Low carb diet question?

Low carb diet question? Topic: Low carb diet question?
January 22, 2020 / By Bessy
Question: So I started a low carb diet yesterday. I know that when on a low carb diet, ur protein, carb and fat intake are supposed to be around a certain percentage..Today I logged all my food into this app I have on my phone and it says that my protein is 48%, my carb is 21% and my fats is 32%. Is that ok for a low carb diet? I mean, I know that most of the carbs came from my fruits that I had in the morning, and the organic granola that went with it but I just want to make sure that I am on the right track
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Afton Afton | 6 days ago
No, that's not a good ratio. It's too much protein. ALSO too many carbs for a "low-carb" diet. It's lower carb than average -- and that may in fact help you lose weight, but really the benefits of a low-carb diet come when you get carbs below 10% or so of calories. Traditionally "low-carb" diets look to get down to 20 or 30 grams of carbs per day. You also need more fat and less protein. A low-carb diet is a high-fat diet. If you don't follow that rule, you'd fail. because a "high-protein" diet is not a sustainable human diet. I don't have to tell you, you just won't stick with it. If you're afraid to eat fat, don't waste your time trying to eat low carb. A better ratio might be something like 60-70% fat, 20 - 30% protein, and 10% carbs. (By the way I assume you refer to percent of calories, not grams. My ratios refer to calories.)
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Afton Originally Answered: Low carb diet question 2?
The mentality that fat makes you fat. it only makes you fat in combination with carbs. One tip. for your height you should only eat 7-8 oz of meat at each mean (3x daily) according to the atkins protien require ment. you body can turn excess protien into glucose (like sugar and carbs) and slow down your wieght loss. remember: 80% fat, eat required protien, eat recomended carbs. :P and those that still bang on about heart disease... blah blah blah. read some new research. carbs create more heart problems than fat. the ONLY fat you should eat little of is trans fat. everything else is GOOD for you. PLUS after you loose your main weight you can increase the carb content and reintroduce FRUITS and STARCHES. Please, hop on the site and read everything.
Afton Originally Answered: Low carb diet question 2?
I have no idea anybody who has long gone on a low-carb nutrition and feature it rationale diabetes. It has continuously been the reverse, all people I recognize with diabetes have long gone low-carb to move off treatment or no less than largely cut down it. I am insulin resistant and I use a low-carb nutrition to aid me drop a few pounds. It's the one factor that has labored. My simplest inspiration to you is move on your healthcare professional. There are many signs like Type two which are additionally the equal signs for different ailments.

Tiarnan Tiarnan
You need carbs but the right kind of carbs. It's the processed wheat in the mainstream which is the problem. This includes the average pasta, breads and even some potatoes. We don't eat like Asians who have small quantities of food at a time. We tend to eat large portions which result in the bloated puffy bellies we carry around. You can eat bread however consider breads by Ezekiel 4:9 and sprouted wheat or spelt bread which is healthy. (read into Sprouted foods). Make some breads too! Keep your aim to be an increase in eating healthily not plastic which is more damaging to your body in the long run e.g. low fat plastic cheese and even 1% milk. It's not healthy for you AT ALL! Hope this helps!
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Radley Radley
For a low-carb diet that is incredibly high. You should reduce that a little more if you're looking to shed pounds faster. Have you tried paleolithic diets? I think it's going to fit you very well. It's the best high-protein, low-carb diet I have ever tried. Thought I'd share a little bit.
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Radley Originally Answered: Low Carb Diet Question?
Those are great questions, and I don't have time to answer them all. Actually you should post multiple questions, you don't have to cram them all into one post. A lot of people find low-carb works well for them, and there are very fundamental reason for it. There's nothing wrong with ketosis -- no it does not fill your body with toxins (that's silly, it's a natural body process to burn fat). The only problem is that a lot of people find it hard to achieve. For ketosis, yes you have to eat fat. Fat MUST be the majority of your calories. If you eat more than a modest amount of protein, and more than a very few carbs, you won't go into ketosis. Both carbs and protein stimulate the release of insulin, and any insulin will knock you flat out of ketosis. BUT -- you don't have to be in full-blown ketosis. Eating low carb can still work well even if you don't happen to get as far as the state of ketosis. Very low carb, moderate protein ... you must get energy from somewhere. Low carb does not mean starving. So yes you must eat fat. There's nothing wrong with eating fat, and it's been a horrible mistake for public health authorities to push the idea that there is (the result of their efforts -- obesity and diabetes at record rates). The idea is based on junk science and politics, it's never been scientifically sound. Americans eat less fat today than 30 years ago, have swapped in more carbs instead, and gotten fatter and fatter. And in fact you simply cannot live on a diet of lean protein. You can't eat a low-carb, low-fat, high protein diet. It makes people feel bad and no one sticks with it. So please, you need to proudly embrace this: like me, you are on a LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. In Sweden, they use the term LCHF, and it's quite popular there. Ideas for good fat intake: whole eggs, avocado, nuts (best is macadamia nuts), nut butters, butter on everything you want to but butter on, cheeses, FULL-FAT *PLAIN* yogurt, abundant use of such oils as olive oil, macadamia nut oil and avocado oil; olives. And of course meat, the fattier the cuts the better. Chicken legs and bacon are great examples. Good snacks -- deli meat, beef sticks, string cheese, plain yogurt. Don't worry about putting a bit of onions and carrots in salad. They contain sugar but very little for the amount a person actually uses. You have to eat a significant amount of those vegetables to get many carbs. Unless you're going to sit there and eat two whole onions, it's not enough to worry about. Don't count calories. The part of this people don't understand is that carbs stimulate an unnatural degree of hunger. Most people don't understand what it is to have NORMAL levels of hunger, which are muted. Eating low-carb, you spontaneously settle into to eating a lower volume of food, and you're satisfied and not obsessive. You can "eat all you want", because you don't want to overeat. *** Abdul, The only bad fat is transfats (like margarine). Also polyunsaturated seed oils are not great and best avoided. Both are unnatural (seeds are natural but it's unnatural to use an industrial steam press to squeeze useful amounts of oil from them.) If you just stick to natural foods you'll have no problems -- hence animal fat of any kind is good not bad, olive, avocado, coconut oil, butter, sour cream, etc. All of us low-carbers LOVE coconut oil. Fat does not make you fat. I realize it's hard to fully grasp because we've all been brainwashed and misled. If eating very low carbs, you could not make yourself fat by eating fats, even if you were trying to win a bet. No need to wait to try ketosis if you want to try that. You'll likely lose some weight even if you don't exercise. You won't fatten up. One caution, some people feel week or lethargic right as their bodies convert to fat burning. Don't be alarmed, It's just temporary. If you're eating fat you'll be fine.

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