i've been constipated for over a year?

i've been constipated for over a year? Topic: i've been constipated for over a year?
September 23, 2019 / By Wilton
Question: I'm thirteen and last year in February I got really bad stomach bug and was throwing up and couldn't eat anything for about a week. But that whole week I didn't go to the bathroom. And ever since then I've been constipated. I probably only go to the bathroom once or twice a week. And also since then my stomach has been really sensitive. In January I got food poisoning and it's been worse since then. And now I can't drink milk.. Milk or anything that has milk in it. I get diarrhea and my stomach gets really really upset. I used to be able to drink milk and all that but since I got food poisoning I can't. Does that have anything to do with the fact that I can't drink milk now? It's not like I got sick from milk or something. (Uncooked chicken) Which I don't think you can.. Is there anything I can do to help it? My parents know my stomach is sensitive and everything. Thank you!
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Seth Seth | 1 day ago
You haven't been constipated for over a year since you stated you get diarrhea from drinking milk. Sounds like to me you may have lactose intolerance.
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Seth Originally Answered: My 10 year old Chihuahua is constipated.?
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Nethaniah Nethaniah
I no doctor but it sounds like your lactose intolerant as far as the dairy products go. But if your constipated eat more fiber.
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Kimbel Kimbel
i've got faith constipated alot as nicely unnormally bit in comparison to that it fairly pisses me off tho as quickly as I cant **** yet i annoce to my boyfriend dad mom sisters that i cant.. you actual could inform ur mom or sombody approximately his it extremely is a verry seriouse subject u could poop eveyday or atleast everyother day please visit the docters its extreamlyyy risky to no longer poop for a month
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