has anyone lost weight while taking birth control pills?

has anyone lost weight while taking birth control pills? Topic: has anyone lost weight while taking birth control pills?
October 15, 2019 / By Flannery
Question: By dieting and exercising. (not that the pill itself made you lose weight). I'm trying to lose weight and I'm finding it impossible.. Before getting on BC it was easy for me to lose weight... i'm 18
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Best Answers: has anyone lost weight while taking birth control pills?

Darrel Darrel | 8 days ago
You have to ask a doctor... I am taking them and I didn`t have any troubles in loosing weight. But there has to be something... I mean, why do most women`s breast grow one size while taking the pills? This happened to me, to my friend and some other girls I know. Perhaps it causes water retention, but at least I didn`t have your same problem. Perhaps you can see a doctor and change the pills if you really believe that they are the cause. Someone said something about the muscle tone, I didn`t have problems with that either, lol! Perhaps it is just me, who knows. But I strongly recommend u talk about it with a professional, alright? Good luck!
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Darrel Originally Answered: will taking birth control make me gain weight?
Yes, you will most likely gain weight taking birth control pills. We know that the ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) they use in the pill is 1,000 times more potent on it's effects on breast tissue than estriol (estrogen the body makes that protects the breast tissue). Studies of two decades ago clearly found that overexposure to estradiol (and estrone to a lesser extent) increases one's risk of breast cancer. The synthetic ethinyl estradiol used in the pill is really a bad guy that is efficiently absorbed by mouth and slow to be metabolized and excreted. The longer a synthetic estrogen stays in the body, the more opportunity it has to do damage. No long term studies have been done that show birth control pills are not contributing to breast cancer. With the rate being a staggering 1 in 7 women now, it would seem people would wake up to the fact something is not right here. The pill affects the endocrine system in your body in a very negative way. It creates estrogen dominance and since the ovaries are part of the pituitary axis, when you take the pill, you get the booby prize. The thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and ovaries are all part of this "axis." When any of these glands becomes insufficient or sick, they all get sick together. This is why many women gain weight when on the pill because the thyroid is affected very negatively and the metabolism slows down. The fatigue comes from the adrenals being affected. To simply trust drug companies is foolish in today's world. Did you know that 106,000 people died in one year from taking prescription drugs that doctors prescribed for them in hospitals that were FDA approved drugs from drug companies? Here is a video that will give you some incite into how these guys think and how they prioritize profit over health: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg-52mHIj... This is not some far out drug company, but the BAYER company that makes aspirin for the world. Merck pharmaceutical that makes lots of vaccines got caught lying to the FDA. The drug VIOXX killed about 160,000 people before the FDA took it off the market, but the FDA would not have done so if the lawyers had not discovered company documents that showed MERCK knew how over 30% of the people taking that drug were going to have severe health problems, including death. These same people are telling everyone that vaccines are safe. Really? Then why did congress pass a law that said NO ONE CAN SUE DRUG COMPANIES for damage due to vaccines? If they were safe, then why do we need such a law? And why did the U.S. government spend over 1.5 billion giving that money to vaccine damaged victims? The reasons is really quite simple. Drug companies contribute HUGE SUMS of MONEY to politicians to keep their agendas in place. Please consider all this before you decide to make that decision to take that junk made by these same people. Your future health will depend upon it. Ask yourself, how many women that get breast cancer took the "Pill?" How many women that have had to get hysterectomies took the "Pill?" This is the kind of data that no one is looking at when they start taking that garbage. good luck to you

Baalzebub Baalzebub
Yes. But theres actually more than one issue, one is your age, you didnt say how old you are, but obviously as you get older, it already gets harder than it was to lose weight. The other is the birth control itself. But the pill i do believe is the best of the birth controls as far as weight goes, i gained a ton of weight when i took depo as a teenager, and have taken the pill as an adult, and been able to lose weight with a good diet. talk to your doctor, maybe they can try you out on something new.
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Wilma Wilma
I gained 20 lbs on the pill, doctors tell you the pill wont make you gain weight but it does. Its makes allot of sense -the pill is all about hormones. Hormones will make you crave food (like PMS) retain water weight and slow metabolism. I had to stop taking the pill and was glad when i found out it CAN cause female cancers! The doctors still say it wont because they are lied to by the drug companies that just want to sell more drugs. Please get off of them and switch to spermicide gel or condom. Thyroid, hormones and metabolism will all be thrown out of wack on the pill and its hard to get them on track. I'm using a great all natural mineral supplement now that is getting everything back to normal, I'm even loosing the weight without dieting! The supplements are inexpensive, easy to take and there are NO bad side effects. You will even have a great natural energy and sleep better at night. I'm curing depression with another supplement made by the same company. This is the only thing that has really worked for me. email me for more info, I love to help!
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Sharon Sharon
the pill is known to have an effect on weight. You can lose weight, but its very hard to get muscle tone when you are on birth control. Thats a side effect.
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Paige Paige
I did. But it was really brutal; I had to totally restrict junk food, and no snacking. I also worked out about 2 hrs. a day, but you probably won't need to do this (I already excercised a lot, I have been since at least jr. High), but I had a fast metabolism yo start with. But losing all the weight is sooo worth it, trust me!!
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Mandy Mandy
well, i gained weight without exercise on the pill, then i tried nuvaring (don't recommend cause it falls out so bad) and with exercise i maintained my weight. so i've actually never lost weight on birth control
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Kimmy Kimmy
once i got on BC i started gaining weight i got off about 3 months ago, and now i have finally lost the 10 lbs it caused me to gain
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Kimmy Originally Answered: Is it possible that birth control pills keep you from losing weight?
You are among thousands of women who are excited about the potential of a new birth control pill that apparently does a bit more than prevents pregnancy. All the buzz is about a pill called Yasmin, which, based on a recent study, many women believe will help them to lose weight. The interest in this birth control pill increased after a research study involving 300 women who lost an average of about two pounds after taking Yasmin for six months. The oral contraceptive, which has been on the U.S. market since June of last year, contains an ingredient (unlike other birth control pills) that, doctors say, chemically resembles a diuretic and counteracts water retention, a condition usually associated with birth control pills. Despite the study's results, the pill's manufacturer stresses that Yasmin is designed to prevent pregnancy, not contribute to weight loss. Currently, medical officials say there is no evidence of the pill's long-term weight benefits, pointing out that, on average, the women in the study gained their weight back after a year. When it comes to weight loss, doctors and nutritionists still strongly recommend a proper diet and routine exercise as the best way to control the pounds.

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