet for tests ( UTI and fecal ) are indicated.....asap. Hope this helps.......and your little boy feels better soon. Good luck!
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Honey Originally Answered: Milk for cats?
They were outdoor cats and obviously had a water source somewhere. I saw your answer to the other question. As I answered that same question, animals who grow to adulthood having milk on a regular basis have an easier time digesting it. This also goes for people. Adult mammals really do not have GI tracts made for milk. Milk is meant for the young. Most people grow up drinking milk, so their GI tracts tolerate it pretty well, but some people cannot drink it. As for cats, cow's milk has NO nutritional value at all for them. A cat who has not grown drinking milk regularly can have some serious GI upset if he is given milk. People who have ever tried to raise an orphan kitten on cow's milk will know, kitten's cannot live on it. They MUST have kitten formula.

Edda Edda
the cat could of been constipated. how old is the cat? if the cats older i would fear that there maybe other serious issues going on. whatever you dont give them anything to loosen his stool call the vet if this keeps going on. did you check the pan?? if the cat has crystals in its urine it will act as if its trying to urinated and cry while in the pan. be a good parent and pay close attention to whats going on in that litter pan right now. good luck and dont be afraid to call the vet for advice.
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Chantelle Chantelle
The behavior you describe is more likely a urinary tract infection, which can be quite painful, and serious, especially in male cats. It can lead to bloody, dark urine, peeing outside the box, straining to pee, peeing just a little, etc. Constipation can happen, too, but it sounds more like urinary tract
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Anstey Anstey
He may have been, lots of cats get bladder problems, I advise taking him strait to the vet, my cat had that problem recentley and nearly died from it so take it to the vet before it gets really, really, really sick
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Zach Zach
it's either not enough kitty litter in the box. or he could be constipated this could happen if you let your cat eat dryfood all the time. try feeding him wet food or can cat food. the dryfood can damage cat's teeth and their kidneys if they eat it constantly
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Zach Originally Answered: Can cats eat cranberries?
Cats won't eat cranberries if you try and give them some. I have never heard of a cat in the wild hunting for cranberries. That being said, Blue Buffalo is one product that has cranberries in their formula. Read the labels on cat food. I am sure other brands have it also. It is advertised to help a cats urinary health. The best thing you can do for a cat that gets a UTI or worse, form crystals in the urine and has blockage, it to get more fluid in your cat. Feed your cat canned cat food and add water to make the food mushy. Cats have a very low thirst drive and therefore have very concentrated urine.

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