How to Lose Weight? What Diet Works Best?

How to Lose Weight? What Diet Works Best? Topic: How to Lose Weight? What Diet Works Best?
November 22, 2019 / By Amoz
Question: So I am 5'3 exactly and 212 pounds, and I am not happy. My doctors say I'm barely overweight, but healthy and not at risk of anything harmful. Since I'm not happy with my weight, I want to fix it. My main problem is that I like snacking (Not anything like sweets or chocolate), and I don't really eat proper meals. What are some diets that has worked for you? Military diet, Vegan diet, Atkins diet.
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Tonya Tonya | 2 days ago
Find out how much you should be eating. Meaning how many calories you should eat a day. Second: Invest in good foods. Meaning realize that this is going to take a bit of savvy shopping. Fancy "Diets". The best diet is a healthy one. Fruits, grains, vegetables, lean meats and every once in awhile some dark meat (beef). Buy some healthy snacking items. Carrots, Apples, Granola bars. You get the idea. When you get hungry and its not meal time just grab one of those. Drink lots of water. Around 75% of people are Dehydrated. This will go a large way to losing weight by itself. Look up healthy recipes or even vegetarian recipes. All are good. Realize that you will also have to put some time into cooking. And last but not least exercise some. A thin body doesn't necessarily mean a healthy one Here is an idea of a daily meal. Breakfast: 2-3 eggs scrambled with chopped onions and bell peppers mixed in and some shredded cheese sprinkled over the top. with two slices of multi grain toast with a glass or milk and an apple or some other fruit. Lunch is brown rice with a baked chicken breast set upon some chopped onions that are baked with the chicken.With a glass of juice or water Dinner is some pasta with homemade sauce filled with chucks of vegetables, two things of fruit (apples, pears, bananas) a serving of steamed veggies with some spiced rice. Also with a large glass of juice or water (or better yet both). As you can see you will be cooking a good deal. So best of luck. And when in doubt Youtube it.
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Tonya Originally Answered: Need to lose 60lbs. Any diet plan out that works and is not expensive? Don't eat alot, just drank pop too much?
glad to hear your not drinking soda anymore, that right there will ruin weight loss on it's own! WATER WATER WATER find an exercise program that works for you! Cardio and aerobics are my suggestion overall. Anything that gets your heart rate elevated! If you're not sweating a lot, your not losing a lot. I also suggest a low calorie diet of about 1000-1200 calories a day. I've done this and have lost 18 pounds in a little over a month best of luck! :D
Tonya Originally Answered: Need to lose 60lbs. Any diet plan out that works and is not expensive? Don't eat alot, just drank pop too much?
distracted dining will get you in trouble avoid eating in front of a television or in a movie theater as you re bound to consume more calories

Rubye Rubye
at 5'3" and 212 pounds you are VERY overweight. I'm 5"8 and I was super fat, at just 200lbs (size 20). I don't know what the doctor was thinking telling you that your health wasn't at risk but get a second opinion. excess fat is jut a accumulation of calories. lots of people have excess because they eat way too much wheat and grain products. if you like to have a support system, like support group, then weight watchers might be your thing
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Nella Nella
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Nella Originally Answered: i need a diet plan that works.?
weightwatchers.com or if you want to loose weight on your own: fruit, vegetables, lean meat, 1% milk, and LOTS of water!! and exercise! ...and if you have to eat dessert, only once a weak, and small portions tips: drink alot of water before meals, so you feel more full. count calorie intake. walk everywhere (instead of taking the car) chew gum if you are craving food and drink lots of water always when you are tempted to eat - think about how you will look like if you don't eat that food then... write in a journal how much you eat in a day. be specific and weigh yourself every morning.

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