what is the best thing to eat when constipated?

what is the best thing to eat when constipated? Topic: what is the best thing to eat when constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Karlee
Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 days I have been constipated. It feels like I got to go to the bathroom but when i try it doesn't want to come out! lol....What can I eat to get things flowing more faster??
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Harrietta Harrietta | 3 days ago
Fiber... LOTS of it.. Stay hydrated.. as in 8 glasses of water a day.. Getting dehydrated is the leading cause of constipation!
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Donelle Donelle
I know exactly how you feel.I am also 10 weeks. I woke up this morning with a stomach ache because I have also been constipated the last 2 days. This morning I drank a glass of apple juice and drank a bottle of water on top of it and I went and walked and it helped. I finally had a bowel movement. You can also take Metamucil or Benefiber if you want. Just follow the directions on the bottle. I have also found that eating applesauce or cereals with fiber in them help. If you drink a lot of milk you might want to cut down on that for a couple of days. Also walk a little each day, this helps the bowels to start moving. Good luck.
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Caryn Caryn
Lots of fibre and water-exercise can also help like walking. If you JUST have fibre with not enough of your daily water intake then this may make you more constipated-Try having some processed bran in the morning for breakfast or adding some wheatgerm to your breaky OR you could add a teaspoon of psyllium husks to a smoothie or some juice each morning.
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Anima Anima
The best thing for constipation is water, drink lots, spend a day drinking nothing but water so no tea, coffee, soda etc just water. Eat plenty of water fruit as well and cut out binding foods like bread, pasta, rice and meat that day as well. Hopefully that will get things moving!
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Wilmer Wilmer
Recommending fruit and veggies- preferably in raw condition. You can also ask if something like Colace ( stool softener) is safe during pregnancy. I had to get my prenatal Vit seperated, meaning that i could not tolerate taking the iron supplement in it on a daily basis ( caused stomach upset and constipation for me) See if that is an option.
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