Healthy weight dog food that's not chicken?

Healthy weight dog food that's not chicken? Topic: Healthy weight dog food that's not chicken?
November 14, 2019 / By Finbar
Question: I have never officially had my dog tested, but she definitely has itchy skin and allergies (pug). I have been told by many that it's actually fairly common to see dogs allergic to chicken. Unfortunately, she also needs to be on a weight loss or low calorie food. I have so far found only two non-chicken flavored dry dog foods, Natural Choice Lamb and Wellness Core Turkey (which is turkey flavored, but is still poultry with chicken in it). She has been on the Lamb kibble for 3 months now. I have eliminated chicken treats and anything poultry from her diet and she has significantly stopped with the itching. Am I sure it's the chicken? Not really but it seems like it's helping. Unfortunately, this formula makes her need to "go" a lot more often. She used to be fine holding it in while I was at work and when I went to bed at night...now she's waking me up to go and we've had an accident or 2 in the house while I'm gone. She's never done this before and I believe it's due to the high protein content in the formula. She's only started doing this once I changed her food. Unfortunately, I can't find any other dry food that's low calorie and not chicken. Does anyone have suggestions?
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Dannie Dannie | 6 days ago
Weight loss formulas are a marketing gimmick. Weight loss is achieved through feeding proper amounts of quality food at two meal times a day. When the food has been down for 20 minutes, then take it away. No more food until next meal. She will learn to eat at meal times in a day or two. Limit treats. The low calorie foods are filled with fiber. It's not the meat protein causing the issue, it's the high fiber. Feed hear a quality food designed for a small breed - Blue makes several fine, limited ingredient diets, as does Natural Balance.
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Dannie Originally Answered: Wellness Complete Health Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, and Rice Recipe a good dry food?
Yes, good food.. all good food. I like to avoid grains like rice because they really have no place in a cat's diet. In fact, they are believed to contribute to bladder stone issues and perhaps even thyroid issues. If you can afford grain free food, it makes sense to me. But at least rice is better than corn, and any variety of Wellness is much better than Purina :) Chicken meal isn't bad. What happens with chicken meal is they grind the chicken up and suck the water out. This is just part of the process for dry food. For the fish/fowl and stinky poop, that's one of the side effects of fish, unfortunately. The fowl part should be fine :) Hopefully you find a good wet food that works for her.

Aymery Aymery
If you feed a Premium quality dog food, she should pick up weight in no time. Just because she's a big breed, does not mean she will eat a lot. I have a friend with a Newfoundland, that weights 165 pounds, and Floyd only eats about 3 cups of Eagle Pack dog food a day. He is a retired show dog, that has a champion in just about everything, form Obedience to draft trails. The only thing he hasn't finished is Water Rescue, So he is in training all the time. If you want her to bulk up fast, and not get a loose stool, and if she hasn't got one yet from the chicken, she soon will, try just plain old bread. The carbs will pack on the pounds. Any dog that was given a choice would most likely eat wet over dry. I'm not a big fan of canned food, I don't think it cleans the teeth enough, and it has a high water content, so your paying for mostly water.
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Vonnie Vonnie
There are several non-chicken options, this is a common allergy. Blue is usually a good food to try, but I think Science Diet also has a few fish based foods, too. You should go to your local Petsmart or Petco and ask for help. The people there are usually knowledgeable about the food options. Try asking your vet for suggestions too.
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Shantae Shantae
lamb and rice is the best for skin problems in dogs. You should have her tested for a flea allergy though, that is very common and all it takes is one bite from the flea to make the dog want to rip its fur out. Vet Tech for 3 years
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Oriane Oriane
Don t skip breakfast and choose that s high in protein for energy and full of fiber to keep you satisfied for hours
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Oriane Originally Answered: Has anyone ever used a food steamer to cook chicken? How did it taste?
steaming is the healthiest way to cook anything. It will just taste like plain chicken lol. No the most falvourful but you could fry some garlic, peppers, oinions to top it. Dont add no creamy sauces. Not healthy.

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