My 18 month old has not had a bowel movement in 2 days. Is that ok?

My 18 month old has not had a bowel movement in 2 days. Is that ok? Topic: My 18 month old has not had a bowel movement in 2 days. Is that ok?
September 23, 2019 / By Sloan
Question: He usually has one every day. Every now and then, he'll skip a day, but that's really uncommon. If he does skip a day, he always has a bowel movement the next day. He's never gone two days before without one, so I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I've been trying to get him to drink a lot of water and diluted juice, as well as fruit. Should I buy him baby laxative drops, or is it too soon to worry? How long is too long without having a bowel movement? Thanks. Thank you all so much for your advice so far! My son finally had a BM, but it came out in hard small balls, and the BM didn't seem to be quite as much as usual. I'll continue with fluids and special foods. If he doesn't have a good BM tomorrow, I'll probably buy him baby laxative drops to be on the safe side.
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Pleasant Pleasant | 10 days ago
Definitely continue with the fruit and the juice. You can call your pediatrican's office to ask about the laxative drops. Give him lots of fiber too - whole grains, fresh pears and apples, etc. And avoid foods like bananas and cheese. If he's not straining or acting as though he has a stomach ache, he should be okay - just continue with those foods and drinks that can promote a bowel movement so that he doesn't become uncomfortable.
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Pleasant Originally Answered: How many days is safe to do without a bowel movement?
since you recently had surgery, it could be a few days til you get everything functioning properly. Considering you were probably on liquids for the first day or so after your surgery, there wouldnt be a lot in there to "move" out... What "mild laxative" did you take? You could try colace, or senokot works very well. You can take up to four colaces a day (two twice a day), or four senokots (two twice a day). That usually helps get things moving...

Mattie Mattie
As long as he is not acting uncomfortable it is fine. My son gets constipated sometimes and by day two with no poo he is really hurting. This happened last week and I called the doctor because he was complaining his tummy hurt and it was really hard. He said to use the baby laxitive by fleet. I ended up not needing it because he went by the time I got back from the store (typical, huh?) Try getting him out for some exercise and a warm bath. That helps too.
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Laryn Laryn
With a child that is 18 months he should be fine unless the child is upset and uncomfortable, then the child should be fine. If not then try apple juice and or pineapple juice, but make sure that you give it time to work don't over do it. Some people say give them prune juice, but sometimes with a child that young prune juice can give them Diarrhea and that will dehydrate the child. GOOD LUCK
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Jess Jess
Does he overall seem happy? Is he showing signs of straining? If your baby is straining to get poop out and it has been two days I would give a laxative. Right now I have a 12 month old who holds in her poop because she got so constipated that it hurt and now she is afraid. I have to hold her and make pooping fun to calm her down and sometimes giver her a laxative. If he isn't straining, I wouldn't worry yet. If he is straining, I would give a laxative. Lentils cooked in chicken broth I find work wonders. Add a little bacon for extra flavor.
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Flori Flori
Kids that old can go up to 1 week without pooping. I wouldn't let him go quite that long but if he hasn't gone poop in another day then I would give him prune juice. When he does poop, make sure it isn't hard little balls (like rabbit pellets). If it is, then I'd give him some prune juice anyways because that means he is constipated. Hope this helps
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Dallas Dallas
save pumping interior the beverages - water and tremendously Pedialite. carry her lower back to the wellbeing care provider ASAP!!! infants can dehydrate very rapidly from diarrhea and vomiting - and that's severe!!! as quickly as we've been on holiday in Las Vegas, my son had to bypass to emergency and characteristic an IV to interchange his fluids to rehydrate him at purely 6 months previous simply by fact of a abdomen flu. His veins had collapsed to the factor that the wellbeing care provider had to polish a mild by using his arm to come across a vein wherein to place the IV. It replaced into so frightening and heartbreaking to have him be so unwell while he replaced into so youthful. luckily each and everything is nice now - he's a healthful 2 a million/2 year previous. yet that difficulty taught me to be rapid to act while it is composed of his wellbeing. additionally, I now continually carry disinfecting wipes with me and clean each and every floor, amazing, aspects and backside of tables and intense chairs at eating places (you would be somewhat grossed out how grimy and germy they're on the backside and aspects the place toddler's little palms bypass).
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Blondie Blondie
2 days is fine. just check his belly and make sure it isn't hard and looks bloated. my son sometimes goes 2 days w/out a movement. he will also let you know if he has a tummy ache.
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Aislin Aislin
I don't think 2 days is okay. My son is 13 months and I don't dilute his juice anymore, Try giving him straight juice and see if that helps him go.
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Tracy Tracy
PRUNE JUICE... maybe some high fiber wheat bread in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..try that if not go see his doc.
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Tracy Originally Answered: Please advise! I haven't had a bowel movement in 22 days!?
Diana, this is serouis you probably have a bowel obstruction, have you tried fleets enema, I can not believe a doctor said Lets wait an see what happens after a 22 day stretch without a bowel movement, this is serious try the enema if you don"t have any results go back to the doctor or the ER. Good Luck Rita V

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