Going on a diet, need healthy food ideas?

Going on a diet, need healthy food ideas? Topic: Going on a diet, need healthy food ideas?
October 14, 2019 / By Elric
Question: I'm trying to lose 20 pounds before summer. The problem is I don't know how to eat right. I'm from the south and grew up on mostly fried foods and sweets. So can someone give me some healthy recipes that are easy and taste good? Also if you don't regularly exercise and want to start, should you begin with light exercise? Thanks!
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Clare Clare | 3 days ago
here is the list of foods, separated into 3 categories: - good sources of protein - good sources of carbs - good sources of fat Good Sources Of Protein Chicken (without skin) Turkey (without skin) Lean cuts of beef Lean cuts of pork Lean cuts of lamb Lean cuts of veal Eggs Egg whites Tuna fish Salmon Shrimp Lobster Flounder Sardines Snapper Swordfish Trout Crab Clams Scallops Milk (2% or skim) Cottage cheese (low fat/non fat) Yogurt (low fat/non fat) Tofu Black beans Garbanzo beans (aka chick peas) Kidney beans Lentils Lima beans Navy beans Pinto beans Miso Soybeans Peanuts Almonds Cashews Hazelnuts Pecans Pistachio nuts Natural peanut butter Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Protein powder, protein shakes and protein bars Good Sources Of Carbs Brown Rice 100% whole wheat bread 100% whole wheat bagels 100% whole wheat pita bread Whole wheat/whole grain pasta Sweet potatoes Yams Oatmeal Buckwheat Bulgur Bran cereals Garbanzo beans (aka chick peas) Kidney beans Black beans Lentils Navy beans Pinto beans Lima Beans (Fruits And Vegetables) Apple Orange Plum Banana Grapes Strawberries Peaches Pears Cantaloupe Pineapple Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage Asparagus Spinach Lettuce Romaine lettuce Avocado Cucumber Eggplant Tomato Cauliflower Celery Turnip Bok choy Mushrooms Peppers Green peas Good Sources Of Fat Salmon Mackerel Herring Anchovies Sardines Scallops Halibut Fish oil supplements Peanuts Almonds Walnuts Cashews Natural peanut butter Olive oil (extra-virgin) Flax seeds Flax seed oil Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds
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Clare Originally Answered: I need diet and healthy food ideas!?
Eat everything as whole as possible like the fruits and veggies. im sure you've heard that a ton before! haha. I'm trying to lose weight too & im 15 too! haha. Nuts are really good for you too they have the natural oils & stuff & they are good for your skin. I think counting calories is the easiest for loosing weight. its easy to keep track of. the lowest you should go is about 1200 that might sound high but if you go under that your body will go into shock & you wont loose weight unless you go like, crazy low in calories which isn't good either because that would be anorexia.. anyways. try and eat things with lots of protein like eggs & fruit for breakfast chicken salad sandwich for lunch veggies & some protein (meat, beans, eggs) for dinner & fruits, veggies & nuts for snacks. you'll lose weight the fastest that way. its waay hard to stay on a diet, ive been struggling with that one.. but im sure once you start loosing weight it'll get a lot easier! if you wanna email me you can & maybe we could be like loosing weight buddies hahaha idk. like an accountability thing kinda. i thought it sounded like kinda a cool idea :) lol anyways, good luck!
Clare Originally Answered: I need diet and healthy food ideas!?
do no longer provide up all breads and pasta, basically swap to total grains. you may get quinoa pasta it particularly is unquestionably tasty and extremely stable for you. Quinoa in this is familiar sort is amazingly healthy too. All-organic peanut butter is an stunning snack too; an stunning sort of protein and healthy fat, plus it tastes like a take care of and could shop you from feeling disadvantaged. And consume as many distinctive end result and vegetables as you may.

Ammiel Ammiel
20 pounds? That's be some hard work. Anyways you want to lift and do cardio. Now I suggest you start juicing fruits and vegetables. Buy a juicer. They're worth it. You should start by juicing and cardio. The juice will cleanse your body and it's quite fun with all the combinations you could do. Now that you're done cleansing and doing cardio for a a week or so you're gonna wanna throw some lifting in there. Not heavy weight but light weight. Foods to eat Any type of meat....I would eat them grilled or baked. Stay away from the oil. Now you'll want to always juice. It's great your getting fruits and vegetables in your body. Eat potato. Not mashed with all that butter and milk but baked. Rice is also good. Fish like salmon is great too. You're gonna want to your calorie in take so you don't stall your weight loss. And drink lots of water You could always google more food for weight loss.
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Tina Tina
I lost 30 pounds in about 2 - 3 months doing herbalife. I also lost weight doing atkins diet, but from what I understand it isn't the healthiest way to diet (and I gained all the weight back). Feel free to check out my blog (you can also see before/after pictures on some of the topics).
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Tina Originally Answered: Healthy food ideas?!?
Exactly, eat healthy, fruit vegetables grains fish meat, read the labels on some of the boxes, cans of food you eat, not natural, some you don't even know what it is. I eat healthy all week, count calories, one day a week I alow myself to eat junk food if I want, called a cheat day, usually a candy bar or cinnamon roll takes care of the urge for anything sweet for the week.

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