what is lupus?

what is lupus? Topic: what is lupus?
November 13, 2019 / By Jashub
Question: A girl that used to be on America's Next Top Model had lupus and she was tired all the time, I just wanted to know if it was a cancer and what pasrt of the body it affected
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Gabby Gabby | 2 days ago
This is a really good site to check out. It is actually a disease that affects your immune system...you need to be careful around people that are sick...when looking up medical information always look for sites that end in .org or .gov....they are the most reliable and are usually from doctors and medical professionals. Everyone has different symptoms too but you need to take care of yourself if you have this...be healthy...stop smoking if you smoke and maybe even take a vitamin supplement.
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Gabby Originally Answered: could it be lupus?
Hi Im Chris, I have Lupus, and several other autoimmune diseases. First going by your user name I can guess you 20ish. Second the first doctor who blew you off, is rude, but not all that uncommon, it happened to me for years. I started getting ill younger than you, and was not diagnosed until my late 20's. Im 40 now. Also you asked if you can have Lupus and Rhuematoid Arthritis at the same time. Yes you can. In fact you can, and many do devlop more than 1 autoimmune disease once they have one. I have more than 1, I have relatives who only have 1, I know several from a yahoo support group I co-own who have one, some with more. It just depends. Your lucky though that you saw that other Doctor. If he did a test to see if you have a positive rhuematoid factor, he probablly did some other tests, in the same family. You also mentioned you have been doing some research, and you mentioned Fibromyalgia. I do not know if you know how they test for it, but there is no blood test for it, they will ask you some questions, including how do you sleep, if it is mostly joint or muscle pain, etc. But physically, they will do a pressure point/tender point test which we have 18 areas if you move, wince, or cry out. they will diagnose you with Fibromyalgia. Fibro can go with an autoimmune, escpecially if you are not sleeping. As far as Lupus goes, to have it, you must meet 4 of 11 critera to have it and 3 to have probable Lupus. Here is the critera: Diagnostic criteria for lupus Provided by: Last Updated: June 29, 2004 Diagnostic criteria for lupus The following criteria are used to distinguish lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE) from other autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. A person with 4 of these 11 conditions can be diagnosed with lupus; 3 symptoms suggest that lupus is probably present, and 2 raise the possibility of lupus. Symptoms may be present all at once or appear in succession over a period of time. 1 Butterfly (malar) rash on cheeks Rash on face, arms, neck, torso (discoid rash) Skin rashes that result from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light (photosensitivity) Mouth or nasal ulcers, usually painless Joint swelling, stiffness, pain involving two or more joints (arthritis) Inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs (pleuritis) or heart (pericarditis). This inflammation is called serositis. Abnormalities in urine, such as increased protein or clumps of red blood cells or kidney cells, called cell casts, in the urine Nervous system problems, such as seizures or psychosis, without known cause Problems with the blood, such as reduced numbers of red blood cells (anemia), platelets, or white blood cells Positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) test Signs of increased autoimmunity (antibodies against normal tissue), as shown by laboratory tests Diagnoses, even with positive tests may take a bit, since you would need to be sent to a rhuematologist for further evaluation. They would observe maybe even test some medications, if blood work was highly positive. If you have to go back to the doctor who blew you off, for a refferal, bring all lab work with you, be polite but insistant. I have been dealing with doctors of all types for many years. If possible, change your primary care doctor, and tell the insurance company why, they will do it right away, without making you wait until the 1st of the month for the change. I know you already looked up a lot of information up yourself, but I do have a lot of information on various similar autoimmunes, and files in the support group. email me anytime christibro40@yahoo.com Like you I was very young when this all started so I understand.

Den Den
Lupus is not a form of cancer. It is an autoimmune disease. To make a complicated disease simple; the bodies immune system turns on itself and begins to attack the body as though it were foreign. Common symptoms of Lupus include a chronic fever, achy or swollen joints, extreme fatigue, rashes, tightness or pain in the chest, hair loss, and white or blue finger tips. Although both males and females of all races can contract Lupus, it is not contagious. With proper medical intervention, people with Lupus can live active, full lives.
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Beau Beau
No, it's not cancer. It's an autoimmune disease where one's immune system actually produces antibodies against host proteins (meaning the immune system recognizes itself and tries to attack itself). Lupus has a lot of symptoms, including fever, chronic inflammation, nausea, stiffness, etc. It is serious, but manageable. Not cancer at all.
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Zipporah Zipporah
1st answer has it all. You might want to go and have a look at : http://www.medicinenet.com/systemic_lupus/article.htm if you want to know more. I would hardly wish my worst enemy had lupus. Really crippling in some cases. The name itself comes from Latin: Lupus = Wolf, due to the appearance of some patients, not unlike a wolf's face
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Sherilyn Sherilyn
My grandmother died of lupus..it's not a cancer and causes swelling of the brain. Seal (the singer) had it too- that's why he has scarring on his face. One of it's main characteristics is a butterfly rash on the face (accross the nose)
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Sherilyn Originally Answered: Anyone know anything about Lupus?
A diagnosis of lupus used to be a death sentence as recently as the 1950's. Now, with good medical treatment and compliance with the treatment regimen, most lupus patients can expect to live a normal life span. There are complications that can occur. Educate yourself. Be proactive in your medical care. Go to www.lupus.org and click on the take action link while you are there. I have systemic lupus with organ involvement. I have a full and relatively normal life.

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