How much would some one loose on a no carb diet?

How much would some one loose on a no carb diet? Topic: How much would some one loose on a no carb diet?
October 18, 2019 / By Dominica
Question: Its part of my health project, ets say an 18 year old female 5 ft to 5 ft 4 inch didnt eat any carbs for exactly 70 days. How much body fat would she loose or dress sizes?
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Carreen Carreen | 10 days ago
Humm - low-carb diets (Atkins) work very well - and young people tend to lose weight very well. How much your test subject would lose depends on how fat she was. By 18 years old, eating MacDonald's food, a girl could weigh 300 lbs - it happens! So once you get on Atkins and stop eating the junk, a person could lose 45 to 60 lbs in that 70 days. It would be a real good beginning for her. The fatter you are - the more sugar you ate - the quicker you tend to lose weight when you do low-carb diets. But the very best one is NO-carb diet (or under 20 grams of carbohydrate/day - that's the Atkins). If she's normal weight when she does Atkins, then she might not lose any weight - or she might actually gain a little if she underweight. What you eat on low-carb diets is real food - good fats, lots of protein - and it tends to normalize the body. Your body wasn't built to be a tub of lard - it's MacDonald's garbage which turns normal bodies into tubs of lard. Once you quit the junk, your normal health returns.
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Carreen Originally Answered: Low Carb diet.how do you get past the sugar/carb withdraws?
I don't think low carbis unhealthy. I am currently on a "bodybuilders" type low carb diet that actually rotates my carbs...regularly (about 4 days) I eat between 40-50 grams of carbs and the 5th day I eat around 100 grams. Knowing I can have oatmeal or a piece of toast in a few ays keeps me from cheating. I still get cravings occasionally and I keep them at bay with other rewards for not cheating...a bubble bath, tanning sessions, manicure, even something simple like new make up, lip gloss or nailpolish keep me on track. If I stray, I just hop back on the bandwagon. I'm not a fan of "cheat meals" like some people are. I AM a fan of cheat items...once only, and in moderation...and NO MORE than 1x per week. Good luck and stay on track. Think of all the good things that will come and try to keep up the will power.
Carreen Originally Answered: Low Carb diet.how do you get past the sugar/carb withdraws?
lady please dont bother with the low carb, i went on it on and off, my heart is stuffed from it now

Angelique Angelique
First, it's "lose" not "loose" Loose is what your dresses will be after you lose the wt ;-) I did Atkins 20 yrs ago "by the book" and lost exactly 30 lbs in 6 weeks. (I'm male, so no dress sizes) However... there's no way to know if it was body fat or muscle or a combination of both. the problem of any rapid food-only diet is you risk losing muscle mass as well as fat - that's why exercise is important.
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William William
That makes no sense to me. If the 18 year old female sat on the couch and watched TV all day, she wouldn't lose as much fat as she would if she were up moving around and walking and exercising. Even just standing on her feet, she would lose more than being a couch potato. Besides that, no two girls of any age have the same metabolism.
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William Originally Answered: What to eat while taking Metformin? low calorie diet vs. low carb diet?
Well, the cereal isn't going to help you with weight loss. It will convert into sugar (glucose), then be absorbed into your cells. Then if not used, it converts to FAT. Cut out all forms of sugar and all wheat (grain) products. If an ingredient says sugar, or some sort of syrup, or anything that ends in -ose, or Maltitol, don't eat it or drink it. Also, not all carbs are the same. Some carbs in the form of fiber don't usually count. It's the net carbs you have to worry about. Eat a medium glycemic index food that has high protein and low fat. A low carb diet will work best. Low calorie might not be the best choice. Low carb can be veggies, fruit, etc. High protein can be nuts instead of meat. Fish or chicken is healthier than beef or pork.

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