Constipated for 5 days! help!?

Constipated for 5 days! help!? Topic: Constipated for 5 days! help!?
May 22, 2019 / By Bailey
Question: I dont know what to do with my 11 month old son. Ever since Wed afternoon he has not been able to do a BM. Hes been straining and its been hurting him. He can bearly take a nap, does not want table foods, only bottles. I have tried kako syrup {sp} I have tried sugar water, i have tried apple prune juice I have tried apple grape juice and i have tried regular prunes, nothing is helping . His doctor can not get him seen until Wed. I was thinking about taking him to the E.R tomorrow morning if he does not do anything tonight. Because today he had 2 things of Prunes while he was in day care while i was at work. so I want to wait to see if those kick in. and those were fed to him this morning around 8ish. Its been to long for a lil baby like him. Somethings not right. Do you guys know anything else that might help? Should I take him in? BTW He is Formula fed. Im on Wic, and They had him on Similac, well i guess the contract ended and last month they switched from Similac, To Enfamil. Do you think that has anything to do with it? BTW! I have dont the Rectal Temp like 10 Times, thinking that would work! I remember back when he was like 3 months the same thing happened but only for 1 day and the doc said take a Q-Tip and try to dig, when i did that 1 never worked. Im running out of options!
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Adaline Adaline | 9 days ago
Anytime you change formula, your baby can get constipated. With everything you've given him right now I wouldn't recommend adding anything new to his diet. Go to the pharmacy and get a pediatric Fleet enema. Warm the bottle (just float it in a warm cup of water for a few minutes) and use that. Putting him in a warm bath will also help him relax after using the fleet. This will help gently clean him out. If that does not work tonight then ER may be your next stop. If he's vomiting now there may be concern with an obstruction. If that's the case, fore go any more home treatments and just head to ER.
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Adaline Originally Answered: Constipated for 5 days!?
Take a laxative for heaven sakes. Milk of Magnesia works quickly and does not cause cramping. Get the mint flavored variety (the unflavored is horrible) and if you feel like you have to pass gas, go to the bathroom.

Taegan Taegan
We were told that for the first week, dirty diapers don't matter, just wet ones. One wet diaper for each day old for the first week (e.g. one the first day, two the second, three the third, etc.) was a positive sign. She said there are not "too many" or "too few" dirty diapers in the first week; bowel function may take a little time, but kidney function should be present. We were also told not to give juice, water or anything other than breast or formula milk for the first few months. Introducing other liquids too early can sometimes (certainly not always) lead to food allergies. Also, breast and formula have everything baby needs, except Vitamin D -- which she can get from sunlight. Gassy can be quite normal, especially if she has problems with lactose. They make formulas for colicky babies, which reduce or eliminate lactose; but those have a very different smell and texture than regular formula, and my newborn couldn't hold them down and didn't like them at all (and they are about 5 times as expensive as normal formula). If your baby seems happy other than the constipation, it probably is not an issue yet. That said, if you are genuinely concerned, do not ever hesitate to contact your doctor. Better safe than sorry.
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Peers Peers
Buy some infant suppositories..u place one in the bum for about 15 minutes and wait until baby goes poo. i am almost certain this will help him go. they are safe and VERY effective. it will be kinda messy so make sure u re ready to change on a surface that u dont mind getting a little messy. I used this with my son and it worked wonders...buy them at walmart,walgreens,target etc..good luck! p.s buy it asap,if it doesnt work within 30 mins,take him.. u can try giving him a baby enema also...get a baby syringe that u suck his nose with and put some lukewarm water in it,then lubricate the tip with the petroleum jelly nd insert it into his bottom. then squeeze gently making sure u hold the syringe upright to not get any air into his little booty and release water into his backside. lay him on the floor and wait until he goes,this has also worked for me if u cannot get to a store right now..it is also safe and many many mothers including my own have used this method if all else fails..switching formulas can definitely make your baby constipated and will take up to 2 weeks for his tummy to adjust..my baby was seriously constipated for days at end with terrible crying sessions from enfamil..i switched him to good start with comfort proteins and he went on his own the following day and has been fine ever since..im on wic also but they use good start and it is very good.contrary to belief iron in formula does not cause constipation,this is an old wives tale and many docs can reassure u this is untrue...
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Louis Louis
5 days is a little long for a baby who has had that many laxitive type foods. I used Benefiber on my son. Also, mineral oil. Just put the mineral oil in the bottle. It makes the poops just slide out. If he is that uncomfortable and is not eating well, you may want to take him in. The longer the poop stays in, the more large and hard the poop gets. All poop does is the large intestine is get water excreted from it. So the longer it stays, the less water in the poo, the harder it is to get it out. I can't believe your pediatrician doesn't have an opening until wednesday. You should change peds. and definitely make a complaint. ALL peds should have same day appts. available for emergency reasons such as yours.
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Jaylon Jaylon
Bisacodyl or Glicerin suppository for infants. You can get out of the counter on any pharmacy or drugs store. Also give your baby more water, he's being constipated because the formula, then he need to take just water more often. Try the suppository and if this doesn't work then go to the ER
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Galen Galen
If you take him to the ER one of the first things they'll do is take his temp, and most likely rectally. Like clockwork, the first thing that will probably happen is he'll poop right there on the table. So you may want to try taking his temp rectally.
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Derek Derek
You can also use a small piece of soap as a suppository - put plenty of lube on his butt, then push it in all the way, and he should do a dooey in 10-20 mins.
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Benji Benji
fleet baby lax glycerin suppositories use half of one cut lengthwise, you can find them at any pharmacy. you should see a result within 30 mins. if that works just remember to increase his fiber during the day to prevent it from happening again, especially if he drinks formula with iron, it is very constipating.
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Benji Originally Answered: Constipated for two days?
You can deal with the anal fissure in a few days (hopefully) by using hemorroid ointment (like Anusol) on the spot where it bleeds. Practising anal Kegel-exercises (flexing the anal muscles) is good for strengthening the brown-door against damage. When you know there's a big hard lump of s.h.i.t in there, best thing is to take a glycerine suppository or a soap-sliver suppository - either one will empty your butt in minutes.

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