Simple foods to cook on the atkins diet?

Simple foods to cook on the atkins diet? Topic: Simple foods to cook on the atkins diet?
July 19, 2019 / By Trish
Question: I am in Phase one of the atkins diet. I rarely have time to cook and I am kind of a picky eater, what are some simple, yummy foods I can cook in the first phase of the atkins diet? Thanks!
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Salome Salome | 5 days ago
NOTHING is yummy in phase one of that diet. I got my yummy need by fixing my meat in spices and marinades. You have to make sure its no/low sugar though. If you have fresh meat, you can put some in a baking bag with seasonings, and some water and let it bake. It is cooking, but its low key, and you can do other things while its baking. I like to use rosemary, thyme, oregeno and pepper for that. But really, mix and match any spices that you like. Adding the water will help keep the meat tender in the absence of other liquid. Typically when I bake meat like that, i use juice of some sort, depending on the spices i went with. For example, with all that rosemary i would either do apple or orange. There is this brown sugar bourban season packet from the store, i put apple juice in with that (directions call for some oils and crap, but i skipped all that.. that season packet is also not phase one friendly, may not be atkins friendly period) Turkey Burgers - get the ground kind that you have to patty, not pre pattied. Patty them with spices. Again, I tend to use my rosemary mix up there, but we also like using different pepper blends, and different sauces like soy or worteshire (sp, and not sure what the sugar content is on that). Get the low fat version.
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Salome Originally Answered: How can a college student be able to cook affordable and simple (yet tasty) meals?
THIS IS WHAT I SPECIALIZE IN.....PENNY PINCHING ON A COLLEGE BUDGET TRYING TO EAT HEALTHY ***shop at BIG LOTS or Wal Mart and buy Great Value brand ***always compare using the dollar/weight ratio on the sticker prices at Wal Mart ***stay away from milk and cereal, its WAY too expensive for the quality of meal it is. ***YOU GOTTA COMMIT TO STOP EATING OUT, take out a 20 dollar bill at the beginning of the month and say I'm only gonna eat out this 20 dollars worth, when its gone, no more burger and fries w/ water. keep that money in its own bag and leave it at the house unless you think you might have to use it for lunch out one day. Then just eat enough to get you back to the house for dinner. *** YOU CAN NOT BE LAZY i will repeat....its important...YOU CAN NOT BE LAZY..... your gonna have to cook and clean dishes....I struggled at first, now theres not a better way to live life!!! 1. Boxed Stuff 2. Cheap Filler Uppers 3. Pastas 4. Frozen Vegtables 5. Canned Foods 6. Meats 7. Frozen Dinners 1. All prepackaged boxed stuff (Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, Chicken Helper...Zatarans - jumbalaya or red beans and rice is my favorite and its the tastiest of them all...add smoked sausage for $2.00 and its SUPER good....add extra can of red beans makes more (add extra beans in the last 10 minutes to prevent them getting soggy) ) 2. Eggs, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter / Jelly, (all are filling VERY CHEAP and good for you) 3. Get a BIG bag of the spiral looking pasta noodles. Cook whole bag.... mix 2 cans of tuna.....frozen peas (cook them in microwave first) and then mix white fettucini alfredo sauce....ITS BANGIN, thats 3 meals for under $4.50 Also Speghetti - biggest box of noodles + Big thing of Great Value sauce....$3.00 meal add hamburger meat $5.00 meal makes atleast 3 servings. 4. FROZEN VEGTABLES & CANNED VEGGIES (cheap and good for you) 5. Canned soup. Chunky Cambells soup. essentially its a meal for 1.89 Big Lots 1.50 even better Any of the big canned soup or chili or chicken in dumplings All Cheap good for you and its a meal for under 2 bucks 6. Buy the Great Value brand bags of frozen chicken breasts Buy the 1lb rolls of ground beef. For sandwich meats...get the Great Value big bags of meat. (the ones with the lowest cents / ounce ratio. Wal Mart lists all those on the price sticker) 7. Frozen Dinners the Michalenes Brand I think it is. Its the one that is like .98 cents. They have all kinds of different ones. You can stock up on those, 2 of them usually hold me off for a meal. OR If you have one of them and mac and cheese your set for 2 nights.

Nikki Nikki
have you even read the book? I think not! or you would know that the phase 1 is mostly meats boiled, broiled or fried without any breading. There is nothing yummy about this phase after 6 to 8 weeks of the induction. I use phase 3 of Atkins or phase 2 of South Beach Living for my lifestyle change to maintain my weight and control my glucose. Take a good daily mulltivitamin supplement while you are doing this or you will find yourself low on some minor but necessary nutrients.
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Lynna Lynna
When I did that diet, I just ate tuna straight out of the can. But, you can eat things like salad that comes in a bag, one of those roasted chickens you can get at most grocery stores, cheese, cold cuts, etc.
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Keeleigh Keeleigh
steaks burgers (without the bun) any fish (as long as its not battered) chicken (as long as its not battered)
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Keeleigh Originally Answered: I've started the atkins diet. But i've only eaten foods with NO carbs.will i lose weight fast?
yes your metabolism probably is good so carb diets are kinda risky if you your metabolism i really fast because you wont have enough calories id just be careful=)

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