My daughter has joint pain her bones hurts she is rundown and has lost a small patch of hair & gets dizzy?

My daughter has joint pain her bones hurts she is rundown and has lost a small patch of hair & gets dizzy? Topic: My daughter has joint pain her bones hurts she is rundown and has lost a small patch of hair & gets dizzy?
October 18, 2019 / By Hanani
Question: she get head aches and is very irrateable. She also has a red rash on her face cause (unk) she is only 26 years old can you possabley tell me what is wrong with her she has gone for blood work but still has no answer for her condition.
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Edmund Edmund | 4 days ago
First, Don't give up on doctors. Try a rheumatology practice or clinic. The rundown and joint pain point in that direction. The rash on her face, coupled with the other symptoms could be indicative of "Lupus." But please don't go on line to try to get treatment. Get her to a doctor. If it isn't Lupus or any rheumatological disorder, they can make a better referral. Good luck. We never stop being mom no matter how old our children are, do we?l
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Edmund Originally Answered: I lost 50 lbs within 11 months, but now hair is thinning on top of head.does rapid weight loss cause hair los?
I'll actually answer your question... there is absolutley no connection between weight loss and your hair loss. Just unfortunate timing. COngrats on the weight loss. Focus on that rather than your hair

Camden Camden
I agree with ashli K about testing for lupus, but also investigate vasculitis. I had the same symptoms for two years until I went to a rhuematologist trained in immunology who ran the correct tests to diagnose me. In the meantime, I had a host of other doctors who put me on so much medication that didn't help or solve the problem. Good Luck and God Bless!
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Algar Algar
Well, without knowing exactly what all this might be, I still would strongly recommend a one-time treatment called Atlasprofilax. It boosts the self-healing power of the body and the soul in an amazing way - I've experienced it myself. Just - it's available in California and Europe only, costing approx. 220 dollars. Even to travel far is really worthwile! :-) Good luck!
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Tamsyn Tamsyn
Your daughter has so many complaints and physical problems I would pursue getting some type of diagnosis..I think in this forum to ask people what they think it is is a dangerous thing to ask..as a nurse I wouldn't begin to speculate what she might have going on..Please take her to a competent physician and make sure you get a good physical evaluation of her symptoms..this may be something very simple and easily treated but speculation doesn't diagnose and correctly treat the problem..Good luck and God Bless you and her...
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Richelle Richelle
HAve an MRI done. Some of the symptons are similar to a brain tumor. Please, have her checked out head to toe ASAP. I'm praying for her.
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Richelle Originally Answered: Random pain in bones and joints?
It could most likely be "myofascial pain". This is normally what they write down after a car accident as well until the symptoms clear up. If pain isn't completely maintained then pain becomes chronic pain. It's possible to get a hold of chronic pain by learning everything you need to know about your condition. If you don't know what your condition is, then it's important to familiarize yourself with the auto immune disorders...lupus, heretitary diseases, fibromyalgia, epstein barr virus (mono), etc. then you will have a better understanding about what the doctor is looking for or waiting for in order to help you make a diagnosis. You can request blood work to cover the arthritis family and it can then help you RULE OUT the ailments that don't relate to your present condition. You can also request blood work to check if you've ever been infected with the epstein barr virus whether you remember it or not. Fibromyalgia is rampant now. It used to be associated with "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and the "Yuppy Flu" from the 80's. Most patients who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at a younger age (under 40) will most likely develop one form of arthritis or another disoder affecting the immune system. Make sure you are fully aware of your family history by asking mom & dad about all the relatives even from the past if they remember anyone in the family with any ailments, hyperchondriacs (today they wouldn't be called this, they'd be diagnosed with something), oddities, etc. If you don't have ANY family history, then obviously this is an impossible step and I'm sorry for the roadblock. The best thing you can do for you and your wife would be to get yourself into an activity that you can both enjoy together, but not TOO strenuous like TAI CHI, YOGA/PILATES, WATER AEROBICS, DEEP WATER RUNNING, etc. I go to the pool and do walking exercises in the warmer pool. This includes walking forward end to end, walking backwards, cross country skiiing walk, side to side walk, knees up walk, kick butt walk, etc. I then go into the hot tub to soak before going into either the steam room or sauna to do basic stretches for the spine and hamstrings. Sit flat touch your toes (knees week 1, shins week 2, ankles week 3, toes week 4, bottom of feet week 5 and finally stand on ledge bend over to reach past your toes and pull down. I have anklosing spondylitis which affects neck, hips, back, knees, heart, etc. The stretching is a MAJOR part of my pain relief along with anti inflammatory drugs related to my condition. In the meantime, you could try taking the maximum dose of ibuprofen for your weight each day 4x spread out over the day with food always. If you find after a week that this is helping in some daily relief, you may be looking at a future auto immune disease like arthritis...BUT it's manageable. Keep your head up and focused on the good stuff, FUN, and active. Along with pain conditions, comes depression, so you want to be on top of your worries and anxieties and not allow yourself to fall into depression, over eating, sleeping a lot, etc.

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