2 month old, constipation?

2 month old, constipation? Topic: 2 month old, constipation?
July 19, 2019 / By Becky
Question: My 2 month old takes Similac Sensitive and does well with it except for constipation. She will go 3-4 days between bowel movement. By day 3 she is in obvious pain and when she finally does go it's a lot of very very hard stool followed by more mushy poo. We've had to use suppositories to get her to go and I don't want her to become dependant on them. We do baby massage on her tummy every day and it only expells some gas. I've tried to give her just a little water--a sip or two, maybe half ounce to one ounce per day. Would probiotics help? If so, what brand and how much? Does walmart sell any good probiotics? Thanks in advance!
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Adisson Adisson | 1 day ago
dont give her suppositories, give her a couple ounces of juice a day. my baby had horrible constipation when she was on gentlease, so i switched her to enfamil premium lipil and started giving her 2 oz of prune juice in the morning and 2 oz in the night. the next day she pooped out everything no prob and has been regular ever since i have done this. im going to get thumbs down for this, mostly from the BF moms who are on their high horse anyways, but i promise a little juice will not hurt your baby and it will keep her regular. baby prune, pear and whit grape juice are all great for constipation. try it.
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Adisson Originally Answered: 3 month old with constipation?
Dark Karo will not cause botulism. It will also not make them gain weight unless you are giving it to him constantly. One bottle every 4 hours or even longer will be fine. Babies at that age are gaining weight by leaps and bounds as it is, chances are that is why your son is gaining weight. We gave our son Dark Karo syrup diluted in water for constipation when he was 8 weeks until we figured out what was causing the problem. It was the formula. All three of my kids had iron intolerances when they were babies. My older two were put on low iron formula and that totally fixed the issue. But unfortunatley for my 3rd son, some morons pulled those formulas off the market last year. So, I solely breastfeed. I was told that the pediatrician might be able to prescribe low iron formula if I need it... wow great way for the pharmasuetical companies to make a buck. Anyway... The dark karo won't hurt them. It won't upset their belly like juice will at this age. And fruit juices will cause a diaper rash if they drink too much because of the acidity. We also went to our grocery store and got them infant suppositories... you might have to ask where the store keeps them at the pharmacy. Those really helped too. And they literally help right then... we would give our sons one and then just sit with the diaper unlatched and hold it closed gently and within a min or two he would poop and we would change the diaper. If you continue to have a prob with the constipation ask your pediatrician if you can try something low iron just to see if it will work. Good Luck to you, looking back that was one of the hardest times with our kids because of the constipation. I hope this helped some!!!

Tenney Tenney
This Site Might Help You. RE: 2 month old, constipation? My 2 month old takes Similac Sensitive and does well with it except for constipation. She will go 3-4 days between bowel movement. By day 3 she is in obvious pain and when she finally does go it's a lot of very very hard stool followed by more mushy poo. We've had to use suppositories to...
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Phineas Phineas
You could try Prune baby pure, pear or prune juice diluted in water. My son was the same with similac sentive except him going every 3-4 days was normal, there was no hard stools. I switched to similac advance and he now goes 3-4 times a day!!! What a difference. Maybe his not getting enough fluids ? I wouldn't use suppositories because it can cause your baby's intestine to slack ( which means they won't work as well/fast to let the poo out) They will get use to the suppositories and will expect having it to let it out...
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Madai Madai
im going thru the same silmilar situation with my son elias he was very much constipated actually he is only 12 days old he kinda still is but it's normal for this to happen to babies so early on. i've asked the advice of my sister on what to give him and since my sister has 4 kids she explained to me prune juice is the best!! i use only 1 oz of prune juice and the other oz water so together 2 ozs.
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Jehonathan Jehonathan
Definitely give her prune or pear juice (pear tastes nicer) - this may remedy the problem all by itself. But suppositories are actually the least "addictive" of all remedies because they're not strong stimulant-irritants and they don't affect the whole intestine. So if you have to use suppositories to ensure she's doing a smelly every day, so be it.
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Jehonathan Originally Answered: How to relieve my 8 month old of constipation?
One thing that will help is getting her moving as much as possible - bicycling her legs or encouraging her to crawl if she is mobile. Also massaging her tummy in a clockwise motion. I would try the karo syrup in her food as well; I know that is commonly recommended and I don't see any reason it wouldn't work in her food as opposed to in a bottle. Also, is she still on cereal at all? Rice cereal is constipating, but oatmeal cereal actually has a laxative effect - maybe switching her to that would help as well

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