Best ways to lose weight quickly at 16?

Best ways to lose weight quickly at 16? Topic: Best ways to lose weight quickly at 16?
November 21, 2019 / By Rick
Question: Ok so im 16 and have just started college, but i feel kinda self conscious because of my weight, im not HUGE but i would like to lose maybe a stone. Can anyone give me any tips on the best and quickest ways to do this Many thanks
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Merit Merit | 2 days ago
The quickest and easiest ways are not the healthiest or the best. Are you looking for a quick 10 pounds or something more permanent? Most weight loss, if not due to change of habits, are temporary at best. From my experience, start a journal (just for a week or two) and note EVERYTHING you eat and drink. It's amazing how much we eat when you count snacks and meals and in-between-meals. Take a look at how much is healthy and how much is filler. Switching to diet drinks sometimes helps, and drinking lots of water helps you a lot too. Coincidentally, strength training is actually one of the best ways to lose weight. If you increase muscle mass, then there is more muscle there to burn energy (calories) and so your resting body will be burning more calories than if you were musclceless. Gaining muscle can be as simple as some pushups, or as complicated as you want. Good luck with college :)
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Merit Originally Answered: Best ways to lose weight quickly. ?
BEST DIET I HAVE EVER BEEN ON Scarsdale Diet: http://lowcarblisa.tripod.com/thescarsdalemedicaldiet/id18.html You loose about a pound a day for 14 days and if you work out as well then you will reach your goal of 20 pounds forsure. If you eat right and keep working out after the diet then you will keep the weight off and continue loosing. I have been on this diet before and it makes me feel SO good and healthy and I saw seeing results within 2 days.
Merit Originally Answered: Best ways to lose weight quickly. ?
Drink water before having your food and avoid drinking after you are done for a while anout 30 mins

Jonny Jonny
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Hall Hall
Check out these sites for great diet and exercise tips: http://fitnesstipswired.blogspot.com/ http://toningupfast.blogspot.com/ Hope it helps!!!
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Hall Originally Answered: Best ways to lose weight quickly?
1. You're most likely still growing being only 15 so you should eat no less than 1500 calories per day. The way to lose weight is to use those calories wisely. You can eat a lot more and fill up longer on a salad full of vegetables and chicken than a burger and fries. 2. To lose fat you should do more walking. Walking burns fat while running burns carbohydrates. You should get at least 30-45 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. 3. For a woman that is 5'8" an ideal body weight is 145. That would put your BMI at 22 which is healthy, 128 would put it at 19.5 which is also healthy. Weight lose takes time, it wont happen over night. Keep up the good work! You're obviously doing something right :)

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