Atkins diet question, 20 carbs per day?

Atkins diet question, 20 carbs per day? Topic: Atkins diet question, 20 carbs per day?
January 22, 2020 / By Abby
Question: ok me and my hubby are kidna starting the atkins diet, but we are a lil confused. the basic gave a lsit of sald type greens we can eat, and if we only eat 2 cups we can have a cup of some other veggie with dinner. the diet says we are aloud 20g of carbs per day.. do the carbs in the veggies count towards the 20 per day?
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Steph Steph | 7 days ago
Carbohydrates First things first, fad diets don’t work. The reason being is that fad diets almost always severely cut carbohydrate foods from the list of recommended consumption. Simply put, our brain, heart, and muscles among other vital organs ate fueled by glucose which comes from carbohydrates. When your body does not get enough carbohydrates, within a few days your body starts to produce an alternative fuel source known as ketosis. This is from the partial breakdown of fatty acids which is called ketosis. The intial weight loss is NOT fat loss but water, as the kidneys attempt to get rid of excess ketones. This causes an imbalance of chemicals in your body because your blood becomes more acidic, which can lead to potentially serious or unpleasant side effects such as headaches, bad breathe, dizziness, faintness, and fatigue. Even though you burn fat because your body is depending on more amino acids (protein) form the breakdown of lean muscle tissue, you are hurting your body in the process. So basically, while you are burning fatter you are also burning your muscles, causing them to breakdown. Another reason low-to-no carbohydrate diets are not good is that you will have lower energy levels and a shorter time to reach fatigue during exercise. So most of your workouts will be low intensity when you need to be able to alternate between low and high intensity workouts to help you burn more fat and to help keep your metabolism up. In short, carbohydrates help metabolize fat and help your brain, heart, and muscles function not just through exercise but through everyday life. It is also important for your carbohydrate to be spaced evenly throughout your meals so you can be sure that you have enough energy for what may come up during the course of your day. Keep in mind on your lower intensity days of workouts you will not need to; have as many carbohydrates because you will not be doing a lot to where you can burn them off. Carbohydrates will take up half of your daily allotted caloric intake or needs. I cannot stress enough how important carbohydrates are in your daily diet. As long as they are complex carbohydrates and not simple carbohydrates (simple carbohydrates enter your bloodstream faster and cause your insulin level to rise quickly and serve no purpose) you will be doing your body the greatest deed you could imagine. PROTEINS Diets that cut protein drastically are another form of unhealthy eating. General fatigue, muscle soreness, and overall weakness come with a low protein diet. As old cells die and new form the body protein is constantly being turned over. It takes one year; science has proven, for 98% of the atoms in your body to be replaced. In three months your body produces a new skeleton. In six weeks you produce a new liver. As new tissue is synthesized, the proteins in your muscles are being turned over as muscle is being broken down. All of these cells come from the protein you eat everyday. In order for protein synthesis to occur, an adequate amount of essential and non- essential amino acids (protein) is vital. All it takes is one of the essential amino acids to be missing and synthesis is halted. Restricted protein intake will result in protein degradation and catabolism, which is muscle breakdown. This is the reasoning behind protein taking up two parts of your daily caloric needs. fats Diets where you cut fat considerably are usually healthy. It’s the diets that cut out the unsaturated fats that are unhealthy. The four soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) are carried by fat and it cushions your kidneys, liver, and nerves. Research has shown that an extremely limited intake of unsaturated fat can lead to elevated cholesterol, which can lead to heart attacks and stroke. So I guess what I’m telling you are that fat-free diets are out. This is why the fat of your daily caloric needs is only one part. * Always follow your doctor’s orders first. I am not a licensed dietician, these are merely suggestions based on my experience and weight loss. Calorie-restricted diets The number one priority of your body is to obtain ample energy to carry on vital functions that include circulation, respiratory, and digestion. Without sufficient dietary fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, your body will break down protein in your blood, liver, pancreas, and other vital organs to maintain their function. The only time you should follow a low-calorie diet is under your doctor’s supervision. Fad diets Avoid fad dieting all together. The best way to lose weight is to work hard for it. A healthy diet should be a lifestyle, not something that can harm you. With a proper diet and workout that is designed for you, you should feel Great and reach your goal to becoming a healthier person.
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Steph Originally Answered: Hiii =]] ok, im going on a new DIET that called for NO CARBS. can you make a list of carbs for me?<3.?
Well... No carbohydrates at all? Here's the thing, It's true that the body will turn to carbohydrates first but, in the absence of carbohydrates the body will turn to protein. Proteins can be broken down by the body, sent to the liver, and turned into glycogen (Glucose produced by the body) by a process call Glyconeogenesis. If you're diabetic (especially type 1 diabetes) then you should not cut carbohydrates out completely - it could lead to ketoacidosis (Very, very bad). Now, assuming you are in good health going with carbohydrates completely won't hurt you - if you're not on the diet a long time. After about two days of being without carbohydrates you're body will enter an altered state of digestive metabolism called ketosis. This simply means that, realizing that carbohydrates are not on their way, the body has decided to conserve protein and utilize fat stores (What you're aiming to do with this diet). You're body with send out hormones to cause you to release some fat into the bloodstream (these fats are called ketones). They can be used as an alternate source of energy for the body, not the brain! Not to worry, though... your body make a minimal amount of glucose and send it to the brain to keep it going. Whole grains, etc are complex carbohydrates (They are long strings of simple carbohydrates 'glued' together) - These take a considerably longer time for the body to break down than does sugar, white bread, white rice, etc. It stabalizes your blood Glucose levels - causing your body to release insulin (a hormone which works to help store fat) less requently. As long as you can keep your carb intake lower than 30g of carbs you'll get the same effects as a no carb diet (Just make them complex carbs). You can find out how many carbs are in something by looking at the nutrition panel on the packaging. Hope I helped

Paddy Paddy
The first stage of Atkins limits you to 20g carbs a day and this includes all the carbs in all the food you eat. The allowance increases as the diet plan evolves - I'm sure you have the details. I started Atkins about five years ago, I dropped to my goal weight in three or four months and haven't been more than 5lbs from it ever since. I have adapted the diet to something I find easy to follow every day and no longer weigh or measure anything. But I do weigh myself every day and I think that's really important. Good luck!
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Lex Lex
In Atkins all carbs count as far as I can remember except Fiber cause those are good carbs or alcohol sugars. Go buy his diet book it explains it really well. http://www.webmd.com/diet/atkins-diet-wh...
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Japheth Japheth
Be blue! Weirdly, azure shades have been proven to have a positive effect on your can to exercise regularly and resist bad foods. So, wear violet, eat from blue plates watching the pounds drop off!
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Frazier Frazier
Be blue! Weirdly, azure shades have been proven to experience a positive effect on your will certainly to exercise regularly and resist bad foods. So, wear violet, eat from blue plates watching the pounds drop off!
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Deemer Deemer
Music making you eat more. According to research by the journal Psychology and also Marketing, soft, classical tunes encourage someone to take time over your meal, so you consume more meal. So, switch off – silence will make you more aware of what you’re adding your mouth.
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Deemer Originally Answered: Have you done the Atkins diet?
I'm sorry to hear you say it isnt the healthiest diet, because I have researched it pretty well and found it to be quite healthy. I have been involved with low carbing and Atkins since 2002 and I am in great health. I first went on Atkins after researching it for a New Years resolution Jan 1, 2003 and I lost 50 lbs by June of that year. I have since kept it off by watching my carbs. I just recently decided to trim off an additional 20 lbs to get "ripped" and Im down 15 lbs since Jan 2nd. If you go to www.atkins.com you will have links to over 80 studies showing its not unhealthy, its one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

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