Will protein mix make me gain weight quickly?

Will protein mix make me gain weight quickly? Topic: Will protein mix make me gain weight quickly?
November 23, 2019 / By Caleigh
Question: I just started using a weight gain protein mix. My goal is to gain 15 pounds ...how long should that take me?
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Alycia Alycia | 2 days ago
If you are weight training and want to gain muscle you need to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. You need to spread it out over the day as your body can only assimilate about 40 grams at a time. If you are 180 lbs trying to put on muscle you need 180 grams pf protein daily and it should be spread out evenly over 6 meals (30 grams each meal). Make sure you consume lean protein or protein mixes with very little filler. I'm a woman and I can gain up to 2 lbs of muscle in a week when I train perfect and eat perfectly and no I don't look manly at all.
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Alycia Originally Answered: What foods make you gain weight quickly?
brewing yeast. It has a lot of vitamin B, too. It will make you gain weight in a week. Either buy at pharmacies, as supplement, or in any place which specializes in brewing. Three pills a day/three tablespoons a day - depends on the product, and you are there. Good for bones and hair as well.
Alycia Originally Answered: What foods make you gain weight quickly?
Do you want to gain muscle? Then if you exercise, don't change that, maybe add some more strength training. and up your calories by 200 per week and you will eventually see some gain, but don't keep upping them, otherwise eat higher calories but health foods like rye bread and quionoa. (anyone reading this don't think that those foods make you gain if eaten in the right amounts, only if you eat more of them) good luck

Verne Verne
Protein intake doesn't have to do with weight, it has to do with how you're muscles are formed If you're going to gain weight eat a big meal every three course meal
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Rorie Rorie
well protein will only assist you in gaining muscle. and when you consume too much protein, your body simply stores it as fat. if you wanna gain weight eat lots of fatty food as they have the highest calorie count of 9 calories per gram as opposed to just 4 calories for carbohydrates and protein
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Rorie Originally Answered: Will 100% Protein Whey make you gain weight and how does this diet plan sound?
If you're just starting you will want to only do 1-2 hours of cardio and light weight lifting ( high reps low weight circuit training) and consuming 12-1500 calories is a good idea but you should still eat food and not just shakes. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables ( an apple, 2 bananas, a pear, blueberrys, strawberrys, or whatever fruit you like. Eat a salad and a granola bar for lunch and eat something small every 2 hours between breakfast,lunch and dinner. This keeps your metabolism up. You should do 2-4 hours of cardio and light weight lifting at around 5 or 6 and you should eat dinner about an hour before you work out and then eat something small and healthy plus maybe a glass of orange juice after your workout because you will still burn calories for up to 30 minutes even after you're warmed down and you're done working out. Plus this puts energy back into your body and your body won't go into starvation mode and feed on your muscle.. it will feed on your fat. Make sure to not wait too long after your workout to eat and avoid eating late a night. Also drink lots of water ( 8-11 glasses per day. I just carry around a Galleon of water in a jug and drink it throughout the day. I used to be really overweight but I started to be smart about my health and I joined the swim team and started lifting weights and running and just being really active and now I am really fit with the "swimmer's build". PROTEIN is good but stay away from soy. You want to get your vitamins and protein from food and not isolates (pills). Never drink soda or soft drinks. Soda contains Phosforic Acid which eats away at your stomach lining and turns muscle into fat. Not even diet soda. Just drink water. Losing weight takes time but if you have the will power and the determination you will be very successful. Hope this helped.

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