How to cleanse system for drug test?

How to cleanse system for drug test? Topic: How to cleanse system for drug test?
January 26, 2020 / By Tanzy
Question: I have a job interview tomorrow and if I get the job they will sometimes do a drug test. I smoked a little bit of weed on New years Eve. What are some ways that I can cleanse the drug out of my system quicker than usual? and how long does it usually stay in ur system normally?
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Best Answers: How to cleanse system for drug test?

Rimon Rimon | 3 days ago
Well you don't know if you are going to get hired, but how about you be a little smarter next time and don't do drugs. DUHH!!
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Rimon Originally Answered: How long would it take for marijuana to be out of my system(be able to pass a drug test)?
You stand a VERY good chance of passing if you are honest about your use. I use to know a 15 year old girl that would smoke EVERY day of her life . She was in ADAC ( drug court for kids) She could have all traces out of her system in LESS than a week. There were some key factors in this though A) she was skinny ( marijuana is metabolized and stored in fat cells in the body , your body has USE for marijuana . The reason most other drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, meth and ecstasy DONT stay in your body long is because they cant metabolize it. It is out of your system in three days at most. Marijuana can take up to a month to "naturally" leave the body" B) she took cranberry pills ( support a healthy urinary tract ) C) she flushed every "toxin" out of her body and was able to make "fresh" urine that would pass before drug time. As long as you only had one high you should be fine. In normal circumstances one high will be worked out in a weeks time anyway with ease . AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR MORNINGS FIRST URINE . Give them good pee , but not your mornings first . As long as you do this you should be good. Be safe .

Miracle Miracle
Thirty days......thats how long it stays in your system. Sorry, but you should have thought about this before you took your first hit.
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Lilly Lilly
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Kaety Kaety
It stays for 30 days at least. A great way to get rid of anything in your system is to buy from http://www.directdetox.com I have used them in the past and the service is awesome. Family run operation that understands how you feel and how much privacy is a concern. Fantastic place, I can't say enough about it! They have detox drinks to synthetics. They have home drug test kits too! Saliva Kits too!
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Gwendolen Gwendolen
It stays for 28 days minimum.It cant be cleansed out.It has to slowly work it's way out.If you don't have a pre hire drug test don't do any more drugs and don't worry.If you do have a pre hire test I would be putting in more applications and not doing any more drugs.Every one drug tests now days.Even fast food is starting to pre test before hiring.
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Gwendolen Originally Answered: i have low body fat, and a high metabolism. How long will it take to clean my system for a drug test?
On average it takes two weeks but considering your body fat and high metabolism maybe even less. Still, just to be on the safe side I would just quit a month in advance so there is no chance. Also, drink vinegar and cranberry juice to flush it out. As long as they don't take a hair sample you'll be fine.

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