My daughter is almost 3 years old and she has had constipation since she was 6 months old. what is wrong?

My daughter is almost 3 years old and she has had constipation since she was 6 months old. what is wrong? Topic: My daughter is almost 3 years old and she has had constipation since she was 6 months old. what is wrong?
September 23, 2019 / By Stephania
Question: She has taken miralax(laxative) daily for the last 2.5 years for her chronic constipation. She has recently been throwing(6 occurrences) up at random times, sometimes right after she eats or a few hours later. Why has the throwing up started and what test can I get done to learn more about the causes of these symptoms? Does the constipation relate to the vomitting? The only answer I've gotten from the Dr.'s is that she needs to take miralax until she outgrows this, no one actually knows what's going on! HELP!!!
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Quella Quella | 7 days ago
She's throwing up coz she can't go. What won't go out below will come back up. Have you tried liquid glycerin? Squirt it up her bum. It'll work immediately if not a few days later. My girl is having the same problem. She started at around that age. But it wasn't a regular thing. She's almost 3 now. And almost every week she'll start crying and straining. She's constipated coz she just won't push. If she hasn't gone for a week i'd have to use the liquid. I was advised not to give her laxative daily as it might weaken the muscles down there. I only gave it as a 2nd last resort. Also i found that if she takes cough medicine she'll have an easier time going to poo.
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Quella Originally Answered: I think my daughter has severe constipation, how can I help her?
Do what the Dr. says.Without knowing what she is eating and when. We can not really give an assessment.

Meed Meed
They need to test for food allergies if the constipation is progressing into vomiting. Get a GI specialist, not a regular pediatrician. The vomiting may not be related but for now needs to be treated as if it is. The Miralax itself may be causing the vomiting, however you can't just stop taking Miralax or it can cause a massive rebound effect, with fecal impaction. My son got constipated as an infant/toddler and as a result at ten years old, his system still can't recognize the pressure of a bowel movement. We'll be doing treatment for awhile yet, but I've learned there should always be some improvement, even if it's very slow. Regressing or getting new symptoms should always be checked. Good luck!!
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Laverne Laverne
My sister, who is now 6, had and still has this issue. Its really just due to poor diet. She would be constipated for weeks and only go mabye twice a month and have cramps and throw up as well, she was put on all kinds of stool softners and finally a specialist did a bunch of tests and basically said nothing was wrong and he gave my mom a strict diet for her that was really high in fiber and alot of fruits and 100% fruit juice (we usually juiced our own or spent alot of time reading labels to find real fruit juice). It helped her out alot, she was cut back on sugars and alot of foods but she is now pretty regular, if she strays at all from her diet though she will get constipated again. I would have her looked at and get a sonogram done, if they find nothing then change her diet, just do some research on foods that are good for constipation and those that are bad and really be strict about what she can and cant eat. It will be hard for you both but it may really help her in the long run.
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Jochebed Jochebed
Constipation is almost always caused by dehydration (not enough water) or too much sugar (or a combination of both). It sounds as though your daughters constipation is really bad, so you need to tackle this as strongly as possible. Laxatives may be necessary in the short term, but in the long term they don't help, in fact they just make the situation worse. They also stop working after a while and you have to keep changing to different types. But they do long term damage, so should be avoided when possible. Encourage your daughter to drink plenty of water. The water can be hot or cold. Adding a slice of lemon or lime can give it a good taste, but don't give her bought flavoured water - it is full of sugar. Avoid fruit juice, dilute, squash and fizzy drinks - all full of sugar. Encourage her to eat vegetables rather than fruit. Fruit is also full of sugar. Berries are lower in sugar than other fruit. Grapes are the worst for sugar. Don't just change your daughter's diet. First explain to her that you want her to eat and drink things that will help her to feel better. Get some linseeds. A good health shop will sell them if your supermarket doesn't. They are tasteless but have a lovely crunchy texture. They can be added to any food - sandwiches, soups, stews, even salads or just on their own. They will really get her going, so start with a small amount. Try to avoid feeding your daughter processed foods and refined foods. So give her brown rice, wholemeal pasta, potatoes, plenty of fresh or frozen vegetables, etc. If she has meat, make sure it is proper meat and not processed. If she wants a sandwich, encourage her to have a filling like cheese or cold meat with some salad. E.g. cold chicken (perhaps from the roast you did the day before) with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Make up carrot sticks and celery sticks for her to snack on. Plain nuts and seeds also make good snacks. She won't outgrow this on her own. Make gradual changes to her diet and introduce linseeds. Research has shown that some people get constipated because their body can't absorb cold water, so offer your daughter some boiled (and then cooled to body temperature) water with either a slice of lemon or lime, or try herbal tea (not fruit tea). There are lots of herbal teas with lots of different tastes. Redbush or rooibos is a good one to start with. It is full of healthy minerals. Just make up by putting a teabag in some boiled water. You'll soon work out how strong or weak your daughter likes it.
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Gae Gae
Try an over the counter stool softener. It's not the same as a laxative. Take her to a pediatric gastroenterologist. SOON. And get a new damn family doctor.
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Gae Originally Answered: what can we do to help 17 month old daughter with constipation?
Watered down prune juice is what doctors recommend. Maybe call up your doctor and see what children's laxative they could recommend.

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