Healthy ways to get protein?

Healthy ways to get protein? Topic: Healthy ways to get protein?
January 18, 2020 / By Yorath
Question: My friend is on a diet and she's getting sick because she doesn't ahve enough protein, what are the healthiest ways to get protein when on a diet? thanks!
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Shemuel Shemuel | 2 days ago
Healthy ways are to first off, eat some Egg whites (no yoke lol) about 5 a day will get her, her protein easily, put some salsa through it to get it some taste maybe? Also all white meat is very, very good sources of hprotein, I.e chicken Turkey, Most fish. Or ig you really dont want to eat it, Just buy some 100% Whey protein by Optimal Nutrition, Take 1 scoop of it in how every much water you want twice a day. Those are some good ways to get your protein in, Also a misconception about getting fat is that fat makes you fat, when infact, Sugars and Calories make you fat as well as Trans And Sat fats, But All other fats are very healthy and essential to help keep joints lubricated and if your female, help estrogen levels, so you don't loose your curves.
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Shemuel Originally Answered: What are some ways to put on weight besides lifting and protein? Any certain foods/ideas?
Foods with oil and fat, like the stuff you'd find at a Panda Express. Don't go with sugars, because it can make you sick if you overdo it and usually doesn't effect your wieght much. You may also want to try coffee. Milk is also fattening, but if you have a lot of milk one day, make sure you spend some time in the sun (milk has calcium and sometimes not enough vitamin D to activate the calcium. Having a lot of milk without much vitamin D results in stomach pain. Vitamin D can be obtained by staying in direct sunlight.). Plus you can always add a little chocolate to make it a snack. Hope this helps!
Shemuel Originally Answered: What are some ways to put on weight besides lifting and protein? Any certain foods/ideas?
Foods high in calorie content will work and also there are a lot of supplements out there to help people gain weight. If you go to a Vitamin store or GNC and tell them you want to gain weight, they can show you some healthy options.

Norrie Norrie
Everything you consume is healthful, the important thing phrase is moderation. When you quit feeding your frame and it does not get the specified caloric consumption crucial to preserve its frame weight, the mind sends a message in your frame pronouncing that it's ravenous. Your frame metabolism slows down and it is going to begin to retailer fats seeing that your frame does not ought to use vigor(energy) to retailer the fats. For vigor your frame will begin utilizing muscle to make use of as vigor. Not well. You will reap weight, however such a lot of all, you're going to begin loosing muscle groups which in flip make your bones, joints, and so on., weaker as you age. So attempt to consume extra common foods with the correct steadiness of protein, carbs and fat and you're going to be in your solution to a more healthy and lively existence.
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Lambart Lambart
For meal ideas you could try my healthy pizza (215 Calories) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFBxYnPr_... Or try my health breakfast burrito (295 Calories) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToKFxSyN... If you are interested in other fitness and nutritional related videos feel free to subscribe. I upload new videos on a daily basis and take request!
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Lambart Originally Answered: Inexpensive Ways to Eat Healthy?
Eating healthy can be cheap, you just have to put in a little extra effort. Bag of lettuce - 2.50, head of lettuce - 0.99 Premade turkey burgers - 1.50 each patty, 2lb ground turkey (makes about 8) - 4.99 Other less expensive but healthy foods: Less lean boneless chicken breasts - trim them yourself Bulk canend tuna Beans (dry beans are cheaper than canned and don't have the high sodium) Fresh broccoli is about 1/4 the price of frozen Buy large containers of yogurt vs. individual cups 5lb bag of brown rice vs. packs of flavored rice sides Seperate egg whites from yolks yourself instead of buying Egg Beaters (which are nothing but egg whites, food coloring and preservatives)

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