Do stress make you lose weight and how can u gain back ur weight fast?

Do stress make you lose weight and how can u gain back ur weight fast? Topic: Do stress make you lose weight and how can u gain back ur weight fast?
May 22, 2019 / By Jarred
Question: I would like to know what are other things stress can do to ur mind and ur body please help it depends.... yeah thanks for the menustration tip i was wondering
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Fredrik Fredrik | 8 days ago
Stress can make some people gain weight & others lose weight. To gain weight fast, eat ice cream. Stress/anxiety can worsen your memory; make it harder to concentrate & pay attention; feel confused; process info slower. Your body: Shaking/tremors in legs or hands; cry; feel nauseous; vomit; have digestive problems; have aches & pains; headaches; lower your immune system; get more colds; sweat; increase your blood pressure; make you produce more cortisol & insulin (hormones); make you feel dizzy or lightheaded; have heart palpitations; chest pains; isolate yourself from people; withdraw; sweaty palms; faint; hyperventilate (shallow breathing), slowed speech & movement; etc.
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Fredrik Originally Answered: How come I lose weight SUPER faster and gain it back SUPER fast?
First of all, a pound is 3300 calories, just so your facts are straight. Second of all, did you weight yourself naked or wearing only underwear both times. The scale weighs anything on top of it so if you were wearing jeans (heavy clothes) it weight those too. Third, I think you are wrong and it is water weight. How much you drink doesnt matter, unless you lose exactly the same amount of water each day. If you ate foods high in sodium or had any dihueretics such as cafeeene it would dehydrate you and you loose water. Were you consistent in the time of day you weighed yourself. You lose weight in your sleep and you put it back on by eating over the day. Also how big are you. If someone who is 100 lbs loses 3 lbs it is much larger than if someone who is 250 lbs.

Dell Dell
stress makes you gain weight, sickness makes you loose wait. or excercise and eating right, so ive heard. to gain weight eat fatty foods and don't get excercise.
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Bassett Bassett
very easy.. ppl who lose weight when they're stress then don't be stress ppl who gain weight when they're stress then don't be stress too..
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Zibiah Zibiah
i lose weight when im stressed because I cant eat. stressful situations make me puke instead of hold my food down =(
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Sheree Sheree
replace your scale with a tape measure aim for 32 1 2 inches or less for women and 35 inches or less for men
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Peggie Peggie
dont excersize and eat fatty foods....but its unhealthy to gain weight really fast so you should try to gain it over time
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Marinda Marinda
it depends on the person i gess for me i gane then lose when i relax a bit. i have never heard of any one losing kus of it
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Marinda Originally Answered: Do you gain all the weight back on the Hollywood miracle diet? How fast?
No, a lot of the fad diets that promise big results in little time (especially under a week) typically are just cleansers and dehydrators... you'll gain most of the weight from "diets" like that as soon as you drink enough water to replenish what was purged. As a side note, the Depo shot is not a very good idea for some people.... if you have a reaction to it, you have to wait over 3 months for it to work it's way out of your system. I knew a friend that got the shot, and it dried out her entire vaginal area so much that it actually burned when she got excited. The worst part was that her doctor didn't listen to her when she told about her symptoms, so she was on it for a good year before anyone heard the symptoms and suggested it may be the shot..... by then, her marriage was ruined (the lack of intimacy killed most of it). Do some research into it before you try it.

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