husband gives 2 1/2 year old daughter burgers, candy, rootbeer-im ill over it?

husband gives 2 1/2 year old daughter burgers, candy, rootbeer-im ill over it? Topic: husband gives 2 1/2 year old daughter burgers, candy, rootbeer-im ill over it?
June 16, 2019 / By Ailey
Question: So I like to eat healthy, and my husband will eat some healthy-but when he shops(to help me) he brings home tons of Candy, cookies, Mini pies, regular-non diet soda-he knows im trying to do better but no matter what i say this happens. But the thing that I am so worried about and he doesnt seem to care what i have to say-is he gives my daughter donuts, fattening greasy bologna-chocolate-pizza-burgers-more than a few times a week. Its gotten to wear when we pass a McDonalds she goes-"Burger, Burger!" He gives her fruit by the foots and other sticky so called "fruit" candies as an incentive for using the potty-but Ive asked him to stop. He keeps buying them because she likes them-well ofcourse she does but what about her teeth? Ive noticed she is rejecting other healthier foods like vegetables and fruit and just wants this crap- im all about a treat once in a while but how can i manage this and get my husband on board? thank you for all of your info. I do want to clear up that I do almost all of the shopping-I shop healthy-organic meats, lowfat milk, pure juices, My daughter loves to share hummus and carrots with me, nutrigrain bars, apples, and we love annies bunnies. The thing is we have super busy schedules so when we start running low my husband goes to the store too-and takes advantage of stocking up on what was lacking-goodies. ive tried to educate him on how gatoraide isnt juice and chocolate has caffeine and such. We are guilty of getting fast food meals (as a treat, but hes been relying on it more and more rather than making something while im at work) So yes the main issue is communication and sticking with a regimen.
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Todd Todd | 5 days ago
Tough one. My fiances family eats well..um..not the healthiest food, so when we moved into our house we really watched what we bought. Our motto is out of sight, out of mind so if he doesn't see chips in the pantry he wont go for them. We try to find a balance in life, we do feed our daughter mostly organic food and right now I am at war against anything containing high fructose corn syrup (which is extremely difficult with these damn corn subsidies!)...but there has to be a healthy food store in your area. In our area we have Whole Foods, Trader Jose and Wegmens..start searching for a supermarket with more variety of fresh fruit and veggies. Start sneaking in those veggies when you bake muffins or in things like rice and mac n cheese. About your husband, I would talk to him,give him the statistics..facts don't lie. Did you know that 1 in every 4 children under the age of 5 is obese..not overweight..OBESE. That's sad, but as parents we need o stop this epidemic and actually read the ingredients when we shop for food. We are responsible for what we put in our children's bodies, you have the power to change her eating habits now before it gets to be too much. You don't need to deprive your child from treats, but there are healthier alternatives.These are some of my 2 1/2 year olds favorites: -Envirokidz organic crispy rice bar instead of candy bars (they taste good and come in 4 flavors) -Fruitabu organic smooshed fruit rolls instead of fruit roll ups ( trust me they taste good and contain a 1/2 serving of real fruit, no added sugars or corn syrup or anything artificial and come in many fruit flavors. -Envirokidz Gorilla Munch (taste similar to Kix but sweeter and it has 3 ingredients: organic corn meal, organic cane juice and sea salt..seriously that's it...) -Annie's Cheddar Bunnies instead of traditional Goldfish crackers.Taste awesome. They are almost all organic( I think 80% for the Cheddar bunnies) and Annie's also has a great line of pastas that are natural...they use carrots (beta carotene) to add the orange color instead of artificially making the mac n cheese orange. -Late July organic cheese crackers instead of Ritz cheese crackers..taste awesome I munch on these myself. Instead of ice cream try this: Put 2 RIPE bananas in a blender, mix with 1 container organic yogurt and frozen strawberries, about a 1/2 organic milk and some ice and you have yourself a great tasting smoothie with no sugar added b/c the ripe bananas are sweet enough. I tell my daughter its a milkshake and she loves it. Remember she is only 2. She does not know about healthy eating, its your responsibility as a parent to instill healthy eating habits at a young age. I am guilty of Mcdonalds once in a while too, heck I am only human and I love their fries but once in a while its ok to indulge. PS We are also potty training we have a potty prize box so I went to the dollar store and bought stickers, playdoh, bracelets,and added some fruit rolls from home. But there are other things besides candy that she can get for doing potty. Maybe go with your husband to see the documentary Food Inc..I heard its really eye opening and maybe it will help him.Good luck, hopefully some of the suggestions helped. http://www.fruitabu.com/ http://www.latejuly.com/ http://www.envirokidz.com/ http://www.annies.com/
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Rashaun Rashaun
You tell your husband that he is just one of the many idiots contributing to America's problems. America has a high child obesity rate, and you know why? Because of bad parents like him. Mark my words, if he keeps doing this, your daughter will become fat. FAT! yes i said he forbidden word! look America, we have to stop trying to be politically correct about how to call someone who is "overweight." calling them "heavy" just makes it sound ok! Its not ok to be fat!
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Marvyn Marvyn
Have your pediatrician talk with him. It will set him straight. And hopefully embarrass him. It's sad that he doesn't care for the health of your child. This can lead to obesity and tooth decay. Shame on him.
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Jethro Jethro
that can cause all types of problems you need to make an appointment with you pediatrician and your husband needs to come with you and dont get scared explain to the doctor in front of your husband what foods he has been feeding her he will tell him the dangers of that.
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