Possible Lupus?

Possible Lupus? Topic: Possible Lupus?
December 15, 2019 / By Fingal
Question: Is lupus a slow progression or does it rapidly develop? I think I may have lupus. After researching, I've come to realize that I have several of the symptoms, some I've had for years and others developed recently.I'm 25 Symptoms are: Knee pains; started in my early teens,had x-rays but they showed nothing.In the past few years they've started giving out and tingling like they're going to sleep. Next: migraines; started in my later teens, Dr. said they were stress related. I'm tired alot, I get the recommended 7-8 hrs of sleep most nights but I'm still tired. Then there is depression/anxiety:Started having mild anxiety attacks and mild depression in my late teens, again Dr. said it was stress. I also have been getting knots on my legs when I stand for more than 10-20 mins. The knots don't hurt. This spring I was out in the sun and developed a rash on my exposed skin.First it felt like razor burn, then it became itchy.Never happened before. None on my face however.Normal signs of lupus? About the skin rash, it was definitely not a sunburn, I've had plenty of those. It was small red bumps. My mother has the same reaction to the sun/tanning bed but her's is everytime she's in the sun. Her doctor told her it was just an unexplained reaction to sun rays. Any other suggestions on what the rash could be?
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Darby Darby | 8 days ago
Well, those are all the symptoms that I had for APS a sister of Lupus that was dismissed by doctors for years! Migraines were TIAs. Geez, I knew my vision cutting out in one eye wasn't right. I suggest you see a rheumatologist and get tested for both Lupus and APS. I am now on Coumadin, Aspirin and Plaquenil and guess what most of my problems including the so called "depression" is gone. Listen to what your body is telling you. ETA following your comments: Polymorpic Light Eruptions? Sounds like it is time to see a dermatologist. But tanning beds are high in UV that set off Lupus rashes. Start taking pictures of them for your doctor. And stay out of the tanning bed.
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Darby Originally Answered: I have lupus. Is lupus heriditery, and should i have my children checked?
My sister is a carrier but does not exhibit any of the symptoms. She found out when she went through in-vitro pregnancy. She had to have the boys tested after they were born.
Darby Originally Answered: I have lupus. Is lupus heriditery, and should i have my children checked?
Your daughter has a slightly higher chance of developing an autoimmune disease like lupus. There is no definitive test for lupus. And it is not a trait someone carries like sickle cell. A diagnosis of lupus is based on 1. Medical history and symptoms 2. A variety of lab tests (the ANA is only one of them) 3. When other diseases have been ruled out If your daughter is having symptoms she should get medical attention. Talk to your rheumatologist about your concerns for her. Unfortunatley there is a great deal of ignorance about lupus, even in the medical community. I am sorry you were treated like you were crazy. It happens all too often with lupus patients. Here are some interesting things to know. 1.5 million Americans has lupus 1 in 170 Americans has lupus Every 30 minutes someone is diagnosed with lupus If you add together all the people with multiple sclerosis AND sickle cell AND cystic fibrosis and MULTIPLY THAT BY THREE you get the number of people with lupus! Lupus patients must be well informed about the disease if we are to live successfully with it. The link below is a good place to start.

Azaniah Azaniah
This doesn't sound like lupus actually. The fact is that lupus can present in hundreds of ways, but none of the things you are talking about are symptoms that trigger the thought of lupus. The rash of lupus (known as the "malar" rash) is VERY distinct, and occurs specifically on the face. The rash you describe sounds like sunburn (the pain, the itching later, etc). You should wear sunscreen. Joint pains can be a sign of lupus, but if they have been there for a long time, and only in your knees, it is more likely due to your posture or something else. Migraine headaches occur in lots of people, most of whom do not have lupus. If you really think there is something going on, go see your doctor, but don't feel like you need to surf the web to diagnose yourself...you will always find something that makes sense to you if you look hard enough...but more likely, you will just scare yourself.
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Wenda Wenda
Possibility of Lyme Disease or Multiple Sclorosis. I have both and have all those symptoms. Have had them for 20 years before I was finally diagnosed. But of course back then they didn't have the technology they have today. See your doctor.
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Wenda Originally Answered: Do you know of a teenager with Lupus and does Lupus have remissions?
Hello..well the answer to your question is yes. Both of these diseases can go into remission. My wife suffers from both and has had periods of remission and active disease (currently she is in remission) She was diagnosed with both at 15. Her periods of remission have varied from as long as 4 years to as short as a couple of months. There are tests for both diseases and even if she is in remission she is able to be tested. What types of signs and symptoms is she presenting?

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