my cat is constipated can i give him exlax?

my cat is constipated can i give him exlax? Topic: my cat is constipated can i give him exlax?
July 20, 2019 / By Jaanai
Question: i know this sounds a little...well odd, but im worried, hes a old cat about 16 years or something, hes a burmeas* and he just wont poop, i can't tell if its a urinary trackt* infection, or constipation* i need help, plz!!!!!!!!!! (odd) wow thnx, i dont know how to reply to all ur answers, but thnx alot!!!!!!!!!! i kinda figured i shouldnt give him people stuff, so yeah, i wanted to double check :) and i think ill try the pumpkin thing thnx again, i dont really have the money to take him to the vet, so im worried. thnx again! :) wow this is amazingly great help! i will try whatever we can afford, and hopefully it will work :) thnx, does vaseline acually work? i may use that one if so. thats it! thats what it is, he cant pee or pooh, he strains, and yeah i have 3 other cats(one may be pregnant)so i will try to get him to the vet, and definatly give the pumpkin a try! :) or vaseline. thnx for all ur help! :) wow, thats exspensive isnt it? thnx again guys! i am amazed at how fast this all came in! :) well hes sleepin on the floor right now, and looks quite content* :) thnx for the help! i will do as much as i can in the morning to get the pumpkin i have one(or two)more quetion(s), can i give him the vaseline, and pumpkin together, or should i wait a week or so? if i do, what should i use fisrt ive had one of those befor hahaha (when i was smaller)where can i buy this oil stuff? is it cheap? yeah he stopped eating, and he wont pee, he tried, but like nothing came out...its hard to look at him like this :( well thnx all! well he has been runover, bye a 6 ton truck when(3or4times)he was younger (accident) and some of the nieborhood kids...nailed his tail to a piece of wood...on purpose also whn he was younger. and hes also neutered, hes not peeing, or pooing, he wont eat, and he looks pregnant (i know hes not duh ahaha) so i have tuna in oil i will try that, so far we have $0 to take him to the vet, also when he meows,it sounds like hes being stepped on, or like hes in a lot of pain, thank you all again! this is relivig alot of stress...thank you so much :) hes gone, thank you for all your help. but hes in a better place, he went in his sleep thnx.
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Filbert Filbert | 3 days ago
Hi there...it's never safe to give human medication to animals without first consulting a vet. Causes of constipation could be as a result to many things which only a vet best could diagnose and then treat especially since he is a senior cat. If it's a medical problem giving anything at this point may make it more problemmatic or worse...fatal. Anything we recommend could cause more harm rather than help even if we all mean well. A vet is a trained medical professional therefore please consider giving your vet a ring in the morning to help you with some solutions. Pumpkin is a natural fibre laxative that works best.
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Filbert Originally Answered: My dog is constipated?!?
Milk will give her gastrointestinal problems. Dogs should never drink milk. Make sure she drinks a lot of water. If she's pushed really hard to get the poop out, it could be very tender in that area so she doesn't want you to touch it. Since she's kind of pooped and got the poop that far down in her intestines, the rest should come out on it's own.

Daniel Daniel
this sounds kind of funny, but there are actually cat laxatives you can buy at most pet stores. when my cat was a kitten, she swallowed carpet string and it tied up her intestines. since i couldn't afford surgery, the vet gave her a kitty enema and gave me a laxative to give her as follow up treatment, (it looks like thick paste. you just smear some on their tongues) and it worked. she passed the string. i would recommend first that you take your cat to the vet, but if the costs are too high, try looking for the cat laxative.
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Aylmer Aylmer
It is perfectly safe to feed him a little blob of Vaseline. Put it on his paw or the corner of his mouth and he'll lick it off. (Even read the lable of cat laxative - it's simply Vaseline with meat flavor.) If he doesn't go within 12 hours, take him to the vet.
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Vivyan Vivyan
if your cat is straining in the litter box and has not urinated - that can be very serious - not just a constipation problem! He may have a blocked urethra - fatal if not taken to the vet
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Shannen Shannen
Give him 2,5ml paraffin oil before he sleeps, with no food (it is for humans, in Europe it is called Nujol). It is given even to children for constipation. And water helps. If he hasn't gone to the bathroom for more than 3 days, you can give a glycerine enema for babies. It is a small stick with a bubble filled with glycerine, you put it in and press the bubble. Don't give a human adult enema!! And indeed, check if he is urinating, otherwise go to the vet immediately!!
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Shannen Originally Answered: what should i do to not be constipated?
Drink lots of water and caffeine. Caffeine is a natural diuretic (if you consider caffeine natural).

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