natural remedies for constipation in a 3 1/2 month old?

natural remedies for constipation in a 3 1/2 month old? Topic: natural remedies for constipation in a 3 1/2 month old?
September 23, 2019 / By Azure
Question: anything i can give my daughter for constipation? currently my daughter is breastfed and then i supplement formula when it is needed because my milk production has went down due to birth control. serious answers only please? its not a pill that i'm on its the implanon
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Abital Abital | 4 days ago
It's very normal for a breastfed baby to not poop for up to 3 weeks!!! I know it sounds gross and uncomfy but breastfed babies use up all the nutrients they receive from you so sometimes they don't have to go. It's completely normal but if your totally worried about it you can give her 3 tablespoons of apple juice in a bottle and that should help. Hope she poops soon! :)
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There are dietary and supplement reccomendations for people with manic depression, but if your friend is on medication he can not stop taking it suddenly and then just eat something and be okay. He must stay on his meds and if his family can't afford it they should find some way to get help with their medical bills or get the meds through a free clinic or something. Manic depression is a serious disorder that can cause much sorrow to the patient's family and friends -- not to mention the patient himself -- if it is not treated properly. Oh, my gosh! Extreme Dude has got it very, very wrong! Valerian root is very dangerous for someone with manic depressive disease. This is why one should only take herbs or other medicines from a qualified naturopath or MD.

Swithun Swithun
you should stop the BC and switch -- are you taking a POP pill? if you keep nursing though, your production will go up and you won't have to supplement. it's normal for breast fed babies to go long between poops, so are you sure she's constipated? breast milk gets absorbed very well so there's hardly any waste. I'd just wait it out, unless she seems like she's in pain and trying to push, because she really shouldn't be constipated if you're mostly breast feeding.
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Patrick Patrick
Only thing I can think of is maybe switching the formula you use to suppliment? Maybe you would need to change your diet to have a different effect on your milk? Guess she could be getting too much iron or something to cause the constipation? Good luck!
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Lorin Lorin
i had the same problem with my 2 month old. the doctor told me to keep breastfeeding if i am producing, but i can supplement with water in between feedings to help him "go"--however he is a VERY hungry boy who eats A LOT. water can cause a baby to miss a feeding. sometimes, though, it is just what you eat... i also found that if i drink a cup of coffee in the morning then breastfeed, it helps keep my little guy regular throughout the day. weird, but it works.
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Jaycob Jaycob
prune juice or small amounts of water. If you've just started the formula then give it a week before you try anythin- it could just take her digestive system time to settle.
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First off, do not use iodized salt. Use unrefined sea salt. You should get your iodine from seaweed. If you want it in a pill form a good product for that is www.modifilan.com. It's been extensively tested on Chernobyl victims actually as it detoxes radiation. It's an excellent source of iodine for thyroid function. I have also gotten rid of my low thyroid with exercise and now have zero weight problem. Breathing and any kind of exercise from yoga to just walking does wonders. I have also found mini trampolines to be excellent. After doing the seaweed and supplements, along with the exercise, my thyroid tested normal. This stuff works and I'm living proof for 2 years now. It's sad when people try to say all supplements and natural medicine are bunk because they are not. Extensive studies have been done on everything from Reishi to Resveratrol proving their effectiveness. In other countries they use these remedies as standard practice. Those of us with experience can no longer be fooled by such propaganda. You're on the right track. Radiation and heavy metals are the main reasons I've seen the thyroid get low but sometimes it also involves weakened adrenals, so the Bs and Cs are a good idea. When shopping for supplements, it's easy to get ripped off by companies that put fillers into their products. When looking for good products, find supplements that have no fillers and use only a veg. capsule. Make SURE they are NOT synthetic. Good luck.

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