where can i find laxatives?

where can i find laxatives? Topic: where can i find laxatives?
December 15, 2019 / By Adina
Question: i live in the UK, and im wondering whether you can just go to a pharmasist or something, and just buy laxatives im 15, is there an age restriction???
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Stephani Stephani | 5 days ago
If you are having problems with your bowels it is best to go and see a GP, and/or talk to your parents. If you have a legitimate reason for needing them then they will be able to get some for you. I'm sorry if I am jumping to conclusions, but if you plan to use them for weight loss, please don't bother. They wont make you lose weight, only fluid. Food is digested much higher up in the bowel than laxatives work on, so you cant use laxatives to 'push food through' without getting the nutrients from it. They can also cause long term damage to the bowel, which can in some cases lead to feacal incontinance (pooing your pants) or a colostomy bag. It's so not worth it, and it just doesn't work I'm afraid. It's also dangerous to give someone laxatives without them knowing as a prank. Again, if this does not apply to you then apologies, but I can see no reason you cant ask your gp (and get them for free).
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Stephani Originally Answered: Please help me to find some medicine?
Senna IS sennakot.... And it IS physically addicting.... You need to ask a different pharmacist for advice... Tell her to try colace or dulcolax (stool softeners) Little known fact but the active ingredient is totally natural and harmless - which is why so many obstetricians suggest it to pregnant women. Typically, if metamucil doesnt help, you have a problem with transit time in the instestinal tract - tell her to try probiotics and a magnesium supplement... If all else fails, miralax is the "least evil" of the drug store laxatives. It adds water to the bowels, but is safer than epsom salts - which tends to deplete the body of electrolytes over time.

Queenie Queenie
What do you need laxatives for (besides constipation?) You can buy them almost anywhere. Even at grocery stores and especially at pharmacys. I don't think there's an age restriction, but I don't live in the UK. If you're using Laxatives to lose weight, it really won't help. Laxatives only get rid of water weight. By the time the food leaves your system, all calories will be absorbed. http://www.freewebs.com/josiesed/laxatives.htm Read this. ;) and Good Luck.
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Meave Meave
Why do you need laxatives? This is not the smarter way to lose weight, girl. It can actually be very dangerous. Stick to a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen. This is the only way to lose weight in a smart way. If you cut your carbs and increase your proteins you will lose weight for sure. The exercise will also help with you energy levels...you'll feel very good. Good luck, and think it twice before you do a stupid thing that you might regret.
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Lavern Lavern
Laxatives are over the counter, any general store should have them. There's no age restriction on pooping.
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Lavern Originally Answered: where can I find maltsupex?
Malt Soupex is the exact same thing as barley malt, or maltose, which is grain sugar syrup. It is available in most healthfood stores and co-ops. You can also sometimes find it in feed and grain stores as it's used in making warm mashes for farm animals. It's around $5-$10 for a bottle that's somewhere between 10-16oz. depending upon the brand. You can also find it in pharmacies--just ask for it by name--but you'll pay handsomely for it if you buy it there. Shop around a bit and you'll see where to get it at the best price. It's a gentle, safe, delicious tasting laxative. It's also really good on pancakes and french toast and biscuits.

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