SLE [[lupus]] and the sunlightt.?

SLE [[lupus]] and the sunlightt.? Topic: SLE [[lupus]] and the sunlightt.?
December 13, 2019 / By Dana
Question: i have SLE [[the internal form of lupus]] and i was wondering, because i hear alot of people say i can't go out in the sun... but my doctor said as long as i use sunscreen i should be fine, since mine isnt the dermatology [[spelling?]] kind... soo i just wanted to know if anyone on here knows someone or actually has SLE and if they go out and the sun, does it make their symptoms worse? thankyou soo much!
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Bobbi Bobbi | 9 days ago
You need to use sunscreen over your entire body, the highest that you can obtain. They make some especially for Lupus patients that you can find in the Lupus NOW! Magazine, available through Lupus.org website. The reason you want to avoid UVA and UVB rays is because they break down cells at the DNA level, causing an immuno response in your body as the immune system trys to repair the cells. This is why sunlight causes Lupus flares due to this immuno response. The last thing you want to do if you have Lupus is to trigger your immune system. This is more important for Systemic Lupus (the kind you have) than it is for Discoid Lupus (Lupus of the skin). In Discoid Lupus the sun will irritate the rash but it will not cause any problems with the internal organs/joints. Since you have Systemic Lupus it is more important for you to avoid UVA and UVB rays. I hope this helps you.
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Bobbi Originally Answered: Lupus.one Dr. says YES, the other says maybe?
Lupus is very difficult to diagnose. It's not easy as 123. There is not a definitive test that can accurately diagnose the disease. Blood tests are not definitive of a lupus diagnosis.. they're only pieces of this puzzle. Lupus is a great imitator which is why it's important to have all other diseases/syndromes ruled out FIRST, once everything else is cleared and you still have symptoms, look at lupus. A positive RH factor refers to your blood type- A+, O+, etc. Do you mean a positive rheumatoid factor? A positive ANA is a piece of the overall puzzle but a small piece. A certain percentage of the population has a positive ANA and has no health problems, while you can have a negative ANA and still have lupus. More important tests are sed rate, crp, complements, autoantibodies, etc. You need to see a rheumatologist and allow him to figure this out. No other type of doctor really understands lupus and all that it entails (which is a lot!) which you're experiencing right now- with 2 different opinions. You also do not want to use certain types of medications without the right doctor watching over you. Medications for lupus affect your immune system (lupus is an overacti ve immune system so drugs are needed to slow it down) and are serious with potentionally life altering side effects. It's very common for a diagnosis to take time. In fact, it's also common to see multiple doctors until you get the right diagnosis, I was diagnosed quickly and it still took around a year.. that was 13 years ago. I'm now 33.. it's been a long 13 years. If you contact me privately, I can send you some very helpful lupus information. It's important for your health, that you keep your mind open (to other diseases) yet press your doctors for answers. One of the best things you can do right now is to keep a health diary- note everything- how you slept, what you ate, how's the weather, did you exercise? what medications/vitamins did you take?, etc, etc. Note everything! Over time, you'll see a pattern. This diary will help your doctors get a better picture of what's going on with you. It's late so I hope this makes sense. Stay positive and contact me offline if you want to chat.

Alana Alana
I have SLE and yes, the sun kinda bothers me. I get a raised bumpy rash when my skin is exposed to the summer sun for about 30 minutes, however if I wear good sunscreen (like SPF 30 or 45), then I don't get the rash at all. I have to reapply quite a bit...I can feel the rash starting when the sunscreen starts to wear off. I still go to the beach in the summer, I just sit under an unbrella on the sand and use the sunscreen when I go in the water. I also have a dorky hat I wear when going to a baseball game or something like that. ALSO, yes the sun and heat seem to aggravate the internal non-skin kind of lupus. I get really pooped after being outside in the sun and have to rest a lot. I lived in California for a year and was exhausted the entire summer. My husband wondered why I was so lazy all the time. After being diagnosed with Lupus I think it was due to all those sunny days.
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Travers Travers
I have SLE, and no the only thing is that my face and arms get a rash on them. but it is still not good. I just put on alot of sunscreen.
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Reed Reed
http://infoanswers.digs.it A very informative website you can also get much information in website
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Reed Originally Answered: What is lupus? help! ?
The majority of cases of lupus are mild to moderate. With regular monitoring by her doctor and by Following her treatment plan she sould be fine. Lupus can make you feel very tired. You can help by not asking her to overdo and by lending a hand around the house. Stress always makes lupus worse. You can be helpful there too. Go to the links the others have given you. Learn about lupus. Share what you learn with your mother. She is probably a frightened as you are. Talking about it helps. I am 60 years old and have had lupus since I was 13. There is hope.

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