Atkins diet.?

Atkins diet.? Topic: Atkins diet.?
May 22, 2019 / By Neely
Question: I was thinking about doing the atkins diet. I need to loose alot of weight pretty quickly. I dont want to starve myself though. I workout at the gym everyday. Do you think it would help to do the atkins diet. I have been counting my calories for 2 weeks and i have only lost 3 pounds. do you think if i continue to workout everyday and do the atkins diet i will loose weight fast? or should i just continue with what im doing now. i only eat 1,000 calories a day.
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Kian Kian | 5 days ago
1. Atkins is great, if you make it a lifestyle rather than a quick weight loss diet. Just like with ANY other diet, when you stop and resume your old ways the weight will come back. 2. Losing weight "quickly" is actually not a good idea. Not only will it predispose you to health problems and loose, saggy skin, but it also doesn't give you a chance to learn good, healthy eating habits. 3. 1000 calories a day is NOT enough, you cannot be getting all the nutrients you need to function properly. This will catch up with you and damage your health. Eating too few calories will also slow down your metabolism and hinder weight loss. Instead of worrying about calories, concentrate on the quality of the food you are eating. When you eat quality, healthy, nutrient-dense foods and pay attention to what your body is telling you, you can eat until you are satisfied (NOT stuffed), and naturally fall into a calorie range that is appropriate for your body.
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Kian Originally Answered: If you go off on the atkins diet one day what happens?
Carbs are energy for life. The Atkins diet is a fad that will fade away and return in a few years, as so many others have done. Your best bet is to eat balanced meals. Eat only the caloric intake that you burn in a day. If you want to eat more, you will have to burn more. There are many easy ways to enhance your metabolism to burn more calories without special effort. Avoid soda pop and any caloric drink (your body stores liquid calories quickly). Don't stuff yourself. Eat smaller portions more often. Get your exercise in the mornings. Don't eat after 7:00 pm.

Hue Hue
I've been on again, off again on Atkins for years. Lost 75 to 80 pounds a couple of times but it comes back as soon as you return to your old lifestyle. I just started Weight Watchers -- they have a program that's quite similar called the Core Program. It's somewhat lower carb -- but I would avoid too many fruits. I heard a suggestion that if you're going to eat carbs, you eat them earlier in the day and then no carbs at dinner. Perhaps, you can find a balance since you seem to be doing so well now anyway. Take it from me, Atkins is great, works quickly, but very hard to maintain and will come back as quickly when you stop.
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Enosh Enosh
Calorie intake should be around 1300 minimum, when you eat less your bodies metabolism slows down to compensate and thus burns less calories off. The Atkins has proved itself time after time but is not without it's problems, and be prepared for the possibility of ketosis which may make you a bit smelly
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Colby Colby
It all depends on your body some diets work best for some people and some diets work better for others. I do the low carb think cause I have low insulin resistance and carbs are harder for me to break down in my body. It seems to work for me. I just started back up again and I feel fantastic. Good luck!
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Colby Originally Answered: The Atkins Diet?
You need to read the book, he tells you how to modify it to suit your needs. BTW, if you are not eating ANY carbs you are NOT doing Atkins. You should be eating your veggies right from the start. This is why you need to read the book, so that you actually know what Atkins is and how it is done.

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