so all you people who have been constipated?

so all you people who have been constipated? Topic: so all you people who have been constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Emory
Question: ao i got scoliosis surgery last monday ( a week ago) didnt eat or drink at 1st day,(was through tubes) second day was liquids and so was 3rd. 4th i got food and i ate alot pretty much all fruit an occasional samwich and bacon cause thats all that tasted good at the hospitol. every day i ate they gave me powder for a drink, a laxative, and a few laxative pills every dday and i still havent pooped!! its been 8 days since i pooped! and they weird thing is i didnt gain any weight at all, even though i ate alot,. now i dont feel like eating muuch since im always full! im home now, and if i dont poop by 6pm my moms gonna give me this thing up my butt that will make me poop. do you know of any thing can eat or drink that will make me poop?? ive tryed coffee, prune juice, and laxatives also i do fart, but they dont smell, so i guess its not coming out for a while. what do i do!!!!
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Clyde Clyde | 4 days ago
If it has been 8 days, you are probably impacted with poop. If you have taken fiber and pill laxatives regularly over that period of time and they have not worked, they are probably not going to. I doubt that there is anything that you could take orally at this point that would work. I am not sure what your mom is planning, but I am guessing that it is an enema or laxative suppository since it will be administered rectally. An enema is your best option at this point. It should work within a couple of minutes and the liquid will soften the stool to make it easier to pass. I would just go ahead and get it over with rather than wait until 6 PM. One thing though - you should ask your mom to let you give it to yourself. The directions are on the box and it is much less embarrasing to do it to yourself. Good luck.
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Clyde Originally Answered: Is gluten intolerance common in people who have fibromyalgia or people who have autoimmune diseases like lupus?
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Anthony Anthony
Be patient. Your digestion was messed up by the surgery. You'll take a bit of time to start going again, as you've found out, but it *will* start. Again, be patient. It took me awhile to start again.
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Tracy Tracy
Lactulose syrup from the chemist. Nice and gentle stool softener. Drink plenty fluids as well.
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