Can i feed a rabbit with hamster food from the pet shop?

Can i feed a rabbit with hamster food from the pet shop? Topic: Can i feed a rabbit with hamster food from the pet shop?
October 18, 2019 / By Vivian
Question: Whenever I go to the pet shop, there will be a food for hamsters and rabbits but they look about the same. Are they different in any way? Is there anything wrong with feeding my rabbit food for hamsters?
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Best Answers: Can i feed a rabbit with hamster food from the pet shop?

Shanna Shanna | 5 days ago
Well to start , hamsters are rodents, a rabbit is a lagomorph, not a rodent. Seed mixture foods may be fine for rodents they are not fine for rabbits.. Rabbits are strict herbivores, and in nature they rarely get fruit, nuts or other such fatty, starchy foods. The complex flora of the cecum can quickly become dangerously imbalanced if too much simple, digestible carbohydrate is consumed--especially if the diet is generally low in fiber. The result is often "poopy butt syndrome," in which mushy fecal matter cakes onto the rabbit's behind. This a sign of cecal dysbiosis, which can cause much more serious health problems. Rabbits food with seeds nuts and crunchy things is a garbage pellets, If the manufacturers of "gourmet rabbit food" truly cared about your rabbit's health and longevity, they would not market such products. FYI hamster food is for hamsters not rabbits..
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Shanna Originally Answered: How do I shop for healthy food?
For protein beans are great (like chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, black beans, etc.), fish like salmon or tuna, eggs, tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers, nuts like almonds and walnuts, seeds - pumpkin seeds for example, nut butters like peanut or almond butter, etc. Drink plenty of water to help clear your body out, you can also drink water with lemon which is cleansing. Go for organic foods whenever you can. Healthy food ideas: ~ Greek yogurt or yogurt (nonfat) - Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt ~ Eggs, cheese, cottage cheese (2% is fine), goat cheese, skim milk or goat milk, etc. ~ Vegetables ~ Fruit & Berries ~ Beans (chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, mixed beans, etc.) - full of fiber and protein ~ Veggie burgers (Amy's makes great veggie burgers) ~ Multigrain bread, ezekiel bread, rye bread, whole wheat pitas, whole grain tortillas or bagels, etc. ~ Whole grain pasta or brown rice pasta or spelt pasta, brown/wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc. ~ Sweet potatoes & potatoes ~ Hummus ~ Oatmeal ~ Healthy cereals (Kashi, Nature's Path Organic, etc..high in fiber like raisin bran) ~ Nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.), seeds, almond butter, peanut butter ~ Non-dairy milks like soy, almond or rice milk ~ Ground flax seed to add into a smoothie, top yogurt, etc. ~ Olive oil ~ Salmon & Tuna ~ Tofu & Tempeh ~ Whole grain crackers (Kashi crackers are great) ~ Whole grain waffles like - berry-flax waffles

Oralee Oralee
No! Please do not do this! A rabbit needs a very specific type of food. Avoid anything besides pellets alone! It should not have any little pieces of corn or other colorful pieces in it. Those are all bad for the bunny. The type of pellets really should be high quality (Timothy hay) pellets also because the cheap ones eventually lead to all kInds of health problems including GI stasis which is a silent killer and bladder stones requiring very expensive surgery. I should know, as I work in a rabbit shelter where we house 100-300 rabbits at all times. I've seen just about any condition a rabbit can have and many come to the shelter in bad shape from diet. Along with pellets, the rabbit should be offered greens daily. No lettuce unless it's romaine please! Iceberg lettuce will cause diarrhea and kill your bunny. Bunnies also love dandelion leaves, fresh parsley and cilantro, and many other kinds of veggies. Go to the house rabbit society's website and they will have some great info for you.
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Maidie Maidie
No, don't do it. Go to a local feed store, and you will find rabbit food there. And it is actually a lot more inexpensive at feed stores. I got a 50 lb bag of pellets for $20.
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Keziah Keziah
Hamsters and rabbits have completely different dietary needs, no you can't feed them hammie food! Hamsters are omnivores, rabbits are herbivores (fibrevores) and those different foods, while they may look similar, are going to be formulated differently. A rabbit's diet should be 80% hay anyway.
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Keziah Originally Answered: My rabbit is 4 months old, I am looking for a good daily food for him to eat?
You are absolutely correct to worry about the mix food. A healthy rabbit does not have a muesli mix! It encourages selective eating and often does contain nasties they shouldn't be eating like seeds and nuts. Find a pellet instead such as Oxbow Bunny Basics or Science Selective, you want a pellet that is at least 20% fibre. This should only form a small part of his diet though, 80% of his diet should be hay. Fruit is unnecessary for bunnies. Very high in sugar! And take it slow with the veggies too!

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