My 34 month old is severely constipated. Anyone have any thing I can try that I have not tried already?

My 34 month old is severely constipated. Anyone have any thing I can try that I have not tried already? Topic: My 34 month old is severely constipated. Anyone have any thing I can try that I have not tried already?
September 17, 2019 / By Frannie
Question: My daughter will be 3 in November and is servery constipated. She is taking one capful of Mira-lax once per day, and that isn't even helping her anymore. She is a very picky eater which makes it hard for her father and I to give her any veggies or things that would help her move her bowels regularly. We just started her on Activa-Yogurt hoping that it will help. Everything she does eat (example Macaroni) we buy hole-grain versions. She drinks soy milk with added fiber in it. Has anyone else been in this situation with any other tips I could possibly try? She cannot be potty trained because she screams "It hurts!" on the potty, and poor thing I'm sure it does! Anything will help I am really at a loss of what to do in this situation. Thank Guys for Trying to Help Some Pretty-Stressed Out Parents, Paige I have told her doctor a few times that I think she needed to see a GI-specailist and was told that until December (december marks the one year anniversity of constipation land) that she was only then considered cronically constipated and needed to a GI. Should I maybe push harder and say No, we need to go NOW? Her doctor was also the one who told us to start on the mira-lax and to get her off of cow's milk and onto the Soy (because too much Calcium also can constipate)
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Darcy Darcy | 8 days ago
I had some major issues with my son until about a month ago (he will be 4 in December). He was on Miralax and a ridiculously high fiber diet and could still hold it for three or four days. When he had to go he would roll around on the floor and do anything to not go. Then he would finally ask for a diaper and could only seem to go standing up. Then my pediatrician casually mentioned flaxseed oil. I bought some and sprinkled it on his food and have not had an issue since. I didn't even have to use a whole lot. It seemed to make it a lot easier for him to go and he goes on the potty all the time now. I feel for you....I know how frustrating it can be. Best of luck to you!
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Darcy Originally Answered: I am anorexic and am severely constipated! PLEASE HELP!?
first off eat a damn sandwich and second try the activia yogurt its suppose to help. or get a bowl of colon blow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaUogmewRyc you wont have to worry about gaining weight hell youll be lucky to have any bones left after that one

Brandie Brandie
Have you had her evaluated by a doctor? The reason I ask is because I just had a baby with something called a sacrococcygeal teratoma. Basically it is a super tumor attached to the tailbone. Since this is the case, I am sorta super tuned to parents who say their kids are expereincing severe constipation. Constipation that interferes with things like toliet training, can be a symptom of something more serious and if I were in your place, I would want to be looking at a digital exam and an MRI even if your doctor doesn't think it is in necessary. I would find one who will at least entertain the possibility. And what has your daughter been telling you? Does she seem uncomfortable when she tries to sit, particularly in her car seat? Does she favor certain positions when she sleeps, finding others too uncomfortable? Does she walk kind of tippy toed at times or often? Her pickiness may not be to foods that she doesn't like, but rather foods that make her uncomfortable. If she says she doesn't like it, it might not mean she doesn't like the taste, but the way they might make her feel when she eats them. And Miralax can just make some kids feel really full. Good luck. EDIT-Yes, if she has been having problems this long, then I would DEFINITELY get her seen by a specialist...it's just way too long to be put off. Get aggressive. And let me know what you find out. I do take e-mail. Just want to know she's ok ;-)
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Aleen Aleen
If you haven't discussed this with your pediatrician, you need to schedule an appointment to do so immediately. If he hasn't suggested the laxative usage, you shouldnt be using it because your daughters system will become dependent on it which it may have already. You might also want to talk to a dietician to see if she can help you develop an eating plan for your daughter. Fresh Fruit. Grapes are good; apples are good-skin on if possible (even if she eats them with some fat free caramel). Bananas. Fresh pineapple (takes a whole lot better than canned, but canned will work). Mangos. Kiwi fruit. Plums. Pears. Peaches. Take her to the grocery store with you so that she can help pick out what she wants. Serve the fruit with little fruit forks or on a special plate that you've let her pick out and can only use when eating fruit. Canned fruit. Not a good, but a helpful solution to your problem. Pears. Peaches. Pineapple. Applesauce. Fruit Juice. Apple Juice, Pear Juice, Pineapple Juice. Serve ice cold. Buy a new sippy cup for the purpose of drinking juice. Let it only be for juice. Prunes. My kids really like prunes. You can buy the individually wrapped ones. They're really sweet and you can probably trick her into thinking that it's candy. Raisins. Oatmeal-Raisin breakfast cookies. Found in the ceral isle. Flavored oatmeal. Cheerios have lots of fiber and most kids like Cheerios. You could try (I wouldn't every day) giving her some warm decaffeniated coffee (like you would drink) with some sugar and maybe some milk added. This WILL stimulate her bowels. She'll probably drink it since its coffee. As for vegetables, carrots, celery, tomatoes, etc. Dip into ranch dressing. Sweet Potatoes are good (baked or as fries--slice long ways, drizzle with oil and bake in the oven-turning once to get them crisp). Let her dip her chicken or fish into catsup. Anything to get her eating. If your daughter is scared to go to the bathroom because it will hurt, she's going to hold it, which will only make the constipation worse. And, you've already got a huge problem on your hands. Good luck to you!
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Triston Triston
My daughter drinks prune juice everyday and this works well for us, I always give her a salty snack with it to make it taste better. Also, try to give her lower fat foods, high fat foods can make it worse. She should drink a lot of water too. The more fresh fruits and veggies the better. Hope that helps!
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Triston Originally Answered: 5 month old very constipated, what can i do for her?
Warm water, if she'll take it, will help soften her up just by being absorbed by the poop as it digests. Mixing 3/4 warm water with 1/4 prune or apple juice is not unsafe or unhealthy by any means, at least not a couple of times a day. This is what we finally did with our son to avoid medications and invasive treatments and it worked well for him. It turned out that he just had to get on a new schedule with digestion and has gone through many changes with this as he's grown older and started eating different foods during different phases. Formula, however, was the WORST. You can dilute the bottles a bit but she still needs to get the proper minimum amount for nutrition so she may have to take more bottles a day - if that makes sense... It would, however, give her body an easier time digesting the formula if that is, in fact, the problem for her. Definitely keeping her liquefied, if you know what I mean, is the only real solution. We went all natural and got organic juices when we bought prepared juice, and I spent a lot of time with our juicer and our kitchen making our own juice for the water/juice combos and the full strength shots of juice when needed - the problem with the sugars is the REFINED sugars, not the natural sugars in the fruits. It's the processing that screws it all up. Making your own is perfectly safe and you can give her as much as you feel she needs without a problem. In the meantime, you can give her warm baths and gently massage her tummy around her belly button to try to help loosen her up a bit and give her some relief. That always worked well to give some instant relief to our little boy. Help her with her poops (since you pretty much know when she's going by the crying) by helping to support her so that she's not sitting directly on her butt - the poop's having enough trouble coming out, that pressure isn't helping. If she'll let you hold her and cradle her with her butt sort of in a hole in your arms, like our butt on a toilet, that could help a lot. I did this a few times with my son and while it was unnatural for him to poop while being held (he always wanted to go hide to poop, even when he was just creeping around) he was so miserable that he wouldn't argue about it and would just lie in my arms and let me talk him through his poops. Isn't that kind of gross? Sure hope she's feeling better soon and hope the formula works out - changing a lot is a pain, but it's necessary to find what is right for your little one. A little encouragement: you've only got half a year or so to go before you can start giving her cow's milk, and all our baby's problems with constipation/spit up/etc. almost immediately disappeared when he was off the formula. **OH - btw - you can save the puree from the juicer (if you decide to go that route) and put in just a tad of natural organic sugar (not the refined stuff) or even leave it plain, it should be sweet enough for her new taste buds...and feed her the applesauce as a snack... My son loved this and would eat it fresh and plain with nothing added, but sometimes, depending on season, the apples can be a bit bitter or tart (one extreme to the other) depending on where you are. Just a thought to pass on... :-)

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